Wednesday, December 26, 2007

5 days to go

There are only five days till the new year arrives. It just doesn't feel so though. Anyways the sad part is that I don't even have decent holidays to spend these days before the new year online asking people how their 2007 was, and predict their new year. I remember having a very good time doing that last year. Of course all I said was something in the lines of 'You'll have a great year, great things are written for you and a you'll live one of the most wonderful days ever in this year'
I would like to do that again this year, but my exams are in about a week from now or so, I need to study and not waste time.
I just would like to wish you all a very happy new year ahead, and of course you'll have an azazing year. ;)

My 2007:
It was fairly good. It was eventful I may add. Many things happened, great thing! I love 2007! Which is probably why I don't want it to end.
It has to though. Right?
I've met some awesome people this year, I'm really grateful. :) Thank you God.

I hope evreyone has a great year, and that I do well in... everything really: school and exams and such.
Enjoy it to the fullest.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A charitable event

I hope every one's enjoying their time off, whether it's because of Eid holidays, Christmas holidays.
I've been having quite a nice Eid. Although it's not that much, but it's nice. Oh and the-not-so-much-nice part is that we're studying in Eid. Yup I never thought I'd be this kind of person who studies at Eid. Argh!
It just feels I don't have enough time for preparing for my exams.
Anyways enough talk about exams, they make me nervous. So I'd like to tell you a funny incident, this year at school is filled with these funny situations.
Anyways let me introduce you to my idea of 'charity'..

Once upon a time, in a little town, girls were sitting in class waiting for the bell that announces the beginning of the holidays. In order to pass time they walked around the class and talked to each other.
A very nice girl was sitting near her friend and she grabbed her friend's maths note-book. And the conversation went as follows.

N- Dear God! Why haven't you done your homework, we have a lot of free time?
M- Oh never mind that, no one will check that homework since it's last day of school.
N- No, silly. You have to do it. Give it to me I'll do it for you.
M- There's no need.
N- Just give it to me.
M- Who am I to stop in your way if you want to do my maths homework?
So this nice girl does her friend's maths homework, after finishing the nice girl says: 'Here's my treat to you my friends, I would like to ask those who want their homework to be done to give it to me and I shall do my best to do it for you now, so hurry up'
They looked at her for a moment, and someone said 'Are you also offering to do past days homeworks?'
The nice girl replied: 'It's very clear, just today's maths homework'
Someone else said 'You should've told us before, we already did it'
And another commented saying 'What if you do it wrong?'
The nice girl laughed at this remark and they knew her to be a nice person who wouldn't offer help if she didn't meant it and said 'Well, I can't promise you 100% that it's right, but the homework is simple and we've taken such questions before so I'll do my best'
So anyways the nice girl sat down peacefully doing other people's home works voluntarily.
And they all lived happily ever after.

So I was the nice girl and well, I thought it to be a nice gesture on the final day of school. :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Oprah Winfrey


One of my biggest inspirations in life has to be Oprah. The things she's done so far are incredible. I've been watching her show like two or three years ago, it's amazing.
Today's show was about Love and real life stories were shared on how couples' love thickened when they faced some trouble together.
It was really beautiful.
This show, among many others, just leave you smiling. It's really that simple, her dedication and commitment to what she does is really inspiring.
She opened a school for girls in Africa, I've heard about some problems there, but I'm sure She's got nothing to do with them. I read somewhere online that teachers were accused of harassing the students.

Anyways that's not the point, what I'm trying to say is that I highly admire her for educating us about issues that we have to be awared of. I watched a full show on how to fight Global Warming, the way they (she and her team) introduce issues to us is just really great. You understand the issue, and they give you ways how you can help out.
It definitely makes me feel that I can make a difference by whatever small thing I do, makes me feel I can achieve the impossible.
Of course, I don't mind it when she has people I like with her, like when Orlando Bloom was there and he got her stuff for her dogs, I know, how nice of him.
Also, the famous Tom-jumping-on-the-couch-scene, I got to watch that as a matter of fact but the thing is, unlike a lot of people I don't dislike Tom Cruise for that. Anyone is free to do whatever they want on Oprah! If he wants to jump on the couch because he says he's in love, he might as well do it.

Besides the celebrities, there are other people who just inspire you and she gives them a chance to pass on a message to us. People who lost loved ones, who had accidents, who changed their life, people with real experience.
These people make you think of your life. I remember a lot of times after watching her show, I've contemplated about my life.
She made me see that what matters is not giving up. And that you have to take some chances in life, you have to be GRATEFUL. It's being satisfied with yourself, I know sometimes you need to change. Maybe not sometimes. Maybe changing yourself is just something you'll continue doing till you die but what matters is the appreciation you have for life and the people around you.
I just love you Oprah, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for having listened to you and having got to know you through my TV.
Thank you!
I hope you remain an inspiration to me, to do better and to imporove myself. And I hope you continue you your way towards a better world for all of us.


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Beauty Products

I may say I have some experience when it comes to dealing with beauty products. Like most people, I have my share of acne problems/black heads and so on. I'll try to share my experience here with you.
I think a lot of those reading this today know what I'm talking about. Acne is just annoying isn't it. No matter what you do you just can't get rid of it forever. BUT you can definitely make it less. Yes, that's right. Here are some products to help you out.
You need a good sunblock. I know it makes your skin oily and shinny but it really helps. I should get back to putting it on!
Here's what I use, it's really great. Photoderm:

I think they have a new cover, I still have the old one because I saw the new one in my sister's products. The new one is all orange, not like this one.

You also need a good scrub, it just makes your skin soft and helps removing acne. I prefer using neutogina. They have a great blackheads scrub that helps your acne and blackheads. Make sure you use it daily or at least 3 times a week.

The Neutrogena scrub I just mentioned rocks, besides their mask. It's for your T-zone.

T-zone nose strips are awesome because you can see immediate difference. I gotta get a new one soon.

While using different products for my face I noticed that my skin often becomes dry, and I need to keep on moisturising it. Nivea's day care moisturiser is just unbelievable.

My lips often get dry too, and the best lip palm is labello. I've been using it since forever.

Hmmm, what else? Well, I'll just leave you with a final tip:
-Soaps make your skin really dry, I've used clean and clear's soap and neutrogena's soap and they both made my skin REALLY dry. Instead a daily wash like Nivea purifying facial wash. I love these:

I included what I usually use and is good for me, it doesn't mean it'll match your skin or be good for you, I'm just recommending stuff based on my experience so I don't know I feel like saying be careful because I know skins are something you need to be careful while dealing with and you need to take care of it

Hope you had a good time at my spa :P

Sunday, December 9, 2007


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Kidz dese days dunno how 2 spell ryt. I mean c'mon, luk @ da way dey write, totally no consideration of grammar, spelling or wateva.
Dey jzt azaze me, and da fact dat lots of kids r confused while tryna write "right" dey end up writing "write" and vice-versa.
How hard z it 2 spell n write correct stuff, eh? N wats so appealing about messin' up da beautiful 'correct' spellin of a word!
Znt appalling?
*shakes head in disapporovel*

Ok, I'm just trying to have fun, I've been trying to put a new layout but I don't know, I guess I'll stick with this one, it's awesome anyways. Until Blogger puts new cooler layouts, I'll stick with theirs.
And this post is to all those people who are annoyed when we write words the way we want to, I've had quite a few people asking me to write in correct spellings, where is my freedom to write in the spelling I want?!
But seriously I've noticed a lot of kids being confused between 'write' and 'right'. You know what, let people spell the way they want to, and write whatever spellings they want, if I want to make up my own spelling of a word, let me do so.
Thank you, but again you have a right to say your annoyed by the way we spell, and so you can exercise that right. ;)

And let me express my contradictories, :D
I lyk messing up wid spellings n it's an art, not every1 can do it!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Random conversations

I was just remembering some conversations I've had, and I thought I'd share them with you since I thought they were kind of funny. :)

First one:
R- Why don't you like to talk on the phone?
N- I just don't.
R- Then what will happen if you found a "special person"? How will you talk to him?
N- Uh, I can't believe you, you're messing with your little sister's innocent mind!

Second one:
N- I'm bored
M- Why?
N- Because I'm studying.
M- So you're bored because you're studying?
N- Yeah!
M- You shouldn't be.
N- So studying is fun?
M- Yes, it is.
N- Well, I still have a lot to study and it's down right boring.

Third one:
T- These are your project papers, don't ask me why if I cut your mark, if you haven't written your opinion about what people should do to stay healthy, then I've cut your mark. If you didn't write facts and if you haven't stated what causes high blood pressure then know I've cut your mark.
N- But teacher you didn't ask us to write these things, nor were they in the paper u had us filling.
T- Why are you protesting? You wrote everything I asked you to.
N- I don't know!
T- Those who protest when they did the right thing amaze me, I understand when you protest if you haven't done what I told you to, but when you have it's just beyond me.

I'm N. :P
That's what I remember for now. Take care everyone... :D

Saturday, December 1, 2007

World AIDS day

Celebrating the Worlds AIDS Day, UNICEF released this video joining forces with a famous teniis player.
I'd like to do something so I'm sharing this video with you, in hope we can all work for a world that is better for children.


I love you

I noticed it a lot that we, teenagers, are fascinated by the concept of love. When we have a crush we start thinking we're in love. Seriously, a lot of my female friends, lol, have told me that they were in love and they're just 14 or 15 years old. Age doesn't matter when it comes to love, I know that, but I really think they just want to believe that they're in love.
My friend's life was somehow ruined and her spirits were really affected and hurt because she loved the "wrong dude".
I really think she just wanted to be in love and finally she was in love. I may have the wrong idea about all this but from my experience I've had crushes just for the sake of having them. I don't know if anyone can relate. But I'm 15 and still I really don't think I can be in love now, or even for some years to come.

I mean seriously, if you are in love you have my respect for finding someone you can love, but let us think about it. You have a crush when you... Ok, I'm not going to explain what a crush is, I think all of us know what it means, but when you are in love. That is a totally different case. You can't wait to see that person, you think about them all the time, and before you think I'm the love expert I'll stop and you take a minute to think what does it mean to be in love really?

I don't believe in teenage love, although there might be some cases that the couple really love each other, but in most cases they just love for the sake of loving, for the sake of saying I'm in love.
What is so wrong about thinking you have a crush? It'd save you so much trouble and heartache. My advice to all of you teenagres, think clearly before saying you're in love and take your time. I think being in love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and we should enjoy it. Love should make life more beautiful not ruin your life.
I'll wrap this up with this beautiful song 'Hey there Delilah' by Plain White T's. I love it and would like you all to enjoy it...