Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holidays are coming to an end sadly, and so we have been studying a bit. I have been fortunate enough to watch 'Becoming Jane'. I must admit that the movie was superb. However we watched 'Sydney White' and it was a complete disaster. They were awfully proud to be dorks. There's nothing wrong with that, it was just as if they were trying desperately to find something to stand up for.
It was utterly silly, they were trying to modernize Snow White. They tried to do that with Cinderella and it worked beautifully. I loved that version.
What else?
There's not much more to say in here as a matter of fact, but I feel like speaking like those in Jane Austin's characters. But I'm afraid I'm running out of topics to talk of. What a shame!
Oh I know, I watched the movie 'Wimbeldon' today, and I can say it was quite azazing. Very uplifting.
I guess I can utter no more as I have to go to bed, I bid you all good night.


Ashok said...

lol well if her majesty would take a look at my album on facebook, the photos would be given the rare opportunity of being viewed by a princess.;)

So good to hear from you. How have you been madam?

Ashok said...

I saw the trailer for Sydney white, is it really that not alright?

FaerieDevilish said...

Holidays should never end. :p
Haha, thanks for your nickname! I found it funny when I saw it. :p
How was Eid?

Unknown said...

Hi Noory Noor! I read ur message on Facebook. Don't worry, take all the time u need coping with HW :P
In the meantime I AM SO GLAD. MY EXAMS'LL END ON NOVEMBER 14TH! Yay! Like less than 20 days away! :D
Nonetheless, my first exam is this Friday, Biology. Wish me luuck!
Love love, habibti!