Thursday, April 19, 2007


I was reminded today of the reason I don't watch alot of TV nowadays. I was reading 'Vanity Fair' and was sitting in the living room. Mom was switching from a channel to another. She settled for a channel which was showing some kind of talk show. They were talking about some sort of food which I have no idea how is it linked to the show. The show is about a bunch of youth talking about music and movies. Anyways one of those girls was talking about it and said the brightest comment ever. She wanted to give us a smart comment, I do not know if it was written for her to read or it was improvised. Any ways let me tell you what she said, as she was talking about a food which provides a low percentage of energy she said 'After you eat it, you will feel sleepy' Now this is purely an assumption by her or whomever who invented this great theory! The food may not give you energy but it surely won't take the amount of energy your body has.

Now I couldn't help closing my book and give her my full attention. It is not only her to blame in this, but the comment made me laugh.
To those people who produce such shows:
- Do you think people at home who actually bother to watch you this low intellectually?
- Can't you just stick to the topic of the programme which is about music and movies and leave food to the experts?
- We don't need to see someone on TV who is good looking only, we need people who actually have a considerable amount of intelligent even in shows like these... We like hearing some smart comments every now and then, but they are not able to make such comments then better yet just make them stick to their lines.

One thing I miss about TV... Watching those political analysis who keep on making their own version of what is happening and try their best to show us how much their theory is correct. I have missed watching them and I missed laughing at what they say, I missed the feeling to be impressed by the views of some and feel how much intelligent some of them are. I think I may nowadays watch more TV. I may have some more things to write about. I want to feel those emotions which arise from watching these political shows!

I just have no idea what they are showing these days. For one I am sort of too busy to watch TV and I have more important things to do than just waste my time in front of that box. I would like to go back watching though.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Here I am again posting :D
So there is 'The Crapper Of The Year' compitition going on. You might know for sure that I am going to win. The blog's name is so close to changing into 'The Crapper Of The Year' I am in it to win it as they say.

So this is only to show you I am very much determinated to win. Well, if you want it in simpler words: 'I will win, Inshallah'
Just take a look around at my posts, is there anyone better than me in writing? NO!

This is only a proof that I actually learned something at the Arabic lesson, we have a lesson called 'how to build your future?' and it kept talking about how important it is to always be optimistic in life and have confidence in yourself and in whatever you do.
So as you see I have gained something from the lesson and it didn't go to waste. Well, I already had enough self-ego to start with, it just increased today :P

awesome days

I have had a great/horrible week. It is always the way things go. I believe in the saying that goes like 'every power has its equal opposite power' now let me tell you how is that relevant to my week. Those horrible things are no more than the monthly exams which took place this week, having exams is just a horrible thing, but notice I am only referring to 'having exams' not 'how they went'. They were pretty good but I can't help getting all stressed out and so this has been the only low in this week. I have also had some other mischiefs.
Other than having exams life has been so great.
let us start day by day- Saturday was probably one of the greatest days ever. WHO came to our school. They liked the school very much and were highly impressed with the work we've done.
Sunday- It was ok I guess.
Monday- We didn't attend many lessons because we went out of school to train for a concert. The day was very much fun. On the way we listened to some of the girls singing and they had simply the most azazing voices ever.
Tuesday- I didn't attend many lessons either. There was the English Club week in another school so they called me to go with them. Which was very very much fun too. I met new people who were very nice and friendly.
Wednesday- We didn't have much lessons because one teacher was absent and the day being only Wednesday is more than enough to feel great. Wednesday is still here, we are going to Muscat and hopefully we are going to catch a movie. The latest movie I've seen was 'The Departed' and I didn't like the movie at all. Hopefully the one I'm about to see is better.
Oh and my friend is now 18, she turned 18 this month. So life has been good.

I have alot to do this weekend, yet having this week over with is a great accomplishment itself.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Normal??? I haven't yet heard of such a thing

I am very much busy these days. It is the exact reason that explains the huge gap between my posts. With what you are free to ask? There is no other thing than this school work. It is sucking my soul :P
Well, not to that extent! It is very tiring though. Anyways life has been so great. I didn't go to school today so that made my day, it also loaded me with more work. I have to make up for what I missed.
One day last week in the English lesson, -I move my place in that lesson to supposedly help the other group's members- I sat down and noticed two girls quarrelling. 'Do I want to know what are you two talking about?' I asked because if you know me then you must know that my mouth can not be shut. The girl didn't understand and started telling me what was wrong. She said that the other one was telling her that she had 'strange ideas and personality' and she seemed very upset from the thought that she was not normal.
I started telling her that there wasn't such thing called 'normal' and being normal would be the exact same thing as being 'strange' for normal does not exist in life.
The girl only looked at her book and seemed very much deep in thought with a look that told me she didn't not understand a single word I uttered. I only sighed and thought that listening to the teacher would be the best thing I would do.

This is what I wanted to share with you. Good night....