Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holidays are coming to an end sadly, and so we have been studying a bit. I have been fortunate enough to watch 'Becoming Jane'. I must admit that the movie was superb. However we watched 'Sydney White' and it was a complete disaster. They were awfully proud to be dorks. There's nothing wrong with that, it was just as if they were trying desperately to find something to stand up for.
It was utterly silly, they were trying to modernize Snow White. They tried to do that with Cinderella and it worked beautifully. I loved that version.
What else?
There's not much more to say in here as a matter of fact, but I feel like speaking like those in Jane Austin's characters. But I'm afraid I'm running out of topics to talk of. What a shame!
Oh I know, I watched the movie 'Wimbeldon' today, and I can say it was quite azazing. Very uplifting.
I guess I can utter no more as I have to go to bed, I bid you all good night.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I dislike cars. Yes, I do. And it's not just because they are bad for the environment. They make me dizzy and make me feel sick.

I understand the factors that increase the chances of feeling dizzy (for me), here are some of them:
The sun shinning bright, maybe because it's hot but I know for sure when I get in a car and the sun is up I might get dizzy.

Having just finished a meal, feeling full and being in a moving vehicle makes me feel sick.

A wrong move: Like turning to see something, picking something up that might have fell or something of the kind makes me dizzy as well.

Drinking or eating while the car is moving which is why we stay away from putting things in our mouths while in the car.

Reading, I've learned not to read anything in the car because the minute I start reading my head starts spinning.

The smell of petroleum: It instantly spins my head.

Also while being in the car one thought keeps passing by my mind, that person who is driving is responsible for our lives and so I keep on watching that person if s/he's feeling sleepy or whatever. So when I'm in a car I'm like looking at the window and just thinking, maybe singing which is something I really like to do while in a car. :D
And last but not least cars cause pollution and contribute to global warming so I don't think one day I'd be able to own a car and to learn how to drive but time changes things right?

Anyways I just had to let that out, and I must congratulate my friend Waed for getting a car!! Yippee, her second step towards independence. First thing was turning 18. You owe me a ride!
Drive safely.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Eid Greetings

"This eid I have started accepting eid gifts in cash,cheque,silver and even avoid last minute rush send now" :P
I can't wait for tomorrow, I want to wear my new clothes, greet people and simply have fun.

Have a great time everyone.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I've been hearing somethings a lot and they need to be explained, I might know the answer but I still go like 'Ok, so what does that mean?' If you have lived near me, you'd understand what I mean. If you haven't been that fortunate, then it is like this:
Some nice person who is willing to explain: See, it means this.... and this...
Me: Oohk
That same person: Do you understand?
Me: Ummm, kind of.
That nice person keeps explaining and makes it with examples.
Me: Ohk I got it, but what does that mean?
Me and my blonde moments, if the cease to exist I should be happy but I love them, they are the best excuse for my slowness!

Alright that's my best shot, hope you get it.
Anyways, what does it mean to procrastinate? I understand what it means, and I know I do it but would someone explain what is procrastinating?

There's also, Lost in translation. What in the world does that mean?? >.<

My two cents worth, I understand that it is said when someone wants to share their opinion but what does it really mean?

Those three things are what I can remember from the really many many things I don't get but I'd appreciate it immensely if someone tried to make me get them!
And I hope you wouldn't think me a very dumb person for not understanding these things, at least I am coming clean with it. :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

United we stand

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United for children, united against AIDS
United for peace, united against violence
United for equality, united against discrimination
United for freedom, united against oppression
United for the world we aspire to live in

What is the world I aspire to live in?
Poverty shouldn't be a big problem. Children shouldn't have to suffer, work under cruel conditions, live in conflict zones. Beggars shouldn't roam the streets because it seems as their last retreat. Global issues and crises shouldn't be treated as worthless and unexisting. Discrimination shouldn't be encouraged and unity for the betterment of tomrrow should be the concern of the people.
And much much more should be in the world I aspire to live in. The thought that has been pushing my brain cells to think is the following:
I believe strongly that nothing is perfect, and we can't attain a perfect world. Alas, problems and issues have to exist.
We are living in a world surrounded by people. Thus interatcing with them has to have it's two faces. We shalt move ahead but, indeed, we can't solve every problem. What problems can continue existing? What are our priorities? Which problems come first? Which problems have to wait? Which problems are being solved?
It is somehow uncomforting to think about this. Will there be problems that shalt remain unsolved?

Isn't that too confusing?
I am confused but I had to let that out. It is somehow borthing me. To think some problems have to exist for the sake of having our imperfect world.
Might sounds cruel and it may be false altogether. I do hope so.
Our world should be pink with hope, green with dreams, white with purity!
My small little world in this huge world consists of me and my thoughts. It is comforting to know for sure that I shalt do whatever I can to live in the world I aspire to be a part of.

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest

And that I shalt do! And I'm not the one who is so very confident with what one shalt do but with the help of Allah everything is possible.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Funny incidents

sHello everyone,
I feel obliged to share these incidents that took place at school with my respected teachers.
This first one was with our English teacher, it is somehow a dilemma to understand what she says. She was asking about an other meaning of 'Summit' and we understood that she wanted another word that had the same meaning of summit. I am the person who jumps and hurries giving the wrong answer. Anyways I said 'mount' and my wrong answer isn't the case in here.
She was like 'No, not house'. Our group burst with laughter. Well, not much because it'd have been a trouble if she had heard us. Can anyone find the similarity in pronouncation between 'mount' and 'house'??
Next comes our science teacher. She was asking a question which I fail to remember at the moment but one member of my group was about to give the answer. Girls at our class have a thing for writing on the white board and so she said 'Can I come and write the answer on the board?' and the teacher said 'Correct, that is the answer' as if what the girl said was the answer for the question because apparently she somehow fancied she heard the answer uttered by the girl instead of the actual words that came from the girl's mouth.
Of course we laughed this off as well.
Another situation was that Huda was very tired and said 'Aaahhh' from tiresome and we were sitting in the back of the class and the English teacher said 'What's wrong Huda?'
Don't they just contradict themselves? They choose to hear what they want to hear!
This last one might be a bit irrelevant but anyways let's say it in here as well. I was itching my arm in class. And the teacher saw me and said 'What's wrong, you're itching?'
And I managed to say 'No, nothing. I'm just itching'
Teachers!! What can I say, sometimes they comment on the silliest of things.

Edit: One more was a girl trying to read 'Lovely' and said 'Love you'. The teacher said 'I love you too, but this is not the issue in here. It's 'Lovely'!

Monday, October 1, 2007

My life- Soundtrack

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc). Put it on shuffle & press play.
2. For every question, type the song that's playing. When you go to a new question, press the next button
3. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool... and alot of the songs fit with the setting

Opening Credits: Like a boy- Ciara
Waking Up: Candy man- Christina Agula
First Day At School: Story of a girl- 3 doors down
Falling In Love: What hurts the most- Rascal Flatts
Fight Song: Let me go- 3 doors down
Breaking Up: How do I- Lee Ryan
Prom: The rise and fall- Craig David and Sting
Life: My heart will go on- Celien Dion
Mental Breakdown: That was then- Jesse McCartney
Driving: How to save a life- The Fray
Flashback: Could I have this kiss forever- Enrique&Whitney
Getting back together: Mr.Bombastic (hate the song)
Wedding: Real love- Lee Ryan
Birth of Child: Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol
Final Battle: Grace Kelly- Mika
Death Scene: Beautiful Soul- Jesse McCartney
Funeral Song: Tell me baby- Redd hot chili pepers
End Credits: Climbing the walls- BSB

Now let's try it differently, this time just think of the songs that you would love to have it playing during each scene of your movie

Opening Credits: Calling you- Outlandish
Waking Up: Wake up- Hilary Duff
First Day At School: That's just the way we roll- Jonas brothers
Falling In Love: Don't leave me- Lee Ryan
Fight Song: Keep your hands off my girl- Goods Charlotte
Breaking Up: One last dance- Sarah O'Conner
Prom: Unwritten- Natasha Bendingfield
Life: Suddenly I see- KT Tunstall
Mental Breakdown: Shut up- Simpleplan
Driving: April Rain- Steve Wonder
Flashback: Take your sweet time- Jesse McCartney
Getting back together: Sway- Michael Buble
Wedding: Umbrella- Rihanna
Birth of Child: You Raise Me Up- Josh Groban
Final Battle: Hold on- Jonas Brothers
Death Scene: No Goodbyes- Blue
Funeral Song: All out of love- WestLife & Delta Goodrem
End Credits: Put Your records on- Corinne Baily Rae

I loved the idea of this, and I saw it on Imperfect Crime's blog. Gracias Lu!!