Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pundit Blogger

I'm seriously bored. And kind of feeling down, even though it's a holiday but I'm trying to type some exam for dad and trying to finish my PE research. Both I've failed to finish so far.
By the end of this post I want to finish what I'm doing. I need to feel I did something today.
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Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few

I just had that quiz. I'm really bored. Anyways I finished typing for dad and I've did quite some work with the research and I can no longer continue. I'll finish it up tomorrow. Who doesn't like to delay school work as much as possible.
Have a great night everyone :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Paletine-Israel conflict

How's everyone doing? :)
Today I'm going to talk about* the Palestine-Israel conflict which has lasted for God knows how many years. Every time I watch the news there is a news saying that a conference/meeting was held between the two parties trying to find a solution and surprisingly have failed to do so.
I don't get it, how has it become that land is more important than the souls of human beings? Their never ending discussions on what should be done and their vain attempts at making a positive change in the situation are highly upsetting.
They can't keep on living this way, they have to compromise. Maybe it's because that it has been going on for such a long time that politicians think it'd be as if those who fought for their land in the past have fought in vain.
I don't understand why can't they just realize the fact that this should no longer me a matter of consideration.
I just think they should do it for the sake of their people, I'm sure they just want to live a normal life without any threats of wars or such.
People think we should fight Israel and the USA by boy cutting them. Well, it's not going to solve anything.
Please this has to stop. For the those living there, for the children who want to enjoy their childhood, for the mothers who lost their children, for you, for all of us and most importantly for God's sake.
Now, people think that when people bomb themselves killing Israeli soldiers, they're really brave and they're at least doing something to stick up for what they believe in. But I think they're just making things more complicated, Israel will respond and so we're just running in an empty circle.
It's one of those topics that it never ceases to surprise me that those in power do nothing to help solve the problems
Maybe I think it is so simple while it is really hard to stop this war that has been going on since forever it seems.
In this case it won't be considered as weakness if one party compromised, it won't be letting go of your beliefs, it would be simply wanting to live in peace.
I just had to let my feelings about this heard, if I got sick of the situation what about those who are actually living there?

*That was in reference to our English Presentations at school, almost EVERY girl started with that sentence

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Book shopping

Hey everyone,
I just finished doing some homeworks and that'd probably going to be the only thing I'll do this week for school.
Anyways I'd like to tell you about my visit to Muscat yesterday, it was fabulous. We went to the a bookshop I used to buy books from, knowing they changed their place we spent some time trying to find the location. When we were directed to the new place, we were disappointed to find so little books we want. It was jammed with books of no importance to us.
This situation we were in proved to be useful for we were led to another bookshop in the same building. It was a bookshop for used books, I simply loved the place, I found many books I would like to read and I can even sell some books which I don't need anymore. Ones that can help out other people that may find these better than I found them to be. I can say I may be a regular.
I got three books; Deception point, the Scarlette letter, and The Zahir.
I'm so excited to read them, but I have decided to take my time in reading and just enjoy them. :)
I am pleased with finding that little bookshop, there can be more than a place to turn to if I needed a book.
That's all for now, take care dear readers.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Kadim Al Saher

Some find inspiration when somethings don't happen to them, while others find it in some hidden places only shown to them.
For me, I have a special relationship with inspiration. It strikes at the most obvious places. Or it's maybe that my brain is designed to pick this kind of inspiration.
I was inspired by a lady crying, a girl complaining about her life, the world's problems. Never by these little things, I'm not complaining. I'm simply trying to find what inspires me. I get inspired by motivated people, who aspire to do so much, who have accomplished (or began to accomplish) what they aspire to be.
I'd like to go on with this post and dedicate it to a person who has been a great inspiration for me.
It is Kadim Al-Saher, if you're an Arab you'll definitely know him, if not I dare say you might not. He's a great singer that has definitely enriched the Arabic music. He is a man I am proud to say that I admire and love. His songs are of the deepest meanings of life and love.
A month ago I watched an interview with him, he spoke a great deal about his experience. I was inspired for many reasons. He seemed to be satisfied with what he has given in his life so so far, he had the greatest views on what's going on in Iraq, the world and what we're doing to our environment. He was a man who knew what he was talking about.
He was content.
For some reason I felt it in him. I loved the affect it had on me, and I truly wish that someday I would feel half the content he was feeling. He was indeed content. I can see why he was content. Having given much in his life. Making millions, yes in his case I dare say millions, of people happy. I remember how happy I was when I went to his concert. Even though I was only seven or eight years old.
I used to think him not a man who had the skill of talking in a persuasive manner, some years earlier he seemed so to me. Seeing this interview that changed, he seemed to have a great fluency. I think it must be what years have taught him, time has a great affect upon one's life and personality.
I can only say that I hope he'll be doing what he does, making good music and giving me hope for a better future.
When I realized I had tonnes of work to do instead of watching the interview, although I'd have loved to have seen it till the end. However, I was satisfied with what I have seen and I felt as if I had full filled the reason on which I was to watch it. He inspired me, and most importantly he filled me with hope, the hope I need to continue my journey with.
I still remember the thoughts he uttered, how he enjoys reading, how he believes in what he does, how he manages to hold on to hope of a better Iraq for all of us, how he still aspires to do so much.
I wish that he continues feeling content with his life, he leads a great one indeed. May God bless his soul.

Written with love and gratitude for the man who continues to have faith in humanity,

Thursday, November 1, 2007


They say that when you learn from your mistakes you can't regard them as mistakes any more. They've helped you grow and they're only mistakes when you seem oblivious to what they're trying to teach you.
I can honestly say that I comprehend that thought, and try as I may, I can never learn to apply it in my life. I've had my share of mistakes these years and I am sure I will do some more, the thing is that they seem to linger on my mind. Not all of them, of course, but those that count and there's a handfull of them.
We all have those sentences we wish we never uttered, those actions undone, and so on. Mine seem to haunt me and always remind me of my imperfection. I have passed the phase which I wish I was perfect, because I know being imperfect is in itself perfection in our human standards.
Still, I always seem to remember my mistakes, the ones I've learned from. The ones that make me think in certain situations before I say anything. It might be good that I am reminded of them so that I wouldn't do them again. I do believe we can never truely forget our mistakes as they are printed somewhere in our minds.
I just wish I wouldn't be reminded of my mistakes, they do make me feel as if I could have definitely changed them. If that moment was to be again repeated I'd have changed them for sure.
Yet, I can only be guessing, there indeed might be a reason why I am remembering my mistakes.
So, to have it off my chest for now. Here are some thoughts, regrets perhaps:
-When I told you 'You can't sing well'. It was only to be honest and it was not to be disencourging you, you might not have been used to hearing it, or you might be, nontheless I regret I said it because you seemed affected.
-When you wanted to say something and I shut you off because I thought what I have to say more important that yours, I am only filled with my vanity that what I have to say means more.
-When I let you down, know that it was not what I had in mind nor it could ever be. This I can apologize for.
-I need to appreciate what happens to other people, because I don't have to be always thinking that no one goes through worse than what I go through.
Listen, understand, think, and then say or act!
Only then you might not regret the action, it was what you thought best at the moment. Make sure of that, because maybe I can't seem to afford it, you might be able to.
One thing I can be certain of at the end, I still have a long journey to go through, I have lessons which I need to grasp and apply. Maybe it will come with time, place, poeple or whatever else. I shall only be glad to learn.
I will not end it with apologizing. It is not because I have too much pride, it is just that it's not the time for apologies, nor it is the best place for those to be given.