Wednesday, December 26, 2007

5 days to go

There are only five days till the new year arrives. It just doesn't feel so though. Anyways the sad part is that I don't even have decent holidays to spend these days before the new year online asking people how their 2007 was, and predict their new year. I remember having a very good time doing that last year. Of course all I said was something in the lines of 'You'll have a great year, great things are written for you and a you'll live one of the most wonderful days ever in this year'
I would like to do that again this year, but my exams are in about a week from now or so, I need to study and not waste time.
I just would like to wish you all a very happy new year ahead, and of course you'll have an azazing year. ;)

My 2007:
It was fairly good. It was eventful I may add. Many things happened, great thing! I love 2007! Which is probably why I don't want it to end.
It has to though. Right?
I've met some awesome people this year, I'm really grateful. :) Thank you God.

I hope evreyone has a great year, and that I do well in... everything really: school and exams and such.
Enjoy it to the fullest.


Dhrid said...

lol i luvd ur prediction 4 me...its pretty much summarizes me my life! lol... anywyas i hope u have a great new year!!! and dont study tooo much.

And, yeah sure 07 might be great but lets make 08 even better =P

Unknown said...

Happy 2008, in case we don't talk soon!!

Everything will be over (exam nightmares and a whole year!). It's been incredible meeting you, Noory Noor! I feel blessed for knowing such an incredible person :) Peace!*

nakedwriter said...

In 2008, you'll be greater sweeter lovelier and kinder than the Noor you've been in 2007.


Muahness! Thanks for always dropping by, knocking on my bedroom window and saying Hi once a while. I wish you the best for 2008 and I send all my flying warm regards to you.

Take care!!

aska said...

oh yes!!

I remember your prediction 4 me..!
dont ask me if it came true :P - "troubles, happiness and getting to know myself" happen all the time :D

anyway, happy new year to you.. 2008 wil be yet another great year!!

p.s.: n good luck wit those nasty exams..they'll pass by soon enuff :)

Unknown said...

Noory Noor thanks so much 4 the 2008 prediction :) It is deeply appreciated and I am sure it will be just as u said.

Tons of love!*

Ashok said...

You will have a great year ahead of you madam :) And thank you so much for your comment on my blog. It is nice to come accross a fellow spoilt kid. We are an elite kind within our species.:P

Lu said...

Aww I'm so happy 2007 was cool for you! :]

Happy new yeeeear!

AbdelRahman :) said...

May all your wishes come true isA and ur life will be FULL FULL FULL of joy :D