Monday, November 5, 2007

Kadim Al Saher

Some find inspiration when somethings don't happen to them, while others find it in some hidden places only shown to them.
For me, I have a special relationship with inspiration. It strikes at the most obvious places. Or it's maybe that my brain is designed to pick this kind of inspiration.
I was inspired by a lady crying, a girl complaining about her life, the world's problems. Never by these little things, I'm not complaining. I'm simply trying to find what inspires me. I get inspired by motivated people, who aspire to do so much, who have accomplished (or began to accomplish) what they aspire to be.
I'd like to go on with this post and dedicate it to a person who has been a great inspiration for me.
It is Kadim Al-Saher, if you're an Arab you'll definitely know him, if not I dare say you might not. He's a great singer that has definitely enriched the Arabic music. He is a man I am proud to say that I admire and love. His songs are of the deepest meanings of life and love.
A month ago I watched an interview with him, he spoke a great deal about his experience. I was inspired for many reasons. He seemed to be satisfied with what he has given in his life so so far, he had the greatest views on what's going on in Iraq, the world and what we're doing to our environment. He was a man who knew what he was talking about.
He was content.
For some reason I felt it in him. I loved the affect it had on me, and I truly wish that someday I would feel half the content he was feeling. He was indeed content. I can see why he was content. Having given much in his life. Making millions, yes in his case I dare say millions, of people happy. I remember how happy I was when I went to his concert. Even though I was only seven or eight years old.
I used to think him not a man who had the skill of talking in a persuasive manner, some years earlier he seemed so to me. Seeing this interview that changed, he seemed to have a great fluency. I think it must be what years have taught him, time has a great affect upon one's life and personality.
I can only say that I hope he'll be doing what he does, making good music and giving me hope for a better future.
When I realized I had tonnes of work to do instead of watching the interview, although I'd have loved to have seen it till the end. However, I was satisfied with what I have seen and I felt as if I had full filled the reason on which I was to watch it. He inspired me, and most importantly he filled me with hope, the hope I need to continue my journey with.
I still remember the thoughts he uttered, how he enjoys reading, how he believes in what he does, how he manages to hold on to hope of a better Iraq for all of us, how he still aspires to do so much.
I wish that he continues feeling content with his life, he leads a great one indeed. May God bless his soul.

Written with love and gratitude for the man who continues to have faith in humanity,


Unknown said...

Noory Noor I'm so sorry! I'm taking too long to reply to your e-mail and read through your posts! I promise I'll do it on Wednesday, when I'll be semi-free :D! Not because I feel obliged to, but because I want to, of course!

Take tons of care! Enjoy your day, habibti!

FaerieDevilish said...

It's always good to say thank you while we can. :)
I will definitely look him up on YouTube. Now I want to see why he inspires you.
However he does, use it for good!!!! ^^
Love from the other side of the world <3

Ashok said...

Fabulous. It is important for all of us to find something/somebody inspiring. It motivates us. Commendable you have found someone and it makes sense too.

Some people find even celebrities like Britney Spears and Lidnsay Lohan inspiring. *Sigh*.

For me I find Gandhi inspiring because of his shrewdness and the way he put it to good use. Of course I inspire me a lot as well.[;)]