Wednesday, December 26, 2007

5 days to go

There are only five days till the new year arrives. It just doesn't feel so though. Anyways the sad part is that I don't even have decent holidays to spend these days before the new year online asking people how their 2007 was, and predict their new year. I remember having a very good time doing that last year. Of course all I said was something in the lines of 'You'll have a great year, great things are written for you and a you'll live one of the most wonderful days ever in this year'
I would like to do that again this year, but my exams are in about a week from now or so, I need to study and not waste time.
I just would like to wish you all a very happy new year ahead, and of course you'll have an azazing year. ;)

My 2007:
It was fairly good. It was eventful I may add. Many things happened, great thing! I love 2007! Which is probably why I don't want it to end.
It has to though. Right?
I've met some awesome people this year, I'm really grateful. :) Thank you God.

I hope evreyone has a great year, and that I do well in... everything really: school and exams and such.
Enjoy it to the fullest.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A charitable event

I hope every one's enjoying their time off, whether it's because of Eid holidays, Christmas holidays.
I've been having quite a nice Eid. Although it's not that much, but it's nice. Oh and the-not-so-much-nice part is that we're studying in Eid. Yup I never thought I'd be this kind of person who studies at Eid. Argh!
It just feels I don't have enough time for preparing for my exams.
Anyways enough talk about exams, they make me nervous. So I'd like to tell you a funny incident, this year at school is filled with these funny situations.
Anyways let me introduce you to my idea of 'charity'..

Once upon a time, in a little town, girls were sitting in class waiting for the bell that announces the beginning of the holidays. In order to pass time they walked around the class and talked to each other.
A very nice girl was sitting near her friend and she grabbed her friend's maths note-book. And the conversation went as follows.

N- Dear God! Why haven't you done your homework, we have a lot of free time?
M- Oh never mind that, no one will check that homework since it's last day of school.
N- No, silly. You have to do it. Give it to me I'll do it for you.
M- There's no need.
N- Just give it to me.
M- Who am I to stop in your way if you want to do my maths homework?
So this nice girl does her friend's maths homework, after finishing the nice girl says: 'Here's my treat to you my friends, I would like to ask those who want their homework to be done to give it to me and I shall do my best to do it for you now, so hurry up'
They looked at her for a moment, and someone said 'Are you also offering to do past days homeworks?'
The nice girl replied: 'It's very clear, just today's maths homework'
Someone else said 'You should've told us before, we already did it'
And another commented saying 'What if you do it wrong?'
The nice girl laughed at this remark and they knew her to be a nice person who wouldn't offer help if she didn't meant it and said 'Well, I can't promise you 100% that it's right, but the homework is simple and we've taken such questions before so I'll do my best'
So anyways the nice girl sat down peacefully doing other people's home works voluntarily.
And they all lived happily ever after.

So I was the nice girl and well, I thought it to be a nice gesture on the final day of school. :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Oprah Winfrey


One of my biggest inspirations in life has to be Oprah. The things she's done so far are incredible. I've been watching her show like two or three years ago, it's amazing.
Today's show was about Love and real life stories were shared on how couples' love thickened when they faced some trouble together.
It was really beautiful.
This show, among many others, just leave you smiling. It's really that simple, her dedication and commitment to what she does is really inspiring.
She opened a school for girls in Africa, I've heard about some problems there, but I'm sure She's got nothing to do with them. I read somewhere online that teachers were accused of harassing the students.

Anyways that's not the point, what I'm trying to say is that I highly admire her for educating us about issues that we have to be awared of. I watched a full show on how to fight Global Warming, the way they (she and her team) introduce issues to us is just really great. You understand the issue, and they give you ways how you can help out.
It definitely makes me feel that I can make a difference by whatever small thing I do, makes me feel I can achieve the impossible.
Of course, I don't mind it when she has people I like with her, like when Orlando Bloom was there and he got her stuff for her dogs, I know, how nice of him.
Also, the famous Tom-jumping-on-the-couch-scene, I got to watch that as a matter of fact but the thing is, unlike a lot of people I don't dislike Tom Cruise for that. Anyone is free to do whatever they want on Oprah! If he wants to jump on the couch because he says he's in love, he might as well do it.

Besides the celebrities, there are other people who just inspire you and she gives them a chance to pass on a message to us. People who lost loved ones, who had accidents, who changed their life, people with real experience.
These people make you think of your life. I remember a lot of times after watching her show, I've contemplated about my life.
She made me see that what matters is not giving up. And that you have to take some chances in life, you have to be GRATEFUL. It's being satisfied with yourself, I know sometimes you need to change. Maybe not sometimes. Maybe changing yourself is just something you'll continue doing till you die but what matters is the appreciation you have for life and the people around you.
I just love you Oprah, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for having listened to you and having got to know you through my TV.
Thank you!
I hope you remain an inspiration to me, to do better and to imporove myself. And I hope you continue you your way towards a better world for all of us.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beauty Products

I may say I have some experience when it comes to dealing with beauty products. Like most people, I have my share of acne problems/black heads and so on. I'll try to share my experience here with you.
I think a lot of those reading this today know what I'm talking about. Acne is just annoying isn't it. No matter what you do you just can't get rid of it forever. BUT you can definitely make it less. Yes, that's right. Here are some products to help you out.
You need a good sunblock. I know it makes your skin oily and shinny but it really helps. I should get back to putting it on!
Here's what I use, it's really great. Photoderm:

I think they have a new cover, I still have the old one because I saw the new one in my sister's products. The new one is all orange, not like this one.

You also need a good scrub, it just makes your skin soft and helps removing acne. I prefer using neutogina. They have a great blackheads scrub that helps your acne and blackheads. Make sure you use it daily or at least 3 times a week.

The Neutrogena scrub I just mentioned rocks, besides their mask. It's for your T-zone.

T-zone nose strips are awesome because you can see immediate difference. I gotta get a new one soon.

While using different products for my face I noticed that my skin often becomes dry, and I need to keep on moisturising it. Nivea's day care moisturiser is just unbelievable.

My lips often get dry too, and the best lip palm is labello. I've been using it since forever.

Hmmm, what else? Well, I'll just leave you with a final tip:
-Soaps make your skin really dry, I've used clean and clear's soap and neutrogena's soap and they both made my skin REALLY dry. Instead a daily wash like Nivea purifying facial wash. I love these:

I included what I usually use and is good for me, it doesn't mean it'll match your skin or be good for you, I'm just recommending stuff based on my experience so I don't know I feel like saying be careful because I know skins are something you need to be careful while dealing with and you need to take care of it

Hope you had a good time at my spa :P

Sunday, December 9, 2007


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Kidz dese days dunno how 2 spell ryt. I mean c'mon, luk @ da way dey write, totally no consideration of grammar, spelling or wateva.
Dey jzt azaze me, and da fact dat lots of kids r confused while tryna write "right" dey end up writing "write" and vice-versa.
How hard z it 2 spell n write correct stuff, eh? N wats so appealing about messin' up da beautiful 'correct' spellin of a word!
Znt appalling?
*shakes head in disapporovel*

Ok, I'm just trying to have fun, I've been trying to put a new layout but I don't know, I guess I'll stick with this one, it's awesome anyways. Until Blogger puts new cooler layouts, I'll stick with theirs.
And this post is to all those people who are annoyed when we write words the way we want to, I've had quite a few people asking me to write in correct spellings, where is my freedom to write in the spelling I want?!
But seriously I've noticed a lot of kids being confused between 'write' and 'right'. You know what, let people spell the way they want to, and write whatever spellings they want, if I want to make up my own spelling of a word, let me do so.
Thank you, but again you have a right to say your annoyed by the way we spell, and so you can exercise that right. ;)

And let me express my contradictories, :D
I lyk messing up wid spellings n it's an art, not every1 can do it!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Random conversations

I was just remembering some conversations I've had, and I thought I'd share them with you since I thought they were kind of funny. :)

First one:
R- Why don't you like to talk on the phone?
N- I just don't.
R- Then what will happen if you found a "special person"? How will you talk to him?
N- Uh, I can't believe you, you're messing with your little sister's innocent mind!

Second one:
N- I'm bored
M- Why?
N- Because I'm studying.
M- So you're bored because you're studying?
N- Yeah!
M- You shouldn't be.
N- So studying is fun?
M- Yes, it is.
N- Well, I still have a lot to study and it's down right boring.

Third one:
T- These are your project papers, don't ask me why if I cut your mark, if you haven't written your opinion about what people should do to stay healthy, then I've cut your mark. If you didn't write facts and if you haven't stated what causes high blood pressure then know I've cut your mark.
N- But teacher you didn't ask us to write these things, nor were they in the paper u had us filling.
T- Why are you protesting? You wrote everything I asked you to.
N- I don't know!
T- Those who protest when they did the right thing amaze me, I understand when you protest if you haven't done what I told you to, but when you have it's just beyond me.

I'm N. :P
That's what I remember for now. Take care everyone... :D

Saturday, December 1, 2007

World AIDS day

Celebrating the Worlds AIDS Day, UNICEF released this video joining forces with a famous teniis player.
I'd like to do something so I'm sharing this video with you, in hope we can all work for a world that is better for children.


I love you

I noticed it a lot that we, teenagers, are fascinated by the concept of love. When we have a crush we start thinking we're in love. Seriously, a lot of my female friends, lol, have told me that they were in love and they're just 14 or 15 years old. Age doesn't matter when it comes to love, I know that, but I really think they just want to believe that they're in love.
My friend's life was somehow ruined and her spirits were really affected and hurt because she loved the "wrong dude".
I really think she just wanted to be in love and finally she was in love. I may have the wrong idea about all this but from my experience I've had crushes just for the sake of having them. I don't know if anyone can relate. But I'm 15 and still I really don't think I can be in love now, or even for some years to come.

I mean seriously, if you are in love you have my respect for finding someone you can love, but let us think about it. You have a crush when you... Ok, I'm not going to explain what a crush is, I think all of us know what it means, but when you are in love. That is a totally different case. You can't wait to see that person, you think about them all the time, and before you think I'm the love expert I'll stop and you take a minute to think what does it mean to be in love really?

I don't believe in teenage love, although there might be some cases that the couple really love each other, but in most cases they just love for the sake of loving, for the sake of saying I'm in love.
What is so wrong about thinking you have a crush? It'd save you so much trouble and heartache. My advice to all of you teenagres, think clearly before saying you're in love and take your time. I think being in love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and we should enjoy it. Love should make life more beautiful not ruin your life.
I'll wrap this up with this beautiful song 'Hey there Delilah' by Plain White T's. I love it and would like you all to enjoy it...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pundit Blogger

I'm seriously bored. And kind of feeling down, even though it's a holiday but I'm trying to type some exam for dad and trying to finish my PE research. Both I've failed to finish so far.
By the end of this post I want to finish what I'm doing. I need to feel I did something today.
You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

I just had that quiz. I'm really bored. Anyways I finished typing for dad and I've did quite some work with the research and I can no longer continue. I'll finish it up tomorrow. Who doesn't like to delay school work as much as possible.
Have a great night everyone :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paletine-Israel conflict

How's everyone doing? :)
Today I'm going to talk about* the Palestine-Israel conflict which has lasted for God knows how many years. Every time I watch the news there is a news saying that a conference/meeting was held between the two parties trying to find a solution and surprisingly have failed to do so.
I don't get it, how has it become that land is more important than the souls of human beings? Their never ending discussions on what should be done and their vain attempts at making a positive change in the situation are highly upsetting.
They can't keep on living this way, they have to compromise. Maybe it's because that it has been going on for such a long time that politicians think it'd be as if those who fought for their land in the past have fought in vain.
I don't understand why can't they just realize the fact that this should no longer me a matter of consideration.
I just think they should do it for the sake of their people, I'm sure they just want to live a normal life without any threats of wars or such.
People think we should fight Israel and the USA by boy cutting them. Well, it's not going to solve anything.
Please this has to stop. For the those living there, for the children who want to enjoy their childhood, for the mothers who lost their children, for you, for all of us and most importantly for God's sake.
Now, people think that when people bomb themselves killing Israeli soldiers, they're really brave and they're at least doing something to stick up for what they believe in. But I think they're just making things more complicated, Israel will respond and so we're just running in an empty circle.
It's one of those topics that it never ceases to surprise me that those in power do nothing to help solve the problems
Maybe I think it is so simple while it is really hard to stop this war that has been going on since forever it seems.
In this case it won't be considered as weakness if one party compromised, it won't be letting go of your beliefs, it would be simply wanting to live in peace.
I just had to let my feelings about this heard, if I got sick of the situation what about those who are actually living there?

*That was in reference to our English Presentations at school, almost EVERY girl started with that sentence

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Book shopping

Hey everyone,
I just finished doing some homeworks and that'd probably going to be the only thing I'll do this week for school.
Anyways I'd like to tell you about my visit to Muscat yesterday, it was fabulous. We went to the a bookshop I used to buy books from, knowing they changed their place we spent some time trying to find the location. When we were directed to the new place, we were disappointed to find so little books we want. It was jammed with books of no importance to us.
This situation we were in proved to be useful for we were led to another bookshop in the same building. It was a bookshop for used books, I simply loved the place, I found many books I would like to read and I can even sell some books which I don't need anymore. Ones that can help out other people that may find these better than I found them to be. I can say I may be a regular.
I got three books; Deception point, the Scarlette letter, and The Zahir.
I'm so excited to read them, but I have decided to take my time in reading and just enjoy them. :)
I am pleased with finding that little bookshop, there can be more than a place to turn to if I needed a book.
That's all for now, take care dear readers.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Kadim Al Saher

Some find inspiration when somethings don't happen to them, while others find it in some hidden places only shown to them.
For me, I have a special relationship with inspiration. It strikes at the most obvious places. Or it's maybe that my brain is designed to pick this kind of inspiration.
I was inspired by a lady crying, a girl complaining about her life, the world's problems. Never by these little things, I'm not complaining. I'm simply trying to find what inspires me. I get inspired by motivated people, who aspire to do so much, who have accomplished (or began to accomplish) what they aspire to be.
I'd like to go on with this post and dedicate it to a person who has been a great inspiration for me.
It is Kadim Al-Saher, if you're an Arab you'll definitely know him, if not I dare say you might not. He's a great singer that has definitely enriched the Arabic music. He is a man I am proud to say that I admire and love. His songs are of the deepest meanings of life and love.
A month ago I watched an interview with him, he spoke a great deal about his experience. I was inspired for many reasons. He seemed to be satisfied with what he has given in his life so so far, he had the greatest views on what's going on in Iraq, the world and what we're doing to our environment. He was a man who knew what he was talking about.
He was content.
For some reason I felt it in him. I loved the affect it had on me, and I truly wish that someday I would feel half the content he was feeling. He was indeed content. I can see why he was content. Having given much in his life. Making millions, yes in his case I dare say millions, of people happy. I remember how happy I was when I went to his concert. Even though I was only seven or eight years old.
I used to think him not a man who had the skill of talking in a persuasive manner, some years earlier he seemed so to me. Seeing this interview that changed, he seemed to have a great fluency. I think it must be what years have taught him, time has a great affect upon one's life and personality.
I can only say that I hope he'll be doing what he does, making good music and giving me hope for a better future.
When I realized I had tonnes of work to do instead of watching the interview, although I'd have loved to have seen it till the end. However, I was satisfied with what I have seen and I felt as if I had full filled the reason on which I was to watch it. He inspired me, and most importantly he filled me with hope, the hope I need to continue my journey with.
I still remember the thoughts he uttered, how he enjoys reading, how he believes in what he does, how he manages to hold on to hope of a better Iraq for all of us, how he still aspires to do so much.
I wish that he continues feeling content with his life, he leads a great one indeed. May God bless his soul.

Written with love and gratitude for the man who continues to have faith in humanity,

Thursday, November 1, 2007


They say that when you learn from your mistakes you can't regard them as mistakes any more. They've helped you grow and they're only mistakes when you seem oblivious to what they're trying to teach you.
I can honestly say that I comprehend that thought, and try as I may, I can never learn to apply it in my life. I've had my share of mistakes these years and I am sure I will do some more, the thing is that they seem to linger on my mind. Not all of them, of course, but those that count and there's a handfull of them.
We all have those sentences we wish we never uttered, those actions undone, and so on. Mine seem to haunt me and always remind me of my imperfection. I have passed the phase which I wish I was perfect, because I know being imperfect is in itself perfection in our human standards.
Still, I always seem to remember my mistakes, the ones I've learned from. The ones that make me think in certain situations before I say anything. It might be good that I am reminded of them so that I wouldn't do them again. I do believe we can never truely forget our mistakes as they are printed somewhere in our minds.
I just wish I wouldn't be reminded of my mistakes, they do make me feel as if I could have definitely changed them. If that moment was to be again repeated I'd have changed them for sure.
Yet, I can only be guessing, there indeed might be a reason why I am remembering my mistakes.
So, to have it off my chest for now. Here are some thoughts, regrets perhaps:
-When I told you 'You can't sing well'. It was only to be honest and it was not to be disencourging you, you might not have been used to hearing it, or you might be, nontheless I regret I said it because you seemed affected.
-When you wanted to say something and I shut you off because I thought what I have to say more important that yours, I am only filled with my vanity that what I have to say means more.
-When I let you down, know that it was not what I had in mind nor it could ever be. This I can apologize for.
-I need to appreciate what happens to other people, because I don't have to be always thinking that no one goes through worse than what I go through.
Listen, understand, think, and then say or act!
Only then you might not regret the action, it was what you thought best at the moment. Make sure of that, because maybe I can't seem to afford it, you might be able to.
One thing I can be certain of at the end, I still have a long journey to go through, I have lessons which I need to grasp and apply. Maybe it will come with time, place, poeple or whatever else. I shall only be glad to learn.
I will not end it with apologizing. It is not because I have too much pride, it is just that it's not the time for apologies, nor it is the best place for those to be given.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holidays are coming to an end sadly, and so we have been studying a bit. I have been fortunate enough to watch 'Becoming Jane'. I must admit that the movie was superb. However we watched 'Sydney White' and it was a complete disaster. They were awfully proud to be dorks. There's nothing wrong with that, it was just as if they were trying desperately to find something to stand up for.
It was utterly silly, they were trying to modernize Snow White. They tried to do that with Cinderella and it worked beautifully. I loved that version.
What else?
There's not much more to say in here as a matter of fact, but I feel like speaking like those in Jane Austin's characters. But I'm afraid I'm running out of topics to talk of. What a shame!
Oh I know, I watched the movie 'Wimbeldon' today, and I can say it was quite azazing. Very uplifting.
I guess I can utter no more as I have to go to bed, I bid you all good night.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I dislike cars. Yes, I do. And it's not just because they are bad for the environment. They make me dizzy and make me feel sick.

I understand the factors that increase the chances of feeling dizzy (for me), here are some of them:
The sun shinning bright, maybe because it's hot but I know for sure when I get in a car and the sun is up I might get dizzy.

Having just finished a meal, feeling full and being in a moving vehicle makes me feel sick.

A wrong move: Like turning to see something, picking something up that might have fell or something of the kind makes me dizzy as well.

Drinking or eating while the car is moving which is why we stay away from putting things in our mouths while in the car.

Reading, I've learned not to read anything in the car because the minute I start reading my head starts spinning.

The smell of petroleum: It instantly spins my head.

Also while being in the car one thought keeps passing by my mind, that person who is driving is responsible for our lives and so I keep on watching that person if s/he's feeling sleepy or whatever. So when I'm in a car I'm like looking at the window and just thinking, maybe singing which is something I really like to do while in a car. :D
And last but not least cars cause pollution and contribute to global warming so I don't think one day I'd be able to own a car and to learn how to drive but time changes things right?

Anyways I just had to let that out, and I must congratulate my friend Waed for getting a car!! Yippee, her second step towards independence. First thing was turning 18. You owe me a ride!
Drive safely.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Eid Greetings

"This eid I have started accepting eid gifts in cash,cheque,silver and even avoid last minute rush send now" :P
I can't wait for tomorrow, I want to wear my new clothes, greet people and simply have fun.

Have a great time everyone.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I've been hearing somethings a lot and they need to be explained, I might know the answer but I still go like 'Ok, so what does that mean?' If you have lived near me, you'd understand what I mean. If you haven't been that fortunate, then it is like this:
Some nice person who is willing to explain: See, it means this.... and this...
Me: Oohk
That same person: Do you understand?
Me: Ummm, kind of.
That nice person keeps explaining and makes it with examples.
Me: Ohk I got it, but what does that mean?
Me and my blonde moments, if the cease to exist I should be happy but I love them, they are the best excuse for my slowness!

Alright that's my best shot, hope you get it.
Anyways, what does it mean to procrastinate? I understand what it means, and I know I do it but would someone explain what is procrastinating?

There's also, Lost in translation. What in the world does that mean?? >.<

My two cents worth, I understand that it is said when someone wants to share their opinion but what does it really mean?

Those three things are what I can remember from the really many many things I don't get but I'd appreciate it immensely if someone tried to make me get them!
And I hope you wouldn't think me a very dumb person for not understanding these things, at least I am coming clean with it. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

United we stand

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United for children, united against AIDS
United for peace, united against violence
United for equality, united against discrimination
United for freedom, united against oppression
United for the world we aspire to live in

What is the world I aspire to live in?
Poverty shouldn't be a big problem. Children shouldn't have to suffer, work under cruel conditions, live in conflict zones. Beggars shouldn't roam the streets because it seems as their last retreat. Global issues and crises shouldn't be treated as worthless and unexisting. Discrimination shouldn't be encouraged and unity for the betterment of tomrrow should be the concern of the people.
And much much more should be in the world I aspire to live in. The thought that has been pushing my brain cells to think is the following:
I believe strongly that nothing is perfect, and we can't attain a perfect world. Alas, problems and issues have to exist.
We are living in a world surrounded by people. Thus interatcing with them has to have it's two faces. We shalt move ahead but, indeed, we can't solve every problem. What problems can continue existing? What are our priorities? Which problems come first? Which problems have to wait? Which problems are being solved?
It is somehow uncomforting to think about this. Will there be problems that shalt remain unsolved?

Isn't that too confusing?
I am confused but I had to let that out. It is somehow borthing me. To think some problems have to exist for the sake of having our imperfect world.
Might sounds cruel and it may be false altogether. I do hope so.
Our world should be pink with hope, green with dreams, white with purity!
My small little world in this huge world consists of me and my thoughts. It is comforting to know for sure that I shalt do whatever I can to live in the world I aspire to be a part of.

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest

And that I shalt do! And I'm not the one who is so very confident with what one shalt do but with the help of Allah everything is possible.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Funny incidents

sHello everyone,
I feel obliged to share these incidents that took place at school with my respected teachers.
This first one was with our English teacher, it is somehow a dilemma to understand what she says. She was asking about an other meaning of 'Summit' and we understood that she wanted another word that had the same meaning of summit. I am the person who jumps and hurries giving the wrong answer. Anyways I said 'mount' and my wrong answer isn't the case in here.
She was like 'No, not house'. Our group burst with laughter. Well, not much because it'd have been a trouble if she had heard us. Can anyone find the similarity in pronouncation between 'mount' and 'house'??
Next comes our science teacher. She was asking a question which I fail to remember at the moment but one member of my group was about to give the answer. Girls at our class have a thing for writing on the white board and so she said 'Can I come and write the answer on the board?' and the teacher said 'Correct, that is the answer' as if what the girl said was the answer for the question because apparently she somehow fancied she heard the answer uttered by the girl instead of the actual words that came from the girl's mouth.
Of course we laughed this off as well.
Another situation was that Huda was very tired and said 'Aaahhh' from tiresome and we were sitting in the back of the class and the English teacher said 'What's wrong Huda?'
Don't they just contradict themselves? They choose to hear what they want to hear!
This last one might be a bit irrelevant but anyways let's say it in here as well. I was itching my arm in class. And the teacher saw me and said 'What's wrong, you're itching?'
And I managed to say 'No, nothing. I'm just itching'
Teachers!! What can I say, sometimes they comment on the silliest of things.

Edit: One more was a girl trying to read 'Lovely' and said 'Love you'. The teacher said 'I love you too, but this is not the issue in here. It's 'Lovely'!

Monday, October 1, 2007

My life- Soundtrack

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc). Put it on shuffle & press play.
2. For every question, type the song that's playing. When you go to a new question, press the next button
3. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening Credits: Like a boy- Ciara
Waking Up: Candy man- Christina Agula
First Day At School: Story of a girl- 3 doors down
Falling In Love: What hurts the most- Rascal Flatts
Fight Song: Let me go- 3 doors down
Breaking Up: How do I- Lee Ryan
Prom: The rise and fall- Craig David and Sting
Life: My heart will go on- Celien Dion
Mental Breakdown: That was then- Jesse McCartney
Driving: How to save a life- The Fray
Flashback: Could I have this kiss forever- Enrique&Whitney
Getting back together: Mr.Bombastic (hate the song)
Wedding: Real love- Lee Ryan
Birth of Child: Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Final Battle: Grace Kelly- Mika
Death Scene: Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney
Funeral Song: Tell me baby- Redd hot chili pepers
End Credits: Climbing the walls- BSB

Now let's try it differently, this time just think of the songs that you would love to have it playing during each scene of your movie

Opening Credits: Calling you- Outlandish
Waking Up: Wake up- Hilary Duff
First Day At School: That's just the way we roll- Jonas brothers
Falling In Love: Don't leave me- Lee Ryan
Fight Song: Keep your hands off my girl- Goods Charlotte
Breaking Up: One last dance- Sarah O'Conner
Prom: Unwritten- Natasha Bendingfield
Life: Suddenly I see- KT Tunstall
Mental Breakdown: Shut up- Simpleplan
Driving: April Rain- Steve Wonder
Flashback: Take your sweet time- Jesse McCartney
Getting back together: Sway- Michael Buble
Wedding: Umbrella- Rihanna
Birth of Child: You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban
Final Battle: Hold on- Jonas Brothers
Death Scene: No Goodbyes- Blue
Funeral Song: All out of love- WestLife & Delta Goodrem
End Credits: Put Your records on- Corinne Baily Rae

I loved the idea of this, and I saw it on Imperfect Crime's blog. Gracias Lu!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Voices Of Youth

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I have been inspired many times on VOY. I'm not so much active nowadays but I try to check in from time to time.
Let's talk about discussions on VOY...
The media, this is a never-ending topic. Does the media affect young people? Is it too biased? I always get drawn to these topics and say the same things over there. Yes, I do. But it's kind of cool!
The Lebanon/Palestine- Israel conflicts, I don't think they'd be discussed if our friend Yonatan wasn't there to respond to every word you say. I used to get involved in these topics a lot but it's hard to keep up and gets boring because they don't realize they're saying the same things over and over and over again.
Religion, this is probably the funnest topic to discuss, but also the place where it is most likely you'll get fights in. The hottest topic nowadays is 'Is Jesus God?' and they're going on and on about it.
And a lot of threads on how people suggest ways to help, or need help with their orgs, and so on.
There're also Stories from people from all around the world about how horrible things are.
How do wars affect people, how can we help. It's hard to list all of the things we discuss.
The really good discussion I'm having these days is about the middle-east with someone from the USA. I've managed to make her see that not all of us are living under the fear of terrorism. That is a really really fun thread.
Here's the link:
The Arabic forum is sort of boring! But VOY just rocks. Even though sometimes spam threads take time to be deleted, even though sometimes offensive threads take time to get a warning. Even though some discussions lead nowhere. I just Love VOY!
I've joined YFCI and A2I through VOY, I've grown to be a caring person there. I've learned about communism, socialism, capitalism, Hinduism, and so many other things.
It's not the same as it was a year ago but it is still rocking. I never thought I'd learn this much from VOY and gain the experience I have. I've learned how to control my anger and always be nice even when I know what it being said is complete nonsense. I've gained the most azazing friends (online and offline) ever.
Join VOY if you haven't and get your voice heard...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Future

My ideal life to be:
Marry a prince who will evantually become a king
Become a good-will ambassador for UNICEF
Become a fashion icon

That means I need to be Queen Rania, she's beautiful, very fashionable, works for UNICEF and is married to a king! What more can I ask for?
She's got this ad for UNICEF specialy for Ramadan, I tried searching for it on YouTube but it wasn't there yet.
She's leading the life I would like to lead someday. But again we all need to find a life that suits us, and that is different from other people's life.
Has to be one in a six billion :P

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Random (stupid?) question

Is the reason for choosing the age of 18 for being an adult, that our cells reproduction (I study bio -science- in Arabic so don't mind the terms) becomes slower?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Who Cares?

You know while I'm checking my friends' blogs, I tend to check their friends' blogs and those friends' blog and so on... It's fun reading random things from people I don't know. I leave them un-commented mostly but this post had to be noticed. I don't know the person who wrote it and it is probably one of the most selfish things I've ever read.
Check it out:
It's the first time I'm convinced some people deny global warming is happening. And somebody please tell me how obesity relate to global warming??!!
There are a few care-less people in this world, ok maybe more than a few. It's really annoying to see him talk like that.
Well, I just thought I'd share that.

Mr.Paulo on Al-Jazeera

This is an interview with Mr.Paulo Coelho. I love everything he said. Like when he said that we breathe the universe. It's so true.
Also when someone asks him, what makes a successful writer, he says he wished he knew. Ahh, I also loved it when he said there was no contridiction between his life now and his life in the past. I can go on talking how I loved everything he said. You should see the interview yourself.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ramdan Ramadan Ramadan!

Hey hey hey, it's me reporting after the second week back to school. It's been fun. My classmates are hilarious, they teach us about 'How goats are dangerous to society'. I'm sure you're either confused or thinking I'm making this up. But believe me, I'm not. The girl who taught us, seemed to believe in what she was saying. Yeah so that is only one thing.
We've been playing a lot, laughing at what they teachers say (yeah they say a lot of unreasonable stuff, specially our English teacher, I seriously think I can do a better job that her in teaching, and no bragging)
Our science teacher is a drag as well, other teachers are less annoying. Anyways I won't get into complaining about them yet, we haven't had a lot of lessons yet.
A part from school, life has been sort of aweful. :P ok not that much, but my mouth has gotten me in trouble. I should just get it under control so that I can be at ease while talking, and not fearing to say things that can get me in trouble. Yes, talkative people get into trouble because of what they utter, they need to watch the words that they say. If anything I've said that may sounded a bit unreasonable, a bit... I don't know, a bit annoying or irritating... (unfinished sentence I know) I'll just try to think more before I say anything. :)
So what else?
Oh, yes! Tomorrow is Ramadan, may you have a blessed Ramadan. It's going to be fun I know. Ramadan is always fun, and makes you feel your blisses and remember them. Never forget the blisses you have because then, you'd be ungrateful to what you have in your life. Ahh, I'm excited.
This reminds me that I have to go drink as much water. I feel thirsty. :P I seriously do, I've been chewing this gum since forever and I just sensed it. I need to get it out of my system. Ok, I have some things to do (get rid of this gum and go drink water) so I'll bid you all farewell.
Good night.
Ramadan Kareem

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hey people,
School has started (obviously) and it's been pretty hectic. 10th grade is different from other grades. There is so much going on and we haven't met all of our respected teachers yet.
I think this year should be fun. One time our Islamic teacher was headed to our class and we're like 'Please God let her go to the class next to us' She stood on the door and said is this '10/2'?' and we're like 'Aha :S'
Then she went to the class next to us and it was like a party in the class, cheers and claps and dances of joy. The teacher noticed but that didn't matter at all. :P (btw: I didn't cheer or shout or clap or any of that sort, joy filled my heart though) Teachers are teachers, a bit too annoying though but that's ok. Our exams are not coming from our teachers but from the directorate (?) of Education. It's kind of scary to think about it. Adds more pressure.
On top of all of this, our house has been going under renovation. It feels brand new, which is awesome. Life has been hectic I can say for sure.
Well, that's all for today. Too much happened to tell. I tried to be brief while updating you.
Good night

Josh Groban's interview

Josh Groban simply ROCKS. I just adore him. This is an interview with him that I think it's really good. He talks about changing the world, I really liked it when he said 'It's tough when you're young and broke'
He's right. If you see the video he says his org raised 300,000$. That's awesome!
Check it out...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Back-To-School-Arrangements (part 3)

Tomorrow's school. WOOHOO, we'll have a great time. Yes, Yes we will.
I just need to get my pack-back done. And then it will be all settled.
I woke up at 11:30 a.m. today. Let me explain, I woke up at 6:30 a.m. because my brother came into our room and took something. I felt that he came and so I woke up, I had a hard time getting back to sleep so I spent 2/3 waking hours just trying to fall asleep. Now when my alarm clock went on I couldn't but turn it off, and tell my mom that I hadn't have my enough share of beauty sleep.
I woke up feeling kind of grumpy. Then it was all OK. I am ready for school. Not so sure school is ready for me but that is a different matter.
I've had a nice lecture on how school is great and so I won't be complaining about school out loud. I don't want to hear the lecture again but anyways I really think it's time to go back to school.

This year should be different, in a good kind of way. This year means new classmates, new teachers and the like. I hope we get good teachers. Or not necessarily. Any teacher is fine. :D
It must be weird for you to read this, you're used to the complaining me. I'd have talked on how bad the first day will be, how my teachers would be not my dream-teachers and so on. Whinning and nagging and not wanting to go back would do me no good. I have to embrace the fact that school is coming.
School is tomorrow and I could use all the good karma I can get. I don't want to start whinning in here, it would be the wrong foot to start on.
May it be a good start. ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back-To-School arrangements (part 2)

Hello again, and welcome to the 2nd part of my school arrangements. I've kept up with my sleeping timing today. I'm terribly exhausted. I've been doing some chores around the house and so I think I'm going to call the rest of the day off-chores. But well, I had to do a last thing which was helping making pizza with mom.
I managed to get our room in a good shape to welcome school days. Once my sisters are off to Muscat we'd have plenty of space in our room.
I think what is left to say is that 'Deal with it, school is coming' I can survive another year comfortably since I survived 9 years quite well.
I've finished 'The King of Torts' today, and watched the re-run of bones which for a change we managed to catch and ate a lot of grapes while watching. Which was healthy, I guess.
Anyways today we got extra white pants since the ones we first bought were too cool for school. And I really mean that. I'll probably wear the first ones out rather than for school.
That's it for today I guess, I'm still in denial! :P, well anyways I'll come around. You'll notice it next time. For now good night.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back-To-School arrangements (part 1)

It's all sinking in at the moment. The room needs to be tidy, school things need to be prepared well, and these kinds of things. I've managed to make my bed time more suitable for school, today for an example I woke up at 9:53 am.
Yes, I'm very accurate :P The mobile said so at least. That is a good timing to wake up in. I watched Babel which had a nice plot to it. I want to watch 'Bones' for probably the last time today since it's on 12 a.m. on Tuesdays. The re-runs are in a time when we never seem to catch.
I need to blog as much nowdays. I just need to do these last things from wasting time. I think the most important thing I need to do is just accept the fact that school is coming. :( I need to sort out my feelings.
Here are some of things that need to be said before I get caught up with school.
1- I might not be able to check blogs a lot.
2- I might be late in replying to comments/mails/posts and such.
3- I might start complaining A LOT about school/teachers/homework and the like so that'd be normal.
4- I'll probably be late in welcoming new members, not that late though. Don't fire me!
5- I'll do my best to keep up with viva, and if you want to write an article about anything mail it to me please or to Waed or Ash.
6- I'll be blogging less often.
If these signs were noticed then they're a good thing. I'm actually being a good student. Which is exactly what I need to be doing.
Let's try to arrange or sort out my feelings. I shouldn't worry about school, it's only four days away. That is a scary fact indeed. It shouldn't be though. I'll have time to be online, watch tv and do what people do with their lives. It's only my 10th grade.
I'll still hate school of course unless there would be drastic measures in my school. That is for sure. Hey, it's a normal thing. Now let me go tidy up the room and I'll blog again tonight telling you how it went and the remaining updates on my back-to-school arrangments. Till then, so long everyone.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Nobody else

I'll discuss various issues here, some things I've been wanting to get my thoughts on straightened out. A couple of weeks ago I read in the newspaper a review about the last Harry Potter book. It was obvious not many liked how it ended. That is very understandable. The thing that got me thinking though was the fact that the writer of the article thought that Harry Potter sends the wrong message, or something of the sort. She said that Harry, not only in the last book, had everything ready for him. Every success there was, that he accomplished with or without help, has been just because someone or something was there to show him the path to the solution. He had everything ready, so did he actually deserve all the hype? Anyone else could've done what he did. It's not because of Harry the situation was resolved.
Now is that really true? I'll give you another example, in the rainmaker, Rudy has his case all done. All the papers he needs, everything is in his best interest. Is it just because he knew for sure he'll get the case? Or is it just because Harry is always so sure of what he does? Maybe all it takes to do what you want is confidence! Why do people think that way?
It's not that fate is working in some people's favour. Sometimes these people have the strength to go the extra mile. It's not very nice to hear some people say that it was pure luck. I'll move on, I know what you're probably thinking, this girl is too attached to fiction characters.
It's just annoying. Isn't it? It's not just with fiction stories, it's somehow related to real life. People think anyone can fill the other's place. That's a scary thought. If it wasn't you doing the job you do, someone else can do it as easily. If you weren't there to console me, someone else would have came along. If it wasn't for you, it'd have been someone else. That's just wrong. We need to appreciate everything for the way it is. And be grateful.
If it wasn't for me (you, they, we) it wouldn't have been someone else. Or maybe, it was meant to be this way. Don't think that it would've been someone else, but think that it was this person because no one else can do it like him/her.
Listen to Rihanna when she says 'Nobody else can do it quite like I do'

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cinderella, ella, ella, eh, eh eh!

Hey everyone,
I finally gave in and started preparing for going back to school. I have my school bag, note books, pens, most of my uniform. I still need white pants, the navy blue tunic. I'm not much agitated if I get them or not. Even though school is in less than two weeks. I can't check the calender because I'll know how many exact days left. I wouldn't appreciate that.
I've been watching movies and staying till 2 am. I've been trying to arrange my sleeping timings but have been failing miserably.
I really feel like blogging now but I'm having a hard time to search for things to say. I'm pretty bored, listening to Jonas Brothers.
I need to go to bed soon. I'm just feeling like talking. Let's blabber for a bit please? I watched 'Happily N'ever After'. It is a modified version of the fairy tale of Cinderella. You must be thinking, the story has been edited and changed so many times. Cinderella has to marry prince charming at the end. I see nothing wrong with that. Who would turn down a prince charming who searches the kingdom for Cinderella, his love?
But sometimes these twists in fairy tales are cute. I totally loved 'A cinderella Story' starring Hilary Duff. Other than the reason that I like most of her work. This movie was very cute. The base line remained the same but she dropped her cell phone instead. The modern Cinderella which I really hope can exist in today's world. She met with her prince. Still it was a prince, having a throne or not doesn't matter.
In 'Happily N'ever After' Cinderella marries the dish washer of the prince. It was very romantic. I know by marring him, she changed her fairy tale but so what? Time changes! You can always watch the Disney version and reject this change.
I, on the other hand, loved the twist. :D
I really need to go now. It's late and I need to go sleep. Take care everyone and please put up with me.


Unwritten by Esmee and Natasha Bedingfield. I totally love this video. And yes, I just found out about this song. I know it's an oldie but I just love it.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Summer Books 2007

Books I've read this summer and how were they:

Emma by Jane Austin, I loved it so, it was so very interesting!
Pride and prejudice by Jane Austin, I've read it before but I just love the characters and events in this one.
Veronica decides to die by Paulo Coelho, much lessons learned from that book for me!
Short stories by Paulo Coelho, I got them online and they're absolutely fabulous. If anyone wants to read them just tell me and I'll send them over.
Angels and demons by Dan Brown, a must-read for everyone...
Harry potter and the half-blood prince by J.K.Rowling, I loved it sooo!
Harry Potter and the deathly hollows by J.K.Rowling, last part of HP... Fell in love with the book!
The rainmaker by John Grisham, unexpected end and a great plot, very engaging!
The adventures of Huck Fin by Mark Twain, still reading it, my English will be screwed after I finish this book but it's fun!
The King of Torts by John Grisham, I liked this one, good plot and you can't tell what's going to happen next.

عزيزي فلان للكاتب أنيس منصور، لا أعتقد أن القصص القصيرة هي ما يبرع فيها. مع إنه لديه أفكار رائعة عن الحياة و لكن الأحداث التي تجري في قصصه لم تشدني.
لا بحر في بيروت، و عيناك قدري للكاتبة غادة السمان، سأكتفي بالقول أن طريقتها في الكتابة تجعل ما تكتبه معقداً و صعب الفهم
لكن لديها أفكار لقصص جميلة جداً

Here's my list of people to thank:
Waed for recommending the three Arabic books that I read this summer.
Ash for recommeding the rain maker and the king of torts.
and last but not least my dad for buying me these books!
aaahh, I really had a great reading this summer! :D

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Targeting minorities and innocents

500 people were either injured or dead in Wednesday's bomb blasts in Iraq. It targeted the "Yazidis" in Iraq. The Yazidi population in Iraq is about a half a million. I will not ask why would any one kill these people? I'd have to ask why would they kill Muslims, Christians, Kurds, and all of those people from various backgrounds. Not even one channel on TV mourned their death. They only showed it on the news. It is very annoying to see such a thing happen and that it passes by just like any other bomb blast.

May their souls rest in peace

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


These are some of the photos that we took:

Pirates of "Mega Mall"

The Central Souk of Sharjah

Some shop in The Mall of Emarites

Skiing in Al-Ain Mall

Some sort of a museum in Mega Mall, it's the first thing you see when you enter the mall

Ski Dubai in the Mall of Emarites, it looks sooo great! It's all inside a HUGE mall!


Hey hey hey, guess where I was?? The UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Al-Ain)... I always love going there and this time it was super special. I haven't been there in almost a year and during that time I got to meet my friend Ruqayia online who happens to live in Dubai. I got to meet Rux last Monday, I got to meet Rux, I got to meet Rux... Nanananana.. I feel like such a kid but oh my God, I met Ruqayia... See that little "X" in the wish list, I made it and met her!

Ok I can talk about other things in the visit to Dubai just let me rejoice one last time in this blog "I MET RUX, WOOHOO"
Since it's summer there are a lot of special stuff going on, by that I mean the huge sale they have on clothes... We weren't planning to shop a lot but it is something unavoidable when you go there. We got 2 cool red bags. We got more stuff but well, I'm not going to list them now!
They had BIG book stores there and that is something I'm so sorry we don't possess. They had all the books I can't wait to read.
It is a whole new world in there, there is always something or another going on. While we went it was the festival of Summer Dubai, Dubai Summer, Dubai's Summer, whatever it's name!

Take care everyone, I missed you all...
PS1: Thanks for Lucia and Andrea for their comments while I was away.
PS2: I want to say to Mariel this: it's ok for not being in touch, I understand how hectic life can be specially when you're going to your senior year.
PS3: I can't wait to tell you Waed all the details!

Thursday, August 9, 2007


These last days in this summer are just being gone to total waste. Not that I mind really. One good thing was the amount of books I managed to read!!! Yes, indeed that was my sole source of joy this summer that I know won't go away. I've taken guitar lessons which were totally fun, I've been clinging to the hope of soaring the sky in one of those planes in the destination for a new place, I've had a lot of set backs which have left me rejecting any sign for hope of leaving this place for the last time before starting school.
We have been handling Viva and we'll be responsible for publishing two new articles this Sunday. It is kinda tough to handle it but we're pulling through.
Life is standing still these days. Not much going on, it's been a while since I last blogged so it's ust to keep you "posted"

Take care

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Asian Cup!

In tribute to the Iraqi football team, this post is written. I can only do as much for they made a whole nation happy. They helped giving us joy! yesterday they went to Iraq to celebrate the win there... The captin, Yunis, said he'd go running with the cup in Iraq and if he died, it didn't matter!!! no comment from my side on what he said!

Nasha'at, Truly azazing!
Noor, the goal keeper... I love him
Qousay, I adore the way he looks...
Jasem, He's too good
Ali rehema, from his looks you can see his determination
Yunis, our capitan... He deserves to be the captain because there's no one to top him
Haidar, don't let his skinny look deceive you
Hawar, the bomb of the team
Basem, there's this cute similarity between him and Jasem
Mahdi, like the rest of them, he's just azazing
karrar, he's really energetic
Ali, even though he came at the end he did a great job and nearly goaled
saleh, he suffered from an injury so he couldn't play at the final match but he rocks

It's all just surreal... But maybe it's more than just a cup. They made millions of people happy! May it last forever! :D

PS: I couldn't find a better picture so these aren't exactly the players that played at the final match but well, most of them did!

Harry Potter and me!

Today I finished the ‘Harry Potter and the deathly hollows’, there will be no more parts. I am not complaining but the thought that there will be no more new adventures makes me sad. *sigh*
As I held the book to start reading it, I couldn’t help saying ‘Please don’t die, Harry’. It seemed that my whole problems depended on it, everything would hit rock bottom if he died. I can’t explain it but it was so important for me to finish the book knowing that Harry lived a nice long life after defeating Voldemort. These were merely my thoughts before reading it. I couldn’t help shedding a tear or two, even though it wasn’t that sad. I think it was the thought that Harry might die at the end, and there will be no more books afterwards. I thought if he died then it would be one lousy ending.
I was captivated –ahhh, now that’s a nice word- from the beginning of the first chapter till the very last word. The end was simply fabulous, J.K.Rowling couldn’t have ended it in any better way. I am sure you’ll love the last part. It was breath-taking. I love all of them, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginney, Luna, Fred and George, Hagrid, and all of them!!!
I won’t stop annoying my sisters and brother with the best fake British accent I can muster while reading Harry Potter… There may not be any more books but the previous ones are still in my custody. YAY!!

So, I’ll wrap this up before I start getting all mushy and stuff! I love you Harry!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

One in a million - Bosson

"You're one in a million
You're once in a lifetime
You made me discover all the stars above us"
I have to admit that this song is a sweet song that has a nice beat. It must be sweet if someone you love dedicated the song for you but since I am nothing like others and my brain functions differently...
Here are my very first thoughts on the song:
This is a song that a lover would dedicate to his/her lover because of how much they mean to each other. If someone is one in a million, that means there is 6000 person out there like him/her. It is simple maths, there's 1000 million in a billion. So you do the maths. I already did them myself. Imagine telling someone you love there is 6000 version of him/her. I'd have been offended. If the "m" in "million" would be replaced by a "b" that would've been more acceptable for some. It'd mean there is only 6 versions of you in the world. If indeed we are still only 6 billions.

I like to think that there is no one out there like me, because let's face it, there isn't. So they might want to put more thought in their songs... Which is more mportant, your intentions? Or the way you translate them into actions? I understand that when they (s/he??) wrote the song they meant something good because they wanted to express how much a person means to them. They ended up sending the wrong message to me.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Career options

Let's talk career options, I am dying to find a career line that fits me and my abilities but none seems to be what I end up with. Let me put my thoughts on paper, uhh this is not a paper but that is not the point!

Every time I think about things I can do, I end up finding a big flaw in each. I will narrow the search down.

A writer, as much as the idea sounds tempting I don't see myself as a writer. It is not for me and I have embraced that fact. It is no longer an option. It is more of a hobby.

A journalist, telling the truth like it is and spreading it to the masses. Sounds very big but again spending my life searching for the truth in that way doesn't seem so tempting. I imagine I would not survive in that world.

A dentist, as much as I want my teeth fixed I don't want to be the one who fixes them. I hate seeing a loose tooth, and that is the least I would probably see when I become a dentist. (I can't deny the fact that it is still a valid option)

An engineer, my mom and sister have killed every wish to become one. It is too hard. I am glad it isn't an option.

A teacher, I love little kids and well, if I became old -which I am sure someday it will happen- I imagine I would also like big kids (meaning teenagers) but I am afraid I simply lack enough patience to teach.

A pharmacist, I am not too keen on the idea because I feel like it is, somehow not what I was meant to do. But what is it that I am meant to do really? I am drifting from the topic....

A lawyer, very fun to practise and say "Objection your honor" but again as my friend said once, it is hard to work as a lawyer here. My job is to watch shows like "Alley Macbeal" on TV.

A politician, a great way to be in charge but it's not my version of changing the world.

A social worker, I don't think I can do that... I'd rather work for UNICEF or a similar organization but do tell me what do these people major in!!!

A doctor, notice it is the last one on the list so that is a big option. Don't get me wrong, it's not my dream to become a doctor because I hate seeing blood, cuts, wounds, and people dying and such. I'd crack under such pressure but it is a really big option.

Sad part, is that now my options are very limited and there isn't one that I am really attracted to. I want to find my dream and go after it to achieve it than having to enter an college that is thought to be best for me. *sigh*

Good part, is that I still have almost three years to ponder upon my career line.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stricly previous post related

Dear bloggers,

I believe in the last post I sounded more upset than I was, thus perhaps the term "who met his/her end with no reasonable reason" was some how irrational. I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason. Let me clarify it a little bit. I meant that these people who are dying, their lives are being taken for reasons that could've been stopped!
Or maybe for reasons that are merely hard for a person like me to comprehend which is why I said that. Nevertheless, it was doing them great injustice since their lives are a powerful reason that makes me strive to change this world.

I would like to thank Waed for putting light into that point, Victoria for providing links for Mafalda, and Jenny for being supportive and all of you for your encouragement. I do feel like Mafalda a bit... Here's a picture I found that I really looooooooooooove!

I shalt keep on writing, I will try to be more considerate next time...

Monday, July 9, 2007


You feel for the dog who got killed at it's (excuse the 'it' but I don't know know whether it was a he or a she) hair dresser.

The dog had a hair dresser and it died when it was there. It's death caused a TV show to air the story along with bizarre stories (of course numerous stories of these included celebrities).
I am sorry to hear the dog died, but it can not be compared to the death of a person I'll never meet who met his/her end with no reasonable reason.
I recall a discussion regarding what stories the media decides to give more mintues on TV... The media is only showing what they think would interest us, what would keep us haunting these news, the extravagant wedding of this actress is more "appealing" to us than seeing somebody poor. Why do we care more about knowing what's going in the glamorous world then in the real world?? We are bored of hearing the death of a dozen people in a car bomb. We want to hear the details of the large life we will never live but we would die to experince a day of it.
They would give more minutes for a dog who died than a person who couldn't find water or food enough to get them through this day... Hold on a second please, you consider that a normal death. They just died, no one killed them!
Let us take a closer look at this: They died because their government thinks it is better to keep their mouths shut on those who are robbing their money because they do not want more trouble... Their people are already facing poverty, they are in deep trouble!
They are dying because no one is helping them, they are dying because politicians are more worried over their image so they are donating to "their" charity programme, they are too much conceited in their campaign.
They are dying because you and me are enjoying our summer and we feel like we can not do a thing. That thought makes you sleep at night!
Excuse the bitterness my words express but I feel it is somehow my fault too. They are dying because someone thinks their ideas must be forced not only seen taking place, they want them implanted in people's minds.
So does that still fall into the category of dying a "normal" death? There are million of other deaths which people can not be considered as dying "a normal death" and still they are being called that!
I do feel a bit of a hypocrite, here I am not feeling the heat of the summer because my AC is working and people can not even find a piece of anything to keep the sun's light from making them more dizzy than they already are.
This is only a desperate attempt to make me feel that at least, unlike you I care more. It is not working but well, laugh it off... You are not feeling guilty, you do not care! Somehow that makes you feel better, you are living your life care-free.

PS: I do care for animals but let us face it. I do not care if I sounded cold hearted at first but I can not help feeling this way and I am anti-pleasing people today so it is what I feel... People are dying for God's sake!
This "you" in the above lines aren't for you, I know you care as much as I do or probably even more. It is for those who might not even read this ever but I had to give this a shot.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Lake House

I have been touched. Not by the inspiring story on Oprah today, nor by this day which was some how a frustrating day. I have been touched and it is because hope is roaming somewhere inside. Time is no big deal, do not rush into things and do not feel desperate quickly. Things certainly can switch even though it might also be a slow process but what does that matter as long as it happens?
You must be wondering what am I talking about? And to clear such a thing I must tell you what just happened. I didn’t meet my prince charming nor did my long waited dream come true. I just finished watching ‘The lake house’.
I know, it is probably just the rush of the moment. I mean it hasn’t been more than 10 minutes since the movie ended but as much as it made me agitated that they wouldn’t wind up together, as much as now I am full with some sort of trust in destiny.
He waited two years for her, please take note of the two years. It means he wanted it enough. He didn’t give up and so should everyone do. We need to have enough faith in what might come. If you didn’t go to watch ‘ocean’s 13’ you’ll get to see it next week. I should replace the ‘you’ with ‘I’ because that was what happened to me.
Very thoughtful of me I know. But I am filled with hope and believe me today isn’t the best day of my life. I woke up disappointed without no apparent reason, nothing interesting was on TV. When I tried coming online my msn wouldn’t open and any other site wouldn’t as well. Anyways it is not such a bad day after all. I was patient enough to go through it all, I didn’t nag or whine. Look how it ended.
I got to add one movie to my favorites and that is only the least I can say about it.
And Huda like I said in the movie ‘Don’t make fun of me’ although somehow it is different to the reason I said it while we were watching the movie.

Thursday, June 28, 2007


Dear bloggers,
Online activism isn't a waste of time. Through out the year I have spent doing this, I can state that online activism really works. Let us look at *ahem* my experience...
I have gained much from being online, checking orgs and meeting people who thrive to make a difference. I have learned so much about so much... I managed to learn how to shape steady and reasonable opinions. I am more aware on what is happening around the globe. I met people who are very motivating. We are changing the world. We are rocking the world. We are pushing each other forward since it is as much we can do for each other. We teach each other what we know. I believe that you do not need a crowd, you just need to believe that you can make it and you are able to make a difference. You can use one person who shares your views or let me say your desire to create a difference.
I hold a position in YFCI!! I have some space to voice my views. I have great friends who are very motivating.
And just recently I received 50$ for posting in a focus site. It was about digital media and I am the last person on this earth who has a clue on these things but we actually got along really well. And it was the perfect place to gain more information about it. It is nearly 20 rials and hey, it can serve me very well...
Let us never give up, the world may not be walking in the same path with us but it is not against us as well. Online activism really works! You should give it a try sometime...
Thank you everyone...

Friday, June 22, 2007

Shut Up

This song was dedicated to me... I am aware of the reason why, I'll share the lyrics with you, The song is 'Shut up' by Simple Plan:

There you go
You're always so right (that's pretty much me)
It's all a big show
its all about you
You think you know
What everyone needs
You always take time to criticize me
It seems like everyday
I make mistakes
I just can't get it right
It's like I'm the one You love to hate
But not today...
So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it (I know you don't but I can't shut up)
Get out, get out, get out
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down
There you go
You never ask why
It's all a big lie
Whatever you do
You think your special
But I know and I know and I know and we know
That you're not
You're always there to point out my mistakes
And shove them in my face
It's like I'm the one you love to hate
But not today
So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out, get out, get out
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down( So Shut up, shut up, shut up)Is gonna bring me down(Shut up, shut up, shut up)
You'll never bring me down
Don't tell me who I should be
And don't try to tell me what's right for me
Don't tell me what
I should do
I don't want to waste my time
I'll watch you fade away
So shut up, shut up, shut up
Don't wanna hear it
Get out, get out, get out
Get out of my way
Step up, step up, step up
You'll never stop me
Nothing you say today
Is gonna bring me down

I know it's alot like me, but not all of it.... Most of it at least! I am trying to change you know!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


I do understand the fact that I am a dorky/goofy person, I am in peace with myself and have accepted this fact and embraced it. However what makes it easier is that I certianly do not look so. I look perfectly like a not-goofy person. I care about the way I look, not too much, but yes I am not ashamed to admit that I stand in front of the mirror for quite some time. The point is that my personality wins over my looks and so you would really see what a goofy person I am, and what adds to that is my clumsiness, my vey very short memory, I remember times when we gather the dishes I'd head to the bathroom and then realize where I am going and hurry back to the kitchen and a million other incidents where my family can't help wondering how much of a poor memory a person can have. Now let me get to the point, am I uncool?? I don't believe such traits imply that I am uncool... There's this fast food restaurant called 'Hardee's' or however they spell it. Anyways they have this new meal on which they were advertising and I didn't realize before that coolness was a vital trait in a person. The ad said 'Are you cool enough?' and it showed a "cool" person who ordered it and they gave it to him. Next came the classical looking "uncool nerd with thick glasses" and so they didn't give it to him because he was simply not cool enough to taste the sandwich. I'll spare you the details of the ad but it had me thinking on being "cool" to be able to fit in anywhere. We went to that restaurant and I ordered the meal and well, it's not that they cared for being cool or not. I dare say it was just this idea that this person who works for the company came up with to sell. Now I am perfectly cool with me being cool or uncool, I don't mind either because I hate to be classified under one word. I do feel we need to change our perspectives for what would make an appealing person(ality). I do have a future and so it might not be spent in goofiness even though there would be no objection from my side. I will never be "cool" in the well known standards.I do face a problem though. I imagine if my friends would describe me in one word most of them would say "nice" or "talkative" and the thing is, you can be a thousand more other things but this is what most people would do, you fall into one category and everything else is bypassed. I can not imagine a perfect character, I do love the way some writers excell in creating characters with the perfect flaws ever to be found. I would say no one have these so-called perfect flaws but we can try as much as we can to make our flaws more bearable... On second thoughts just let your flaws be.The comforting part of all this is that I am aware of it and I like the categories I would fall into, well at least most of them.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

When the car got nearer and nearer from Muscat I didn't know what to expect, I thought I'd see everything damaged or all would be just the same (weird combination I know) But a part of the road wasn't there. I don't know how to put it really, it just seemed to have fallen. This was the first visible affect of the cyclone to me. As we proceeded in our journey I saw a few other damages but nothing to be mentioned. I thought it more or less damaged than what I had in mind. My sister said that most of the damage was in places far from where we are living now, I may not see what has been most affected. I just think that it is a shame that such a thing would happen, they have spent much time developing Muscat and that this would take this all down in less that a day. I do believe that they shall make it even better than it was and erase any visible damages. People have moved on and they are carrying on with their lives, which makes everything easier.We went bowling yesterday and I played with a friend and I won over him. I even recall the score.... 87-84! I used to think that I sucked at bowling. Don't we suprise ourselves? I refused another match since I wanted this day to be memorable. Being here is good for a change since if I was at home, I would simply be wasting all (most) of my time. I am getting to watch more tv and read more. I haven't been watching a lot of tv in a while and it somehow feels good to watch it with all it's silliness. Now maybe you'd think it is strange what I am writing, since watching tv is somehow a waste of time, I mean it is not like I am watching educational shows. But the point is that it is far less considered as a waste of time than what I would be doing if I wasn't here.I've been watching 'American Idol' the 6th season and it has just started. Yes, it has ended but you see they are a little late showing such things in here. Anyways it was way too much fun since most of the contestants truly believed they had such a great voice but while all they had was a voice that merely hurts your ears. Simon was the one who shattered their dreams. Was he being honest? Or rude? Because he kept saying 'I am not being rude, but....' I sensed that someone needed to tell those people the turth, could it be done in a more kind way? Or the turth should come naked? I recall this quote: "Truth is like ice water, it shocks you when it hitts you but no one has ever died from it" I don't know but people's feelings should be at least considered.The arabic version of this show is less hilarious, it is not because we have more talented people, but well... These talent shows for singing makes us know more about singing, I always wonder if they would take me in if I ever went. You'd be suprised if you heard me singing which I am sure you have heard me sing one time or another because 'Music is my life' Naaah, it's because I am always humming a song or another. I am begining to feel a little dizzy so I'll try to find something else to occupy my time than typing.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Randomness!

I am feeling somehow high. Well not as in high on some sort of drug! But as in really happy! Why does it happen that a day can really go so badly but then be a great day. I remember being so upset one day and buying the books I was longing to get in the same day as well!! Is it how days work?! You get to have the most marvelous -I just checked the dictionary, I spelled that correctly!!!!- day while going through bad moments! I do not mind them, but I just want them to be so kind as to not let me shed a tear. I have unfinished business to do -I always want to say that line, it makes me feel like I'm some sort of this important person, which I already am but hey I just like saying it- I still have a list of things to do but I managed to cut off some of them as I did some of those tasks gracefully.

I must admit that having people travel for Summer makes me eager to leave this place. London, Peru, Malaysia, Jordan, Egypt are the destinations of my friends.
I want to go to Jordan because I feel like eating 'mansaf', falafel, a potato sandwich! YUM!! I want to eat their food so bad... Don't worry I will not go on blabbering on the places I wish I was instead of this room. I like where I am, it is somehow my comfort zone.

More randomness coming your way: We are explaining what a lip gloss is to a guy who doesn't know what it means! 'Lip gloss universal' quoting Lil Mama!
I just wonder why would anyone in their complete senses think that being skinny means being beautiful, hold on I've mentioned that earlier? I need some rest then, My brain is obviously over stressed as the clock announced the start of a brand new day. Yes, little Miss sunshine is here...And how on earth would I move from talking of lip gloss to talking of being skinny??

I would like to thank you for bearing such randomness and more over, should I say incomplete, repeated thoughts? Now that was a nice way to put it... Good Night

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hit the beach!

Summer holiday has started and well, I can not really say that I am having the time of my life. I imagine I will be having a good time pretty soon. At the moment all I am doing is read 'Emma' and waste time online besides the daily routine of stuffing my stomach, sleeping and talking! Today was definitely not the best day of my life, but I am able to look at the bright side, I read Amy's new story which was fabulous! And what made my day was that I was backed up on the 'Hinduism' thread! He is now twisting his questions to show that what I believe in is 'groundless'. I didn't say anything in this regard. I knew what it felt like to be accused of that. Now he said that he thinks I should talk on my behalf and that PrettierPrincess probably shouldn't have posted to back me up! I wish to yell, talk aggressively, but it is not worth it. I don't lose my temper this easily and I do believe that being calm is the best way to behave! It should be fun.
Anyways at the moment I am chatting with my friend who is in barcelona while I am in Nizwa. Life is unfair! But tomorrow I am leaving for Muscat to catch 'Ocean's 13' and enjoy the sight of George Clooney.
What I am trying to accomplish through this vacation is just have a good time without wasting it. So plans are as follows:
Read as much, Learn as much, Go take a course!! Maybe some more but these are the main targets!
I hope everyine enjoys their summer! This is the first post while I'm on vacation and so I'll be keeping you updated on what I am up to!

Friday, June 8, 2007


I have decided to the raise the level, of what you may ask? I am unsure, myself! I just have had it with being.... Me?? I have to confess, yes to some point! Don't get me wrong, I love being me! But as everyone else I have some flaws that I can help them, I mean I can do something about them!

I am trying for sometime now, I am trying to be a more improved me. And guess what? I, for once, feel that forces of nature are helping me! Listen to me, I am not blabbering as much nowadays! I am trying to care a bit more about what is being said! I think I spent too much time talking and thinking about things to say, while I could have been listening!
Is this something that I am deciding what the next school year will be like? Or even close my summer-vacation? I certainly hope not! There has been too much of these and I can no longer bear any more of them, I never for some reason make any happen! I just hope it is for real this time, I think it might be! I don't believe it is one of these moments where my positive side rises, but yes, I am very optimistic at the moment! I hope I am not complaining!
Being a complainer doesn't mean being a pessimist, someone assumed other wise on VOY just today and I do not believe so! We often are misunderstood... Being a complainer does have some accessories with it, like whining and nagging but I do not think we can say that every complainer has those traits! And some have pessimism float along, not all! I am a girl but that doesn't mean I have to be: fashionable, mushy, etc. I can not put it as the naked writer does, so take a minute and check this:
Oh and somehow VOY came up in this post so I might as well update you on what is happening there... I am learning about Hinduism, tomorrow it is supposed to be on the traditional houses of Hinduism... I'm scared! The one who is teaching me knows too much!

My words couldn't help explaining another thing I am determinant to do, learn more about things which school can be the last place to turn to, to know more about! It is to care more, I know you would probably think... How can I care more? I already have enough of that feeling but let me tell you that I know myself! I can use some more caring about people, including you who are taking minutes and reading this.. Maybe because I asked you to or you simply remembered this confused young lady who updates her blog from time to time and wanted to know what she is up to! Anyway made you read this is much appreciated!
Do take care, now there is one last thing! I am going through a weird phase, there's this urge to make this a comment less post to accompany the one before and not make that post weird among it's fellow posts?! No you can comment... I have to get over that phase!
I can say as much, good night!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A little place inside my head! Please after entering do not leave a foot print!

They are saying that we will be hit by a cyclone which will be indeed very big. Many measures have taken place and they even started evacuating some places! We are given two days off. Which means four days off! Since tomorrow is off, Thursday and Friday are already weekend and Saturday is also a day off! I mean will it be this long? We are not living on the coast though, which means we will not be facing grave dangers!
'This country have hardly been through such a thing, we are making all proper arrangements for people in the worst scenarios... But please people do not be alarmed'
How do they expect us not to be alarmed after such statements published? We have all the right to be alarmed, you do not tell people how big this thing is and then tyring to calm us down! I am not much afraid though, it is good for a change to have some rain but I do hope no one gets affected by this.

Such things always leave me in utter confusion! What have we done to have this happening? Or is it for some other reason which is not for us to comprehend? I do believe it can be both! Maybe we have done something to deserve such a thing!! Which leads me to my next wondering: Is this a bliss or a curse? To answer the last question would be making it only an obvious hint to answer the previous question, have we done something, it is too much for me!
I must say that certain things attract me just for the sake of them being unanswerable! Or I can say it in another way: I love things which no answer can make sense to, no sentence can ever be the respond to, no thought can be reasonable to all!
Let me make it clearer, take for an example the controversial questioning of God's existence! Now who is the one that can convince all humans that God truly exists/doesn't exist! It is such questions and wonders that I find myself very much drawn to! I like to call them 'Internal Questions'
You may not find the same feelings rush through your soul/heat/brain/or whatever part of your body that feels emotions! It is unexpressable in words! It is only felt. I do hope these questions remain unanswered till a day comes which all questions will be revealed! Till such a day comes I will be looking for more questions and if I can I will do my best to have them answered.
At last let me apologize for making this a comment-less post but I have no other option! This contains internal questions which I must not hear your answers! I must leave this to be for myself only!
These are thoughts on which I have quite a hard time thinking about them, you must not enter that zone! It is my own!