Friday, June 8, 2007


I have decided to the raise the level, of what you may ask? I am unsure, myself! I just have had it with being.... Me?? I have to confess, yes to some point! Don't get me wrong, I love being me! But as everyone else I have some flaws that I can help them, I mean I can do something about them!

I am trying for sometime now, I am trying to be a more improved me. And guess what? I, for once, feel that forces of nature are helping me! Listen to me, I am not blabbering as much nowadays! I am trying to care a bit more about what is being said! I think I spent too much time talking and thinking about things to say, while I could have been listening!
Is this something that I am deciding what the next school year will be like? Or even close my summer-vacation? I certainly hope not! There has been too much of these and I can no longer bear any more of them, I never for some reason make any happen! I just hope it is for real this time, I think it might be! I don't believe it is one of these moments where my positive side rises, but yes, I am very optimistic at the moment! I hope I am not complaining!
Being a complainer doesn't mean being a pessimist, someone assumed other wise on VOY just today and I do not believe so! We often are misunderstood... Being a complainer does have some accessories with it, like whining and nagging but I do not think we can say that every complainer has those traits! And some have pessimism float along, not all! I am a girl but that doesn't mean I have to be: fashionable, mushy, etc. I can not put it as the naked writer does, so take a minute and check this:
Oh and somehow VOY came up in this post so I might as well update you on what is happening there... I am learning about Hinduism, tomorrow it is supposed to be on the traditional houses of Hinduism... I'm scared! The one who is teaching me knows too much!

My words couldn't help explaining another thing I am determinant to do, learn more about things which school can be the last place to turn to, to know more about! It is to care more, I know you would probably think... How can I care more? I already have enough of that feeling but let me tell you that I know myself! I can use some more caring about people, including you who are taking minutes and reading this.. Maybe because I asked you to or you simply remembered this confused young lady who updates her blog from time to time and wanted to know what she is up to! Anyway made you read this is much appreciated!
Do take care, now there is one last thing! I am going through a weird phase, there's this urge to make this a comment less post to accompany the one before and not make that post weird among it's fellow posts?! No you can comment... I have to get over that phase!
I can say as much, good night!

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Unknown said...

You're not a weird lady, you're a nice lady :) I like your posts! Thanks for all your comments in my blog! Well, don't expect the phase to disappear too soon.. One of mine lasted like a year.. Horrible situation! But oh blimey, we'll keep changing forever, but have a kind of "stop" when we're about 25 or so.. Until then, let's hope the confusion doesn't turn into nightmare :)! Yay, I think the comment was confusing! Anyways, take care!