Tuesday, May 20, 2008


What time is it?
It's time to update you guys on what's happening in Noor. There are a lot of good things happening, and since I like Noor at the moment, I thought it's a good time to fill you in. So let's pick it up from where we left it. I ended the last post when Mohand was standing at the gate of the hotel and she was leaving the hotel, he got her some nice flowers. She was headed to a restaurant where she was supposed to have a business dinner. He offered to take her to the place but there was already a car waiting for her. So he followed her to the restaurant and sat in a table next to her and kept sending her notes through the waiter, the two people with her didn't notice. When it ended he also offered to take her back to the hotel, so she agreed. He was driving back and she realized he wasn't going to the hotel but to his house. So she made him turn back and drive her to the hotel.

Now Mohand has a sister and her name is Dana, and she's married and she has a little girl. It's the little girl's birthday party and Dana didn't want her kid, Alma, to spend it at the house because it'd be dull so she made a party at Noor's place and made Mohand bring Alma over. In the party things started to look really good and that there's a big chance they might get back together. But after a few days Dareen calls, remember the one who made Noor and Mohand's marriage fall apart? Well, she's pregnant and her mom finds out so she tells her either she'll get married or abort the baby. She told Mohand that if he wanted to help her, he'd have to get married to her. Of course Mohand refuses the idea, he is after all in love and married to Noor. So that Dareen calls Noor and meets her. She tells Noor about her problem and says that Mohand is willing to marry her but he can't because he's married. Now that was of course plain lying and Noor would have realized that if she could've thought clear. But she believed Dareen and files for divorce. When Mohand gets the notification, he gets really mad and he goes to see her and asks for the reason. She tells him to stop lying to her, and tells him that she knows that he wants to get married to Dareen. Now she hit a nerve, and Mohand tells her 'Oh so you believed her just like that? Is this what you really want?'
'Yes, it is.' Noor says.

The poor guy did everything for her and tried his best to get her back but now seeing that she doesn't have faith in him makes him accept the fact. Now well, I'll tell you a little about Mohand's family. You see they live in a huge mansion. Their grandfather is really rich. And Mohand is running their business instead of his grandfather because his grandfather thought it's time he retired. So in their house lives Mohand, his evil evil mother, his father, his grandfather, Dana his sister and her husband and their girl, Mohand's two cousins and the gardener and his daughter. The gardener's daughter Nada is Noor's friend. Now Nada's father dies and she moves out of the mansion to live with Noor. She's studying medicine and is also practicing in the hospital. So one day there's an accident. And at the same time a man with his wife arrives because his wife is very sick, he asks Nada to examine her. But Nada sees Dana's little girl injured and hurries to her forgetting the man and his wife.

Anyways, after a few days it turns out that there's a man following Nada, and he is that man who came with his wife for Nada to examine. Turns out that he took his wife out of the hospital and she died. He is blaming Nada, and so he follows her to her house and tries to strangle her. Noor gets back home and sees the man trying to kill Nada so she tries to push him away but he takes out his gun and shoots at Noor and runs away. So much for a dramatic show, I know :P
Well, Nada calls Mohand and tells him about what happened and he was in his car with his mother going to a party, he instantly turns back and goes to Noor's house. He panics of course. But Noor's injury wasn't deep and so he stayed with her all night in the hospital. He even got her a little present. He was with her all the night and just is by her side and telling her he loves her. She starts to realize she can't live without him too. And the next morning when she was supposed to go home, he was with her and he told her that he's taking her home. She refuses at first but he starts saying all those nice things, how he loves her and can't live without her and all. So she agrees, half the way she hesitates. But he asks her to trust him and go back. And she does. What a glorious moment, I tell you me and my sister started clapping because we were so happy. So he takes her home, now his mother was with him and she knew that Noor was shot but she didn't tell anyone because she didn't even care what happened to Noor. She just wants them to get a divorce so that she can get Mohand to marry someone of a higher class than Noor and someone she approves of.

Anyways, they were all happy that she got back, but when Mohand finds out that his mom didn't tell them that Noor was shot, he was furious. But well, it was all good because his sister Dana makes a party for Noor. The next day when Mohand was driving Noor to work, there was a traffic light so he stopped there. When the light was green he told Noor 'Will you marry me?' And he didn't move even though the sign is green. So she was like 'Mohand, are you crazy the light is green. Please drive.' He didn't and said 'I'll move when you answer the question' So she says 'But we're already married.' So he says 'But I want us to have another wedding' So she says 'Of course.
Ahhh it was so nice. Now they're preparing for the wedding with Dana, her husband and one of Mohand's cousins, without getting Mohand's mother to find out. I really think she'll do something horrible to try and get them apart. She already did asking Mohand to choose between her and Noor because she can't live with her. So Mohand says 'Mom, if my wife leaves the house it'll be with me. So you choose.'

Oh and they're here in Dubai, Mohand and his sister and another actress in the show. There was a chance to go see them but of course we couldn't. Although we wanted to so bad. We just wanted the interview online, he looks soo handsome!

Monday, May 19, 2008

TV commercials

I'm a big critic of TV ads. I mean I comment and criticize almost every ad there is, I mean just take a look at TV -I'm guessing it's a global issue- and you'll find tonnes of stupid commercials.
First of all, the credibility of the products:
A lot of companies are trying to show that they are not making their product seem like perfect so here's what some of them do. You know those Dettol, or those cleansers which are supposed to kill all the germs. Now all of them used to say that this cleanser kills ALL germs but that's changed. Now what they do is like compare the "usual" cleanser you use and how it kills germs, which apparently it doesn't but theirs kills all the germs except one that is left. I don't want to blabber much on it. I guess you get the picture. And they also sometimes say it kills 99.9% of the germs.

There's this other ad which is on a air re freshener, Airwick, and so it shows a mouse/rat/hamster, not really sure which in her house and she has guests over, her other animal friends. And there's an elephant and now the rat is just half the size of the elephant. I commented on that and my sister called me stupid of course to comment on such stuff. But I got her thinking and she said, well if they made the elephant bigger he'd step on the rat.

What bugs me in most ads is that they show that their product is the very very best and nothing is even comparable to it. I understand that's what they need to market it but come on, some nice reasonable ads wouldn't be so bad. But those ads which make us think that these companies think we're really stupid to think that you can see germs while using a magnifying glass. I always comment on these stupid ads but my family just continues watching because they probably didn't hear me or something.

Now I think the nice ads deserve their share of this post. Like the Lipton ad which has this guy who is working and he wants to finish up a report in half an hour and he starts singing 'Tamaly Ma3ak taratara taratara' It's a very cool ad.

Another ad which is about this shower gel and soup that's called Lifebuoy, the ad is AWESOME! If you live here you've probably watched but if not then it's like this:
A little kid is coming home from school and he sees this kitten and he wants to take it home but their neighbor sees him and takes the boy to his mom and says "See what your kid did, he can get a lot of germs'. The mom says 'We teach them to have compassion on others and then we forbid them to help them. Why?'
So the little kid says in his Saudi accent 'Eeywa laesh?' which means 'Yeah why?' It's cracking up, I wish I could get you a video but I can't seem to find it on YouTube.

I know I know, I'm too attached to ads but I just like criticizing them. :D

Monday, May 12, 2008


I just have to blog about this and let you know what's the latest buzz around here. It's this Turkish show that's called 'Noor'.

It's probably one of the stupidest tv shows ever, which is exactly why everyone is watching it. Well, almost everyone. I mean seriously, at my school, everyone wants to know what happened or has already seen the show. Everyone agrees to the fact that the lead actress, Noor, is pretty dumb.

Well, I'll fill you guys in with the plot of the show, here we go:

Mohand, a very very handsome guy who is the lead actor of the show, went through a difficult time, his girlfriend died and she told him just before she died that she was pregnant.

He was devastated, and his grandfather thought that maybe they could get him to meet Noor and that they'd get married. Now Mohand is very rich, because his grandfather is a very successful businessman. And Noor is one of their relatives, a distance relative but still. Anyways Mohand meets Noor, and wanting to please his grandfather, he agrees to marry Noor. But at first he tells her he wouldn't come near her or anything of that sort because he was still verymuch in love with his ex-girlfriend. Through time, Noor grows to be fond of Mohand and falls in love with him. Who could blame her? The guy is gorgeous. Anyways, he also starts to fall in love with her.

So she gets pregnant, and he has warned her against it because he's not ready yet. She doesn't want to tell him right away, but wants to wait for the right moment.

Well, I don't want to make it long, certian happenings prevent her from doing so. In the night of Mohand's sister's wedding, Noor finds out that her friend is in love with Mohand. Her friend assures her that he doesn't know. But Noor doesn't believe her, and she doesn't attend the rest of the wedding. Mohand, furious with her for leaving the wedding, comes to her and they have a fight. They were fighting on the staircase and she falls and the baby is aborted (?).

Anyways, Mohand feels terrible and he apologizes but well, I mean ok her baby was aborted and she must feel bad but she takes it to a whole new level.

Mohand understands that it was her fault, because she didn't tell him because she was afraid he might not accept it. But the guy is a perfect gentleman and he wouldn't do that.

Well, what is done is done. But Noor decides to go back to her old town. He was asleep and she just left without even saying goodbye. He tried getting her back, but even after two months she doesn't come back. Her reason for leaving was that she loved him more than anything else, and though he loved her back, his love wasn't as strong.

I know, a pretty lame reason.

Well, now she's back in town, because she got a nice job offer and Mohand finds out she's in town and goes to her hotel and that's where last night's show ended.

I don't know if these events might strike out as stupid, but if you watch it, it's depressing and stupid. Still, we watch it. A major reason is that the lead actor is very very very good looking. I have no idea where they found him but it is said that he was model of the world for a year. Now I can understand that.

Ok, enough of that. I'm sure you wanna see how he looks like:

Now, yes she is dumb and all. But they have to get back together. The guy is devastated. I don't know what he sees in her but whatever.

I know you're probably thinking I'm too attached, and that it's just a show. I mean poor her, it's only her character. I mean they could have written a better part for her. She's one of the those Goodie-Goodie people. I don't know about you, but sometimes they're pretty annoying on tv shows. Being too perect and all. I mean they guy loves her and one time he tried going to her town, and well there was this party his grandfather was supposed to attend there but his grandfather couldn't. So he went and he found about the party as well, so those who are throwing the party saw him and thought his grandfather sent him when he didn't even know about it. So Noor refused to go home with him. She told her grandmother that he came for the party not for her.

I'll definitely have a few more posts about this show, it's awesome!!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I'm an obsessive compulsive person. I have these stuff that I do that speak of my obsessive character. I mean ok, it's not that bad. But I have these funny behaviors. Like for an example, we all touch our finger nails right? When I touch one of them, I have to touch all of the others. Just to feel ok and that there's nothing wrong. When I don't touch all of the other finger nails, there's the urge to do so and it's better to touch them all and get it off my system.
I know it's probably weird, I don't know if many go through this. And the example I gave is probably stupid, but it happens through these little things that don't matter. Like touching one of my teeth with my tongue and then I have to touch them all with my tongue. See I told you they happen in these things that are very silly.

It's maybe to just feel balance or whatever. It's weird, because I mean I'm not that much of a perfectionist. I can't deny the fact that I am a bit of a perfectionist but it's totally irrelevant. Or at least that's what I think. And it only matters what you think. ;)

Well, I just wanted to share this with you and maybe if you have a similar obsessive compulsive behavior you can share it with me. I'd be delighted to hear about it.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hey people, what's up?
So it's been a while, eh? Well my final exams are coming up, something we're not looking forward to but the good thing is that summer holidays will come afterwards which makes it worth while. :D
There hasn't been much going on. Today they gave presents for students who did well in the 1st semester, and almost half the school got gifts, which was nice.
Anyways, a friend of mine got a glass vase, talking about the kinds of gifts the school gives us should have its own post but anyways they're lame and very useless to us, like glasses, tea cups, and such things, I don't even know why they give such things. Books or pens would be much better. Well, the thing is, she wanted someone to carry it for her, she had to carry something else so I gladly told her I could carry it for her and did so.
I held it in my hands and asked what is it, as she told me I turned it around to see it, her other friends have already taken off the gift-wrapper or whatever and so it was in its box. Next thing I knew was that the vase was on the floor shattered into pieces. It startled me. The girl was nice enough to say it didn't matter, another teacher came and asked if I was hurt and when I told her I wasn't, she told my friend she'll get her another gift because there were some left and that no harm was done. Before I went to class I mumbled my apology because I was embarrassed. Thankfully all the reproach I had was from Huda.
My clumsiness never fails to azaze me, seriously I am probably the clumsiest person alive. I can't talk without stuttering, can't do a thing without messing it up or whatever. It became a part of who I am, I mean yes I can blame it for any mistake I make but it's not fun being a clumsy person.

Well, that's it for today. Hope everyone is doing great.