Saturday, August 4, 2007

Harry Potter and me!

Today I finished the ‘Harry Potter and the deathly hollows’, there will be no more parts. I am not complaining but the thought that there will be no more new adventures makes me sad. *sigh*
As I held the book to start reading it, I couldn’t help saying ‘Please don’t die, Harry’. It seemed that my whole problems depended on it, everything would hit rock bottom if he died. I can’t explain it but it was so important for me to finish the book knowing that Harry lived a nice long life after defeating Voldemort. These were merely my thoughts before reading it. I couldn’t help shedding a tear or two, even though it wasn’t that sad. I think it was the thought that Harry might die at the end, and there will be no more books afterwards. I thought if he died then it would be one lousy ending.
I was captivated –ahhh, now that’s a nice word- from the beginning of the first chapter till the very last word. The end was simply fabulous, J.K.Rowling couldn’t have ended it in any better way. I am sure you’ll love the last part. It was breath-taking. I love all of them, Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginney, Luna, Fred and George, Hagrid, and all of them!!!
I won’t stop annoying my sisters and brother with the best fake British accent I can muster while reading Harry Potter… There may not be any more books but the previous ones are still in my custody. YAY!!

So, I’ll wrap this up before I start getting all mushy and stuff! I love you Harry!


Unknown said...

Harry Potter OWNS! I love him, too :) I also tried to imitate the British accent when I read the last books!! Jaja, but alone :( U can always re-read the series! And JK Rowling is going to publish an encyclopedia, as I told u, so not everything is lost!
And if u feel sad u can stand under my umbrella, too :D Yay.
I'll reply your mail when I get back from my mini-trip, right now I'll eat a banana and see if I can find u online! Byeee*

Lu said...

Harry Potteeeer! ^^ haha I can't imitate the British accent, buu. Someday we will be all together and laugh about it [?] yey!
I didn't cry at the end, but yes while the different moments of Snape's life... that was so sweet!
Bye bye =]