Thursday, March 27, 2008

What is thy purpose?

I was tagged by Waed to state the purpose that my blog serves. I am obliged to venture on the purpose of my blog.
I enjoy updating other people on what's happening in my life, it's fun! Plus sometimes I have to ponder upon some of the things that frustrate me.
And most of the times I feel like complaining about my school and my teachers. So my blog serves a personal purpose obviously and I enjoy that it's my little space in this wide virtual world where I can blog about what matters to me.
And sometimes it's just to get these things I'm thinking about out loud and out of my system.

I think that's about it, my blog serves me. :D

Thanks for tagging me Waed, I don't think I'll tag anyone, so please if you're reading and want to speak about the purpose of your blog, be my guest.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And all at once the crowd begins to sing...

Time for another blog, I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. This lack of posting from my side has made me lose my inspiration. It's just that I've been busy with school. You all know how it is. I mean it's kind of weird that school isn't as bas as it used to be, it really is all about how you look at it. But the thing is, it's the weekend tomorrow and we have three exams to study for, and a science project to finish.
And I have an appointment with my dentist, so I just hope we'll be able to do everything right. It's a lot. I know most of you has exams and is busy so wishing everyone good luck.

Well, so what else is there to tell?
Let's share some funny incidents from school, there are a few.
Science Lesson:
Teacher: Do we have Elastic Potential Energy?
Class: Noooo
Me: We're not Elastic. (Duh!)

^^ I said it not jokingly by the way.

Well, that's what I can remember. ;)
We still didn't have a birthday party, how very unfair. I mean being sixteen isn't much different from being 15 or anything, it's just cooler to say 'I'm 16'.
Such a profound reason to be happy that I'm sixteen now.
I've finished reading The Picture Of Dorian Gray which was a very good read, :) and have moved on to David Copperfield. I want to start reading something for Nicholas Sparks, maybe when I start thinking David Copperfield will be a very long read, I'll start reading True Believer along with it. Would be fun!

That's the updates I can think of.
Have fun ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


To eat
To sleep
To study
To do homework
To finish off projects
To breathe
To talk
To enjoy the time off
To read

To be able to do all that
And to set a career line

Of course not forgetting to simply be

*No, it's not a poem but I had to complain in a classy way, or at least that's what I think I did*

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Sweet Sixteen"

Today I'm gonna ride away
And feel the sun throughout my hair
Finally free to be who I wanna be
Who that is I don't really care

'Cuz I've got friends who love me
Blue skies are above me
My blonde hair is everywhere

Sweet sixteen
Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

Drivin' down to the club where we go to dance
Radio is blastin' and the top is down

There ain't nothin' in my way
'Cept the traffic of L.A.

And I've got friends who love me
Bright stars shine above me
My blonde hair is everywhere

Sweet sixteen
Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

Mamma loves me and a sister who shows me, and a daddy's always there

Sweet sixteen
Gonna spread my wings
Sweet sixteen
It's my chance to shine
Sweet sixteen
Sweet sixteen
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

I wanna know what it feels like
I need to see it from the inside
I can taste a bit of what I will find
So much more to life
Sweet sixteen

Monday, March 10, 2008

To Learn

I always thought girls in my class when teachers were mad at them for not knowing the answer, didn't care. They would simply simle, and it always meant a sign of shaking the matter off. But today when I realized the situation I saw something else.
It was Maths lesson and before that lesson we had a free period and we were trying to explain the lesson to some of the girls because they didn't understand it. After that, the teacher was asking if we've done our homework, usual nods and yeses. Then the teacher was like 'Are you sure?' Then came a few students who didn't do it because they didn't understand the lesson.

Anyways, I don't want to go into details of the lesson, because it was disturbing and I have been talking about teachers too much.
A girl, who was amoung those who didn't understand the lesson, was going to answer but she didn't know how. When she came back to her seat, she smiled the usual smile when teachers were mad, but this time I don't know why, there was some sort of helplessness, as if it was the only thing to do. After such an incident, knowing it will surely happen again. I knew it's not her fault solely.

It was really furstrating seeing the look on her face, I just wish teachers would realize that putting someone down isn't the best way to get them to study. I don't claim to know what is the best method to get students studying, but really, putting someone down! I know teachers get furstrated too because girls don't study and sometimes they don't care about it. But even so, they don't have a right to put someone down.

This incident has shed some light on this matter, and I'm grateful it has. I no longer think that it's the girls' fault only.

I shall end this there, may this stop because learning is such a great thing.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Best and The Worst

happy sad :[ :

Worst feelings:
Not being able to help someone
Feeling Indifferent
And in the classroom, it's not understanding the lesson the teacher is teaching. It just gets on my nerves.

Best feelings:
Having my family together
Listening to a song I love over and over again
Watching some stupid funny show
Laughing until my stomache hurts
Being with friends
Being right (Huda's suggestion)

Well, of course there are a bunch of more great feelings but I guess these would do for now. :)
I just want to thank everyone, for reading, commenting, you rule people.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Valuable Possessions


I think most of us have these items when you feel they're so precious and so you can't use them. So people end up either storing them, keeping them in someplace safe or so on.
You end up not getting the most of these things. For me when I was younger, I used to collect stickers for barbie. The pretty ones I never used, just kept them in boxes and when I was looking through a box I found some of them and now that I'm not the fan of barbie I was then, I can't find a use for them. Maybe give them to someone younger. I also had these small note books that looked really great back then to me and here they are, un-used. But that was when I was younger, I think I do still buy those things that I will never use but I think they're nice so I just buy them.
People store those crystal things, and things they value and those beautiful things they bought but they think they'd be better off somewhere safe that these things can stay the way they are for long.

I just want to know what's the point? Isn't it better to use those things, right? Than leaving them.
This is probably silly, but I just thought of letting it out, because if what I said doesn't convince you, buying things you won't use is harmful and leads to GLOBAL WARMING! So there.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I've been leading quite the hestic life here, and I'll try to let you know what's been happening. First off, I finished reading The Witch Of Portobello, much thanks to Paulo for getting his publishers to publish it online. I was so happy, but then I didn't understand it. After that, I read The Wedding for Nicholas Sparks, and it was one of the greatest books ever written, I recommend it highly.
And speaking of books, I was very excited that the book fair opened in Muscat, and now it's bigger and more organized. I even had a list of books I wanted to read, but there wasn't even one of the ones I wanted there. So I ended up buying three books: The call of the wild, The prince and the pauper, and Jo's Children. They should be interesting. I started reading The call of the wild, and I have some books for Nicholas Sparks on my computer so I also started 'A bend in the road'.

Another thing, is that this weekend we stayed in Muscat and went to this birthday party for a one-year-old girl. It was fun I have to say, they had it in KFC. Although there weren't many people there, it was nice. There was someone who was playing with the kids and stuff. We were just sitting and clapping when he told us to come and play. Well, we thought it'd be cool since we were like the old kids. He put chairs and on them were cups of Pepsi. We had to put our hands behind our backs and start sipping from the straw. It was kind of funny so I started laughing anf by the time I thought it'd be better to start drinking, my friend was done with hers.

Another thing is school and the things they're having us do. Like tomorrow we will have a presentation on Global Warming for our social studies project, so that should be fun. It's awesome they're teaching us about this and we specially chose the topic because it's easy to find information on.
Wish us luck.
I don't want to start pondering upon what we still have to do!

And movies wise, well there aren't any new ones, I just watched Ocean's Eleven yesterday because there was nothing else to watch and it's fun. Although I've seen it before but we're hardly getting a chance to watch any movies.

Music wise, I am hooked to 'The Reason' by Hoobastank, you really shoudl give it a listen if you haven't heard it before, it's just too good.

Well, I guess that covers it all.
Peace out!