Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Funny incidents

sHello everyone,
I feel obliged to share these incidents that took place at school with my respected teachers.
This first one was with our English teacher, it is somehow a dilemma to understand what she says. She was asking about an other meaning of 'Summit' and we understood that she wanted another word that had the same meaning of summit. I am the person who jumps and hurries giving the wrong answer. Anyways I said 'mount' and my wrong answer isn't the case in here.
She was like 'No, not house'. Our group burst with laughter. Well, not much because it'd have been a trouble if she had heard us. Can anyone find the similarity in pronouncation between 'mount' and 'house'??
Next comes our science teacher. She was asking a question which I fail to remember at the moment but one member of my group was about to give the answer. Girls at our class have a thing for writing on the white board and so she said 'Can I come and write the answer on the board?' and the teacher said 'Correct, that is the answer' as if what the girl said was the answer for the question because apparently she somehow fancied she heard the answer uttered by the girl instead of the actual words that came from the girl's mouth.
Of course we laughed this off as well.
Another situation was that Huda was very tired and said 'Aaahhh' from tiresome and we were sitting in the back of the class and the English teacher said 'What's wrong Huda?'
Don't they just contradict themselves? They choose to hear what they want to hear!
This last one might be a bit irrelevant but anyways let's say it in here as well. I was itching my arm in class. And the teacher saw me and said 'What's wrong, you're itching?'
And I managed to say 'No, nothing. I'm just itching'
Teachers!! What can I say, sometimes they comment on the silliest of things.

Edit: One more was a girl trying to read 'Lovely' and said 'Love you'. The teacher said 'I love you too, but this is not the issue in here. It's 'Lovely'!


Unknown said...

Haha, I've had the luck not to bump with such silly teachers, although I know there are a couple in my school :).

The one of "summit" and "house" was really-really funny! Goood I hope it's just a few of your teachers and not all of them :P.

Great to see you posting, Noory-Noor!

Dhrid said...

Hey this is Dhrid, I'm finally getting to check out your blog. Anyways that's really funny, your post reminds me of a few of my own teachers:).

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