Thursday, September 6, 2007

Hey people,
School has started (obviously) and it's been pretty hectic. 10th grade is different from other grades. There is so much going on and we haven't met all of our respected teachers yet.
I think this year should be fun. One time our Islamic teacher was headed to our class and we're like 'Please God let her go to the class next to us' She stood on the door and said is this '10/2'?' and we're like 'Aha :S'
Then she went to the class next to us and it was like a party in the class, cheers and claps and dances of joy. The teacher noticed but that didn't matter at all. :P (btw: I didn't cheer or shout or clap or any of that sort, joy filled my heart though) Teachers are teachers, a bit too annoying though but that's ok. Our exams are not coming from our teachers but from the directorate (?) of Education. It's kind of scary to think about it. Adds more pressure.
On top of all of this, our house has been going under renovation. It feels brand new, which is awesome. Life has been hectic I can say for sure.
Well, that's all for today. Too much happened to tell. I tried to be brief while updating you.
Good night


Waed S. said...

Good gurl :P no laughing at teachers :P atleast not to their faces :P
* lazem abatel atale3 lsanee , cats will eat it :p *

I'm gonna get an article , I'm gonna get an article !!! Hurrrrraaaayyyyyy :P

Karina said...

kewl xDDD i luv when something huge as a house is renovated, it makes ya feel all new in the 'new' house and ur 'new' life, dunno, it feels like drinking an orange juice with snowy ice :P so fresh and cool