Monday, July 2, 2007

The Lake House

I have been touched. Not by the inspiring story on Oprah today, nor by this day which was some how a frustrating day. I have been touched and it is because hope is roaming somewhere inside. Time is no big deal, do not rush into things and do not feel desperate quickly. Things certainly can switch even though it might also be a slow process but what does that matter as long as it happens?
You must be wondering what am I talking about? And to clear such a thing I must tell you what just happened. I didn’t meet my prince charming nor did my long waited dream come true. I just finished watching ‘The lake house’.
I know, it is probably just the rush of the moment. I mean it hasn’t been more than 10 minutes since the movie ended but as much as it made me agitated that they wouldn’t wind up together, as much as now I am full with some sort of trust in destiny.
He waited two years for her, please take note of the two years. It means he wanted it enough. He didn’t give up and so should everyone do. We need to have enough faith in what might come. If you didn’t go to watch ‘ocean’s 13’ you’ll get to see it next week. I should replace the ‘you’ with ‘I’ because that was what happened to me.
Very thoughtful of me I know. But I am filled with hope and believe me today isn’t the best day of my life. I woke up disappointed without no apparent reason, nothing interesting was on TV. When I tried coming online my msn wouldn’t open and any other site wouldn’t as well. Anyways it is not such a bad day after all. I was patient enough to go through it all, I didn’t nag or whine. Look how it ended.
I got to add one movie to my favorites and that is only the least I can say about it.
And Huda like I said in the movie ‘Don’t make fun of me’ although somehow it is different to the reason I said it while we were watching the movie.


Unknown said...

Wazzup? :) Haha. I'm afraid I haven't watched the Lake House, but by the feelings you've left in that piece of writing... I sure wanna watch it!

Hope you're doing ok, take care!

Lu said...

Hey, I haven't watched this movie... the last one I saw and I really loved is 'The way home" (a movie from... China, I guess, or something like that), have you ever watched it? It's awesome n_n