Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cinderella, ella, ella, eh, eh eh!

Hey everyone,
I finally gave in and started preparing for going back to school. I have my school bag, note books, pens, most of my uniform. I still need white pants, the navy blue tunic. I'm not much agitated if I get them or not. Even though school is in less than two weeks. I can't check the calender because I'll know how many exact days left. I wouldn't appreciate that.
I've been watching movies and staying till 2 am. I've been trying to arrange my sleeping timings but have been failing miserably.
I really feel like blogging now but I'm having a hard time to search for things to say. I'm pretty bored, listening to Jonas Brothers.
I need to go to bed soon. I'm just feeling like talking. Let's blabber for a bit please? I watched 'Happily N'ever After'. It is a modified version of the fairy tale of Cinderella. You must be thinking, the story has been edited and changed so many times. Cinderella has to marry prince charming at the end. I see nothing wrong with that. Who would turn down a prince charming who searches the kingdom for Cinderella, his love?
But sometimes these twists in fairy tales are cute. I totally loved 'A cinderella Story' starring Hilary Duff. Other than the reason that I like most of her work. This movie was very cute. The base line remained the same but she dropped her cell phone instead. The modern Cinderella which I really hope can exist in today's world. She met with her prince. Still it was a prince, having a throne or not doesn't matter.
In 'Happily N'ever After' Cinderella marries the dish washer of the prince. It was very romantic. I know by marring him, she changed her fairy tale but so what? Time changes! You can always watch the Disney version and reject this change.
I, on the other hand, loved the twist. :D
I really need to go now. It's late and I need to go sleep. Take care everyone and please put up with me.

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Waed S. said...

ella , ella , eh ,eh eh... :p
I like her ending up with the prince but now that she is with the dishwasher I shud be fine with it coz its her choice.... Disney's is the best coz it has mouses in it and a nice witch :D