Saturday, June 16, 2007

When the car got nearer and nearer from Muscat I didn't know what to expect, I thought I'd see everything damaged or all would be just the same (weird combination I know) But a part of the road wasn't there. I don't know how to put it really, it just seemed to have fallen. This was the first visible affect of the cyclone to me. As we proceeded in our journey I saw a few other damages but nothing to be mentioned. I thought it more or less damaged than what I had in mind. My sister said that most of the damage was in places far from where we are living now, I may not see what has been most affected. I just think that it is a shame that such a thing would happen, they have spent much time developing Muscat and that this would take this all down in less that a day. I do believe that they shall make it even better than it was and erase any visible damages. People have moved on and they are carrying on with their lives, which makes everything easier.We went bowling yesterday and I played with a friend and I won over him. I even recall the score.... 87-84! I used to think that I sucked at bowling. Don't we suprise ourselves? I refused another match since I wanted this day to be memorable. Being here is good for a change since if I was at home, I would simply be wasting all (most) of my time. I am getting to watch more tv and read more. I haven't been watching a lot of tv in a while and it somehow feels good to watch it with all it's silliness. Now maybe you'd think it is strange what I am writing, since watching tv is somehow a waste of time, I mean it is not like I am watching educational shows. But the point is that it is far less considered as a waste of time than what I would be doing if I wasn't here.I've been watching 'American Idol' the 6th season and it has just started. Yes, it has ended but you see they are a little late showing such things in here. Anyways it was way too much fun since most of the contestants truly believed they had such a great voice but while all they had was a voice that merely hurts your ears. Simon was the one who shattered their dreams. Was he being honest? Or rude? Because he kept saying 'I am not being rude, but....' I sensed that someone needed to tell those people the turth, could it be done in a more kind way? Or the turth should come naked? I recall this quote: "Truth is like ice water, it shocks you when it hitts you but no one has ever died from it" I don't know but people's feelings should be at least considered.The arabic version of this show is less hilarious, it is not because we have more talented people, but well... These talent shows for singing makes us know more about singing, I always wonder if they would take me in if I ever went. You'd be suprised if you heard me singing which I am sure you have heard me sing one time or another because 'Music is my life' Naaah, it's because I am always humming a song or another. I am begining to feel a little dizzy so I'll try to find something else to occupy my time than typing.

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