Wednesday, May 30, 2007

From where...?

Where do you get all of this from?
This is a question that I have been thinking about for quite sometime. Have you seen how many shows, contests and such offer you a chance of a life time to win your dream house, car, gold, and tonnes of different kinds of prizes! And then you have the money that you can win! I just keep on wondering from where does all that money come from? And has the world become so very generous that they are giving these huge amounts of money away.
Maybe they are gaining it in huge amounts and maybe it is gained in a wrong way so then they think that by giving some money away they are freeing themselves from the guilt! Maybe they were exploiting their workers! I can think of more wrong ways that they can get money. I have to look at the other side though. Perhaps they were gaining money from their viewers, maybe from the viewers calls, smses to the show or such! All they want to do is just give and share their profits with us!?
These are merely assumptions of mine! I do not wish to be pointing fingers or anything but these questions have arise within me and I can not help uttering them out loud! Have you ever questioned the same? Did you find any satisfying answer? Because I sure haven't!
And what would I do if I was given such money? Would I take it? I have no idea... I have to get the above questions answered for! It is quite confusing to tell you the truth! I am not sure they are doing it out of their good will.... There is absolutely more to it than this! The problem is that we are all mislead to think that they want to benefit us. We have to question it though.
What would you choose? Would you take the money willingly?

Saturday, May 26, 2007


While listening to the world. I some how lost sense of what is going on with my life. My problems are seen as shallow, my cries are heard as whispers, my laughs are only smiles and my joys do not matter as much -I know, I know, this should be a poem instead :P-. I think I need to have a new insight on my life. I can not keep on doing this. It is just not right! I need to know that there might be bigger problems in the world than my own and greater joys but I should not compare them to mine. My own are the ones that I should learn from and they should be the ones that enrich my life! It is my own life and so I do not believe I might have another chance again to live another life which -for me- I see as a positive thing since I'll try to give my best in this life. I know I deserve as much.

I understand that my sorrows are the ones that keep me attached to real life and puts me back on my feel if I ever like I can fly away from my own happiness! They should diffently matter.

I can appreciate the things I have in my life more while I am caring and hearing more about some of the suffer in this huge world. I should not lose the meaning of things that occur to me. I think I need to work on this, because sometimes I do sink in my own problems and see that I have really a reasonable share of them as everyone else. I have enough that can keep me buzy for a while. Yours might be much bigger but who is to say really? I am always azazed when anyone says I've been through more than anyone else, how would you know really?

I have to give the things I go through their share of importance but I do know that it should not be so much that I might end up being so self-centred! I know I will be able to accomplish that but it needs some work!
At last I just want to say don't lose yourself through out the way... :D

Monday, May 21, 2007

List of things to do.

I normally wouldn't make a list of the things that I have to do and end up forgeting them. But these are some important things to get done:
- Send an email to our YFCI members asking them about what is the ideal behaviour in our org.
- Send mails to encourage our members to post.
- See what I can do to get VOY help us promote BTCA.
- Get info about HIV/AIDS and send them to Zach and get our OBCO site going.
- Write about 'cyclone gonu' for the A2I blog
- Write the YFCI chat meeting report.
That's about it I think!

Friday, May 18, 2007

What's happening?

It has been long since I have posted in my blog a bit of nothing. I miss it very much. It is Thursday and nothing much is happening! I went shopping with my mom and I bought a skirt . My exams are coming soon and school is about to finish. This semester has been great fun. Looking back at this school year it has been.... Lets just say it has been unpridectable.
Summer holidays are just days away, even if it was spent in total waste then it would be fun I'm sure. The not-so-much-fun part is the horrible heat around. Maybe I'm just being my complaining self but it is true.
Another random thing which is a song that I'm in love with at the moment. It is 'How to touch a girl' by Jojo and the wonderful thing is that I found the song which doesn't happen that often mind you. Have a listen....
Let us hope nothing happens and the school lets us go after the 9th of June, I don't have the least idea why they keep us in school so much. I'm sure it's not because how much appealing we are to them and how much they like seeing us -their dedicated, hard working students who are always accompanied by a book :P-
Let us seek for dedication, motivation so that we -I should say I- can pull through my finals! But they are no big deal... Who am I kidding really?
The big party is coming on Sunday and we're all very excited. We are good and lets hope we do well.
Anyways I can say as much for now... Nothing has been filled...

Monday, May 14, 2007

Today there was a party somewhere in Nizwa about sport activities... So I was there, now it was as usual a girls' only party and we were sitting and other girls presented the show.. Now there were a few kids but the person next to me didn't look at them the way I did... She said they were boys... Now I believe they weren't older than 10 years old but anyways let her look at them the way she wanted to that wasn't my biggest issue... Then she said they were supposed to put boys in the front and they should have been seated in the front and girls in the back. I couldn't help wondering the reason behind such a belief so the being lost look covered up my face and I asked 'erm... Why?' She said things just worked like that... Now I told her that this sort of thinking isn't right because there shouldn't be an order where girls and boys sit... It is just not right! Discrimination is just being applied with no reason. I said we have to move on from such ways of thinking... I don't think she understood what I meant and I included that by her saying in a sort of sarcastic way 'Oh so every girl should sit by the side of a boy?' Now I wasn't suggesting that and it would be very stupid to say who sits where!
If there was discrimination in those most simple things then how about who gets education? The other weird thing was that it came from a well-educated person whom I really admired at first. I still do admire her but...
Is this way of thinking we were born to adapt? I am not too sure on this, because I see alot of people who think that this is really really normal! But is it really? We ask why discrimination exists and here there are people who think it is just as normal as taking the next breath...

Let me leave it there... Who knows? Maybe she will realize someday that this thinking only leads her to have a side role in her own life in which she should take the leading role!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Our Friends

One of the privileges of being twins, is that we get to have the same friends and not only offline friends, here's something for our online friends:

Laura: She's such a sweet girl, very caring... and she wants to change this world for the better.. and we're proud that she's a friend of ours... we hope you find what you want in this life.

Evil_slayer -Boody-: a great person.. very funny.. and he's one of those people who will change this world starting from his country.. keep it up;)

Saudamini: She's such a 'sweetie' and she's our source of Indian music.. always great fun talking to her.. all the best..

Ash: one of us is going to kill him and the other one, he's relying on to save him.. a great friend.. we're lucky to know him..

Bhishma: He's very cool and doesn't know who's who.. he just says:'you sure you're Huda or Noor?' out of nowhere in the conversation.. and we love talking to him..

Zach -our boss-: can't ask for a better boss... so much fun talking to him.. we'll rock the world together.. you're an inspiration to all of us.. and you're dedication motivates us..

Rohit: can't believe how much he knows.. we're both huge fans.. keep rocking..

Medha: We have fun every time we talk to her.. we love you and just know we're there..

Waed: a great great friend.. she's such a cool nerd.. waiting to see her again.. all the best

Rux: she's so much fun.. and soo sweet.. always ready to give you an advice.. luv ya

Anu -AA-: one of the brightest people alive.. we love replying to her posts and learning about India from her.. she's a true compulsive thinker.. we're waiting for her to be our tour guide in India..

Fathi: instead of asking us 'how are you' he says: 'had your lunch? and what did you have' he'll know how we are from those questions.. he's an awesome friend.. you're invited anytime to come and have lunch with us and taste mom's cooking.. have fun at the gym:P

Amy: can't ask for a cooler friend.. and she's so talkative.. love talking to you..

Sharu & Aska: they're very cool ... can't wish you anything but the very best..

PS: we wrote this in a jumble order.. :D
This is posted by N&H

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Debating over lunch....

They: 'You're planning to volunteer with the UNICEF????? Why would you want to do that? What are they doing?'
Me and Huda: 'They are doing much to help children all over the world'
They: 'How come we don't hear much about it?'
Me and Huda: 'Well, we know alot about what they do....'
The debate when we were sitting eating lunch continued with two girls of our acquaintance. Then they couldn't help contradicting themselves by saying that UNICEF doesn't do much besides what they publicize. They claimed that UNICEF only wants fame and wants people to know that they are actually doing. Another pointed was that if UNICEF was donating money or was holding a campaign why would they publish it? Don't they care about those poor people and what shame they might be feeling if the whole world knew they were poor and they needed money. I thought first they said that they didn't hear much about what UNICEF is doing and now they were suggesting that the UNICEF should do more and publicise less!!!
I couldn't help telling them they were very much wrong... I talked and mind you very freely and very much about my dream of joinning the UNICEF one day. I also mentioned how much they are doing. Now we moved on since I drifted away and started talking about the world's problems and I mentioned about the project we're trying to do. Which is for kids in Africa who are born with HIV. Now, I gave them something to protest to. Why is it kids in Africa that I was caring about? What about my country's children? Mind you I don't say this much but this is where nationalism sucks! Why wouldn't I care about them? Or would that mean I don't care about the kids in my country? I really hate it when people say stuff like this because it'd like they are saying 'What do you care about your country?' Making assumptions such as these isn't nice at all.
How much was going during that lunch. At last they only said that they weren't against caring about these things and I do have to give them some credit, they said we have high dreams! I took that as a compliment!
Now my sister's friend couldn't help hearing and said a thing I liked very much, she said that it was nice that I was caring about such things but what was it that we are doing, is there a noticeable change? I couldn't say YES! But I said that we have to care and try to make a change which was a satisfying answer for her.
Also, I listed some of the things I do which is also boycott some stores and I managed to highlight some of the injustice that is being done to the workers in these shops...
It was such a great debate but the other team had weak points! :P
No one won though. It was only supposed to be a family dinner with some of our friends! Which was fun and actually those people we haven't seen in nearly two months which was a long time since we used to visit them regularly. It was nice to catch up and have this GREAT debate!

Will keep on caring about what is going on..... :D

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

a life in fear!

As I was talking to my friends the other day, somehow polygamy popped up and they started giving their opinions on it. I was sort of shocked to hear that one of them said she was dreading it. The reason was that her uncle married on his wife another one and the reason was that because he felt like it. I felt sad for her because I don't think anyone will be by her side if her husband actually married on her. I tried giving my advice and said 'Make sure the one you marry is open minded and well educated!' They were sure they would do that, I should rephrase: They were sure they will try to do that.
Isn't it really funny that someone at the age of 15 thinks or rather dreads having such a husband? I thought it shouldn't really happen. What about kids living their lives without worries or maybe at least such worries. We all should be secure enough to know that nothing will happen to us unless we choose it and no matter what occurs then we can always control it.
It isn't fair for these things to happen.
There was this girl who used to go to school with us in the same bus, we saw her everyday but she wasn't that social so only good morning was passed between us. Anyhow this year she didn't show up for school, we didn't think it was strange because perhaps they moved or she changed the school. Anyways not much thought was given to it and the school year was spent like every other one. Let me get to the point though... Well my mom was at their house recently and she said that the girl is to be married. Her marriage is to take place tomorrow. She is only 16/17. That wasn't the big shocker though. I am somehow used to hearing about this but she will be the second wife. I don't know if she wants to get married, or she is forced to because her family's condition isn't that good.
Is this where we have lived to be? Can we move on to a better place? I don't think it is a matter of the ability to do so. We have to move on and leave this to the past. It is not the medieval times that we're living in.

What happened to persuading your dreams/goals? If it is your choice then I will leave it to that, but if it wasn't. Then something has to be done regarding this!
We shouldn't be afraid! But what if there was no other way but to be afraid? What can someone who is in the shoes of my friend do if she was up fronted with such a situation?
I would say... Ask for divorce, if you did your job as a wife then he would have no right in marrying someone besides you.
Just thought of letting that out!

from here and there

how's it going? It has been long since I posted in here. I know I know... You all missed my posts :P
Nothing much have been happening but we actually won first place on the Nizwa Project For Healthy Lifestyles which was awesome. They didn't announce it yet. I had enough courage to tell our teacher that we demand announcing that we've earned it and won!! She simply said that they still haven't informed our school officially. Anyways at least she promised she would when they inform the school... Our afforts have to be rewarded!
Another thing which happened today was that we went out, because the lesson had to be taught out side because it was on astronomy, anyhow I can't even start talking about how hot it was. It was nearly 12:30 pm and we had lost all of our enrgey and we only wanted to go home. The only thing which made it acceptable was that today is Wednesday!!

Another annoying thing happened which was that the social studies teacher gave us a short quiz with only 2 questions... Now the questions weren't hard but doesn't it just bug you if you asked the teacher about a question and then it turns out that they gave you the wrong explanation!

Life is good though, we hardly study nowadays! Who would study if school is just about to end and there is a couple of weeks untill exams come... well, not me at least...

Oh yes, I watched a movie... It's called 'Aquamarine' and I truly liked it. :D finally I saw a good movie.