Friday, March 22, 2013


Timon Y Pumba

Can we say we're lost if we don't know the destination? If we don't know where we're heading but we're aware of the route we're taking. We're just not sure of where it'll take us, it could be to so many places. I always remember that episode of Timon &Pumbaa when they're travelling together and the road they're taking diverges into two roads. One with sunshine and trees and the other dark and creepy. They argue over which one to take, Timon chooses the one with light because he's afraid of the dark while Pumbaa chooses the dark one knowing that at the end of the dark road there must be light and you can't judge things by how they seem to be.
Not a really clear concept, and though Pumbaa is right in the end, his dark road turns out to be the better one you can't really choose based on what he did.
Somethings are clearly good and simple, others are just bad. However, one wonders. What if? What if the dark road you're on simply needed you to turn the light on? Cheesy as if may sound. What if you knew you were doing what you want to do, clearly aware of the reasons why you should be happy but you're not. All you need is something to spark a flame.
Darkness is merely the absence of light. It's nothing by itself.

If I were to choose a road, I'd probably camp on the diverging roads waiting for company. Any road is endurable with good company. Of course that means I'm indecisive (and that I am) but it also means I'm flexible. Put me in the water, I'll try to swim (though I don't know how), put me in the air, I'll try to fly (though I have no wings) and put me on a road, I'll walk (I have two legs).

So... hakuna matata!