Sunday, June 17, 2007


I do understand the fact that I am a dorky/goofy person, I am in peace with myself and have accepted this fact and embraced it. However what makes it easier is that I certianly do not look so. I look perfectly like a not-goofy person. I care about the way I look, not too much, but yes I am not ashamed to admit that I stand in front of the mirror for quite some time. The point is that my personality wins over my looks and so you would really see what a goofy person I am, and what adds to that is my clumsiness, my vey very short memory, I remember times when we gather the dishes I'd head to the bathroom and then realize where I am going and hurry back to the kitchen and a million other incidents where my family can't help wondering how much of a poor memory a person can have. Now let me get to the point, am I uncool?? I don't believe such traits imply that I am uncool... There's this fast food restaurant called 'Hardee's' or however they spell it. Anyways they have this new meal on which they were advertising and I didn't realize before that coolness was a vital trait in a person. The ad said 'Are you cool enough?' and it showed a "cool" person who ordered it and they gave it to him. Next came the classical looking "uncool nerd with thick glasses" and so they didn't give it to him because he was simply not cool enough to taste the sandwich. I'll spare you the details of the ad but it had me thinking on being "cool" to be able to fit in anywhere. We went to that restaurant and I ordered the meal and well, it's not that they cared for being cool or not. I dare say it was just this idea that this person who works for the company came up with to sell. Now I am perfectly cool with me being cool or uncool, I don't mind either because I hate to be classified under one word. I do feel we need to change our perspectives for what would make an appealing person(ality). I do have a future and so it might not be spent in goofiness even though there would be no objection from my side. I will never be "cool" in the well known standards.I do face a problem though. I imagine if my friends would describe me in one word most of them would say "nice" or "talkative" and the thing is, you can be a thousand more other things but this is what most people would do, you fall into one category and everything else is bypassed. I can not imagine a perfect character, I do love the way some writers excell in creating characters with the perfect flaws ever to be found. I would say no one have these so-called perfect flaws but we can try as much as we can to make our flaws more bearable... On second thoughts just let your flaws be.The comforting part of all this is that I am aware of it and I like the categories I would fall into, well at least most of them.


Ashok said...

That was bloody brilliant.:)

Fact is we are all in diverse ways, fundamentally flawed. It makes us more interesting. Imagine meeting a perfect person, it would just bore the hell out of you, wouldnt it?

I also happened to finish the book, "To kill a mocking bird" a couple of days back. One of the most beautiful works I have come accross in recent times.

By the way I obsess a lot over the way my hair looks as well, so welcome to the club that spends more time looking at the mirror.:)

Waed S. said...

will have to agree about that!!!

there is (( البدائع و الطرائف (( by jubran... in one of the essays in it he talks a bout perfection.....won't ruin the fun of reading it....just as ash said no one is perfect , perfection is meant for god....are we gods? i do not think so!!
and oh the only fun thing about Hardee's is the curled fries...Sandwitches there are a bit Uncool!!!!

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