Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Facebookers

This is somewhat a follow-up post for my friend Ruqaiya's post about social networking. I'll be focusing more about facebookers because they're the ones who truly get on my nerves sometimes, while tweeps are easier to ignore and they're not half as annoying as facebookers.

1. Stop with the annoying statuses, and that includes lame quotes about lost love, gloating over a lovely day spent with certain friends trying to make us all feel jealous of your busy life, expressing how sad and/or bored you are, vague sentences that scream the want of comments asking about the how/why/what it is you were VAGUELY aiming at.

2. Endless tags, and unless you're tagging me for something seriously cool or to wish me a Happy Eid then don't tag me at all please.

3. Those applications that always post something, fortune cookie, luck, love life, your mood, etc. are a waste of cyber space. Avoid them!

4. Profile pictures with Angelina Jolie, Tamer Hosni or that Turkish actor who is no longer popular should be banned. They only say how 2008 you are. I don't mind the fact that you choose not to put a picture of yourself, but at least put a nice one.

5. Stop thinking that you need to share all aspects of your life on facebook, it's all so very needy and lame.

6. Stop with the shameless flirting.

7. STOP and I repeat STOP with all those hints that you're in love, all those lines from songs that are all about how much you've been betrayed. First off it's awkward, and it's highly suspicious!

8. If you're a teenager, and by that I mean you're still 14, don't put a relationship status saying you're in a relationship. It's seriously disturbing.

And last but not least, social networking is all about staying in touch not living in your own little world, so stop it! Whatever it is you're doing just stop and be yourself. ;)


PS: I'm bored, and I had to get that out!

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm tired, but I feel the urge to write a post.
I thought that during this holiday I'd post more, but I didn't. I'm not sure why, but I guess I always need people commenting that I focus on that more than I focus on the fact that I need to let things out. I mean I'm getting all of these views but people, leave some comments. Ok, what am I saying? I mean let's be honest, I blog for my own personal psychotic health but also to get feedback.
Anyways, I don't really need it because it never stopped me from posting so Yay me I guess.

I've started writing in a journal, which has been great. I repeat stuff everyday, but it's a great feeling to let things out. I don't share out too many things, people could pick it up and start reading, but I share thoughts crossing my mind before I sleep so that they're not running around my head. Perhaps that's partially why I don't blog as much as I used to.

Everytime I see teenagers hanging out I think of the fact that I never did that with a large group pf friends. It's not that I envy them, but I just wonder how different life would have been if we did that. I mean you have to have a large group of friends to begin with, something we never really had. I just wonder, you know like we always do. Wonder at alternative lives, or alternative choices.

Good night.