Thursday, August 16, 2007

Targeting minorities and innocents

500 people were either injured or dead in Wednesday's bomb blasts in Iraq. It targeted the "Yazidis" in Iraq. The Yazidi population in Iraq is about a half a million. I will not ask why would any one kill these people? I'd have to ask why would they kill Muslims, Christians, Kurds, and all of those people from various backgrounds. Not even one channel on TV mourned their death. They only showed it on the news. It is very annoying to see such a thing happen and that it passes by just like any other bomb blast.

May their souls rest in peace


Lu said...

That's terrible :( yes, I saw it in television for a few seconds. I don't understand why people don't wanna take responsibility for their actions (I think that's the reason to show 'flashs' in the news about these things).
I also think that is our obligation to rescue the memory and remember them, injured or dead, because it seems like most of the world don't wanna accept it.

Unknown said...

That's so sad! I had no idea, did it air on BBC News? (the addicted girl for BBC)
This has all to do with media manipulation cuz, u know, for them it's like "More ppl died in the Middle East, so let's not make it a big public movement", whilst here the earthquake, that had the same amount of losses, has been news all over CNN, cuz we are part of America u see, and North America is trying to hide the atrocities occuring "far away". :( It's sad.
Long they may rest in peace.

Unknown said...

Hey, u told me "sos hermosa" in a post in my blog!! "SOS" ONLY EXISTS IN ARGENTINA! HEY LU WHAT ARE U TEACHING MY GIRL?!?! Loool :D In other countries it's "Eres hermosa" :D Woohoo! I love that song too, Calabria rooocks!

FaerieDevilish said...

I'm sure BBC must have aired it, Victoria - however, I'm also sure that it must have been the 5-second piece of news from the Middle East that we get in this wild, wild west.

I'm really sorry that these attacks are still happening, Noor. It's very depressing to see the fuss media make over VT tragedies and at the same time the way they ignore the death of hundreds of innocent people in similar conditions. I wish that, for once, we all would realise that there are real people, real lives, real dreams falling with each body.

May them rest in peace, indeed.