Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Career options

Let's talk career options, I am dying to find a career line that fits me and my abilities but none seems to be what I end up with. Let me put my thoughts on paper, uhh this is not a paper but that is not the point!

Every time I think about things I can do, I end up finding a big flaw in each. I will narrow the search down.

A writer, as much as the idea sounds tempting I don't see myself as a writer. It is not for me and I have embraced that fact. It is no longer an option. It is more of a hobby.

A journalist, telling the truth like it is and spreading it to the masses. Sounds very big but again spending my life searching for the truth in that way doesn't seem so tempting. I imagine I would not survive in that world.

A dentist, as much as I want my teeth fixed I don't want to be the one who fixes them. I hate seeing a loose tooth, and that is the least I would probably see when I become a dentist. (I can't deny the fact that it is still a valid option)

An engineer, my mom and sister have killed every wish to become one. It is too hard. I am glad it isn't an option.

A teacher, I love little kids and well, if I became old -which I am sure someday it will happen- I imagine I would also like big kids (meaning teenagers) but I am afraid I simply lack enough patience to teach.

A pharmacist, I am not too keen on the idea because I feel like it is, somehow not what I was meant to do. But what is it that I am meant to do really? I am drifting from the topic....

A lawyer, very fun to practise and say "Objection your honor" but again as my friend said once, it is hard to work as a lawyer here. My job is to watch shows like "Alley Macbeal" on TV.

A politician, a great way to be in charge but it's not my version of changing the world.

A social worker, I don't think I can do that... I'd rather work for UNICEF or a similar organization but do tell me what do these people major in!!!

A doctor, notice it is the last one on the list so that is a big option. Don't get me wrong, it's not my dream to become a doctor because I hate seeing blood, cuts, wounds, and people dying and such. I'd crack under such pressure but it is a really big option.

Sad part, is that now my options are very limited and there isn't one that I am really attracted to. I want to find my dream and go after it to achieve it than having to enter an college that is thought to be best for me. *sigh*

Good part, is that I still have almost three years to ponder upon my career line.


Waed S. said...

Ponder ahead :p
well , there are many other options that u haven't looked into engineering is a reaaaaaalllllllly big major there are alota kinds ...there is practically an engineer for every think and so is medicine * :)*
what about looking at a university's website * no Harvard, Oxford or Cambridge * and chk out the available stuff !
I'll send u the stuff they give us when we register to see what's in my uni. and oh ask Thana bot her uni. there are a lot of nice stuff there and all scintific :D w

Lu said...

I don't have any ideas about my career... really I prefer to see if I can make an exchange next year =D that would be cool! oh I'll post in my blog the options so you'll can help me in my election!

Haha, don't worry, the movie is not HORRIBLE. It's just... have you read the books? because some things change (like in the others) but this time there are changes that will let you with your face like =/. But... talking about special effects, it's a good movie. And don't forget to pay attention to Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood, I think she's really good! ^^

Bye bye

Lu said...

Hey it's OK! you can email me =D no problem! (if you can, send it to imperfectcrime@gmail.com... I'm a bit angry with the MSN thing so I don't use hotmail these days)

And yep, for the exchange I'm reading information about Thailand and Malaysia, and I think if I finally do it, it'd be so cool! I'll let you know later, we'll keep contact :) anyways it would be next year... hope we are still in contact!

Unknown said...

Marhaba noor! I miss u tons I love u!!!! I'll tell u all about my trip on Monday :) Take care ur the best! I'll read this post asap!

Unknown said...


Ashok said...

lol well don't worry, you will figure something out. :) Don't strain yourself as of now.

Ashok said...

lol well can I chose the 'all of the above options'. It is really great to see you so enthusiastic and well in your own words, hyper. :D

I am still smiling after reading your comment. Although next time please use the normal english so that common men don't have to read it too many times to understand. :D