Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Random (stupid?) question

Is the reason for choosing the age of 18 for being an adult, that our cells reproduction (I study bio -science- in Arabic so don't mind the terms) becomes slower?

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Karina said...

Dunno y too :S it should be 14 according to biological stuff since the time our brain takes to sexually develop is 7 years exposed to light.

Taking off the nights where we sleep, that makes it 14 years aprox.

Minor stuff continues their developping until the late teens or early twenties such as breast, penis size, vaginal length (as sexual organs) and teeth (the baddy teeth at the back which pisses everyone off). Liver and i dun remember any other muscles develop too until the early 20's, the reason why doctors recommend to drink alcohol at that age since at 14 u damage ur organs.

btw i remembered smth xDDDDD

well, I was lookin' at some prices for kids in a cereal box, which were some surfing table keyrings but... on the back it said '18+'





I said WTF????

And discovered that below said
'18 months and more'