Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paletine-Israel conflict

How's everyone doing? :)
Today I'm going to talk about* the Palestine-Israel conflict which has lasted for God knows how many years. Every time I watch the news there is a news saying that a conference/meeting was held between the two parties trying to find a solution and surprisingly have failed to do so.
I don't get it, how has it become that land is more important than the souls of human beings? Their never ending discussions on what should be done and their vain attempts at making a positive change in the situation are highly upsetting.
They can't keep on living this way, they have to compromise. Maybe it's because that it has been going on for such a long time that politicians think it'd be as if those who fought for their land in the past have fought in vain.
I don't understand why can't they just realize the fact that this should no longer me a matter of consideration.
I just think they should do it for the sake of their people, I'm sure they just want to live a normal life without any threats of wars or such.
People think we should fight Israel and the USA by boy cutting them. Well, it's not going to solve anything.
Please this has to stop. For the those living there, for the children who want to enjoy their childhood, for the mothers who lost their children, for you, for all of us and most importantly for God's sake.
Now, people think that when people bomb themselves killing Israeli soldiers, they're really brave and they're at least doing something to stick up for what they believe in. But I think they're just making things more complicated, Israel will respond and so we're just running in an empty circle.
It's one of those topics that it never ceases to surprise me that those in power do nothing to help solve the problems
Maybe I think it is so simple while it is really hard to stop this war that has been going on since forever it seems.
In this case it won't be considered as weakness if one party compromised, it won't be letting go of your beliefs, it would be simply wanting to live in peace.
I just had to let my feelings about this heard, if I got sick of the situation what about those who are actually living there?

*That was in reference to our English Presentations at school, almost EVERY girl started with that sentence


Waed S. said...

May God help them and be with them coz he is the only one left for them non of those maniacs called politicians will do them any good!

Ashok said...

Well all I can say is, the people first have to warm up to the concept of co-existence. I mean look at Yonatan, the dude still can't get over the fact that it takes two hands to clap. I will always remember this one dialogue from Kingdom of Heaven, and it was something about not defending the city but defending the lives of the people within the city.

The politicians, the religious fundamentalists and everyone else should realise that where there is respect for human life, God's blessings are always there. Ah what the heck, I am still surprised I have any hope left with the kind of people in power these days. Sheesh

Dhrid said...

I agree with you completely, it's sickening how long this has been going on and how many lives it has taken. In my opinion, I just think they should declare Israel a secular state but then I also understand that it would apparently be defeating the whole purpose of a Jewish Homeland and everything.

Unknown said...

I agree with you too, Noor. This should end. Maybe join countries into one? Lol, doubt that'll ever happen. But yes, they should compromise. Governments can do that, even though not very often.

For people here it is just one long battle that has never ceased. They don't know much about it. Oh I've got a link for you that mocks Americans, it's terribly insulting but you may laugh, I don't know :) U tell me if you want it!

May there be more people like you out there! Tons of love!

Anonymous said...

Israel has compormised the entire east-Palestine for them and this is enough. When the Palestinians stop bring troubles for everywhere they come to maybe someone is going to agree to host them.