Friday, August 24, 2007

Nobody else

I'll discuss various issues here, some things I've been wanting to get my thoughts on straightened out. A couple of weeks ago I read in the newspaper a review about the last Harry Potter book. It was obvious not many liked how it ended. That is very understandable. The thing that got me thinking though was the fact that the writer of the article thought that Harry Potter sends the wrong message, or something of the sort. She said that Harry, not only in the last book, had everything ready for him. Every success there was, that he accomplished with or without help, has been just because someone or something was there to show him the path to the solution. He had everything ready, so did he actually deserve all the hype? Anyone else could've done what he did. It's not because of Harry the situation was resolved.
Now is that really true? I'll give you another example, in the rainmaker, Rudy has his case all done. All the papers he needs, everything is in his best interest. Is it just because he knew for sure he'll get the case? Or is it just because Harry is always so sure of what he does? Maybe all it takes to do what you want is confidence! Why do people think that way?
It's not that fate is working in some people's favour. Sometimes these people have the strength to go the extra mile. It's not very nice to hear some people say that it was pure luck. I'll move on, I know what you're probably thinking, this girl is too attached to fiction characters.
It's just annoying. Isn't it? It's not just with fiction stories, it's somehow related to real life. People think anyone can fill the other's place. That's a scary thought. If it wasn't you doing the job you do, someone else can do it as easily. If you weren't there to console me, someone else would have came along. If it wasn't for you, it'd have been someone else. That's just wrong. We need to appreciate everything for the way it is. And be grateful.
If it wasn't for me (you, they, we) it wouldn't have been someone else. Or maybe, it was meant to be this way. Don't think that it would've been someone else, but think that it was this person because no one else can do it like him/her.
Listen to Rihanna when she says 'Nobody else can do it quite like I do'


FaerieDevilish said...

I guess that humanity will never come to agreement when it comes to books. Lolz.

I guess that the way she interpreted those happenings is different to the one I'd do it. For me, it was definitely all arranged, but I'd say it's mostly because of a very strong team work. After all, Harry was the hero - but it was not like he chose to be him. Fate arranged that part for him. Still, his contributions couldn't have been made by anyone else.

Ohhh, well. :p

Unknown said...

"Vic, bestseller-books writer to be" Oh you're so nice!! Thank you! :D

I agree with you 100% on this one (but not about homos, loool!) And Harry Potter OWNS! Who could've been better than HIM?! Lol, again :)
Everyone is special someway, somehow. This is what some totalitarian states did not focus on. They just replaced someone who wasn't fulfilling it's job adequately for another person, because the individual was not as important as the colective. During the Industrial Revolution, that practice prevailed. And that is just wrong. Yesh yesh :)!

Unknown said...

Grammar edit: fulfilling "its" job.

Or maybe I'm wrong?

Yours truly,
Grammar and vocabulary freak*