Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hit the beach!

Summer holiday has started and well, I can not really say that I am having the time of my life. I imagine I will be having a good time pretty soon. At the moment all I am doing is read 'Emma' and waste time online besides the daily routine of stuffing my stomach, sleeping and talking! Today was definitely not the best day of my life, but I am able to look at the bright side, I read Amy's new story which was fabulous! And what made my day was that I was backed up on the 'Hinduism' thread! He is now twisting his questions to show that what I believe in is 'groundless'. I didn't say anything in this regard. I knew what it felt like to be accused of that. Now he said that he thinks I should talk on my behalf and that PrettierPrincess probably shouldn't have posted to back me up! I wish to yell, talk aggressively, but it is not worth it. I don't lose my temper this easily and I do believe that being calm is the best way to behave! It should be fun.
Anyways at the moment I am chatting with my friend who is in barcelona while I am in Nizwa. Life is unfair! But tomorrow I am leaving for Muscat to catch 'Ocean's 13' and enjoy the sight of George Clooney.
What I am trying to accomplish through this vacation is just have a good time without wasting it. So plans are as follows:
Read as much, Learn as much, Go take a course!! Maybe some more but these are the main targets!
I hope everyine enjoys their summer! This is the first post while I'm on vacation and so I'll be keeping you updated on what I am up to!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Noor,

I wish that you achieve you goals and more in this vacation,

Best of luck and wishes,