Saturday, December 20, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Fast_HacKing to post 5 things that people don't know about me. So here are the rules:
1- List down 5 things people probably didn't know about you
2- Tag atleast three people

Okay let's do this thing. It's a bit hard to think of 5 things that people don't know about me though but here we go:

1. I don't know how to: swim, ride a bike, ride a roller skater or a scooter.
2. I'm a loud person, specially when I get excited. My sound waves are very annoying, like one second it's normal and the next you get a wave that nearly pierces your ears (that maybe an exaggeration but it's annoying).
3. I am great when it comes to telling someone about a tv show or a movie that I've seen. With all the details, and I get very expressive and my friends have said that they feel like they've seen it themselves. (Honest! No bragging!)
4. I'm always the last one to get a joke. After a joke is told I'm always like 'Huh what does that mean?'
5. I used to cry when I lost half a mark at school, yeah I know what was I thinking? But I mean that was a few years back, I don't do that anymore :D

I'm tagging Ashok and Victoria!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Shoes Incident

I'm sure all of you by now have seen or heard the shoes incident. Most of the reactions I've heard were that people are happy (that is indeed an understatement, ecstatic is more like it) about the incident.
I just have to blog about this and say what I feel about it. I really think the journalist shouldn't have done that. I mean if he hates Bush so much, is that how he thinks he should express his feelings? Throwing his pair of shoes is highly impolite and uncivil. It's not just because Bush is a president, it's because he's human.
Come on, really is that the way to express our feelings and stand up for what we think? It saddens me to see this man's resort to convey his feelings, and I was very upset to hear about it and see it.

It just says that we blame Bush for everything happening in Iraq now. The blaming game should have been over by now. The Iraqi government is doing so well, and they're doing their best to improve the country. What did that reporter gain by doing that? Oh yes, he gained the love of many people in the world just because they hate Bush, and I've heard that many channels want to get him to work for them, and in a town in Iraq people went out cheering for him because they were happy for what that man did. He's sending a very negative image about the Iraqi reporters because now it will be generalized on all of them, and a negative image of the Iraqi people.
I don't know what you think, but I highly disapprove of what happened. I'd love to hear your feedback on it though.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Busy Bee

Let's face it, I've become a busy bee. I have a thousand things to be done. And the thing is, it seems that most of these things are not studies-related. It's about extra activities at school, teachers asking for these meaningless things. And the thing is I can't say No!

So I can't really write much now, so I just wanted to say if I'm not in touch or haven't been posting much, I'm here!! Most of my friends are complaining that they're not seeing much of me at school, I haven't forgotten anyone it's just that it's hard being an 11th grader.

All the best everyone ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Simplicity of Relationships

I've been contemplating this for such a long time now that I just have to let it out and post about it. Although I have to prepare my Arabic presentation tomorrow and revise Islamic Studies, I just feel that I need to blog more.
I just want to talk about relationships with people these days, and I mean relationships in general, whether they're with your friends, classmates, family friends, or any one else. I'm just wondering why do we have to make our relationships so complicated? I mean, for an example, why do we always have to blame others if they forgot to keep in touch? Why can't we instead make matters simple and take a step and keep in touch.

That's just a simple example that I've noticed, if you don't send people messages, they'll be like 'oh you forgot about me.' Why can't we instead try to understand our friends' circumstances? Why are we failing to come up with excuses for people? It's something that has been really making me think, why people choose to make stuff complicated? Why not live in simplicity and goodness and be the one reaching out to our friends and loved ones?

And I want to add something else, which is if your friend didn't invite you over for their house, or if they had a party and you weren't invited, why do we simply take a stand and make things complicated, maybe they just didn't want you there.
It's not very pleasant but let's focus on something here, which is you can't have a nice life if your relationships with people were complicated, your life would be complicated since you'll be not talking to that because of a certain situation, and you're not friends with that because she forgot to keep in touch.

Let's be the better person, let's try to make excuses for people, let's be simple while dealing with people. If you do that, first off people will like you more because you're simple and easy to be around. Haven't you noticed that there are a few people when you're talking to them you're very careful with what you say because you're scared they'll understand it the wrong way? Who wants to be friends with people that make you uncomfortable?

Oh and don't get my words like I mean you should step over your pride if someone hurt you, I'm not talking about that, if people did you wrong then you have the right to take a stand but let's not let things go that far and befriend people in a nice way that it'll be difficult for them to do you wrong because of the positive look you have towards life and how you build your relationships with people...

Anyways, maybe that was too random but I believe in it strongly, I'm sorry I couldn't put it in a better way because my mind is too occupied to be editing and writing creatively but I hope you all got my message.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Tips to brighten your day

From this:

To this:

So it's not everyday that you spend a nice day, some days are a drag! So in those days, all I wanna do is lift up my spirits. I have a few things that help making me feel better and I'll share them here with you...

-Have a facial, or put a mask or a scrub on your face, it definitely helps me because it makes me feel more fresh (lol, I sound like a fruit!! :P)

-Put on some lotion, if you're not one of those people who put on lotions daily then some lotion would definitely make you feel better.

-Wear something nice, even if you're not going anywhere, or stay in your PJs and put on some accessories. Sometimes people look good because they feel good but in this case maybe you're going to have to look good to feel good.

-Listen to some songs that can help lifting up your mood, and don't listen to sad songs because they'll make you feel more down but listen to dancable songs like for me I'd listen to Forever by Chris Brown or Shawty Get Loose for Lil Mama or any songs that you can move to because dancing and moving around will definitely make you feel better.

-Watch a funny video/ tv show/ movie.

-Go stand in front of the mirror and do your hair in a weird way, believe me breaking your hair style will definitely make you feel differently.

-Make yourself a cup of tea, it's great and it makes you relax.

-Be nice... (I know it's weird, but like when you're down and you do some acts of kindness towards others it will definitely make you feel better about yourself)

So that's what I do, or try to do when I'm feeling down and I want to lift up my spirits, do share what are your methods of making yourself feel better....

And I hope everyone's having a nice day. ;)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I need a pair of high heels that go with my skinny jeans. A lot of people are wearing them and they look awesome. Let's ignore the fact that I'm too young to be wearing high heels already, I'm starting to look for the perfect high heels to wear!! I don't know if I'm going to make such a bold purchase but this is a must-have, no matter if it's now or a year or two from now. :D

I want something like this:

A long skirt is something I've been contemplating to get since like forever but never really got around to buying one. See all the good and wearable ones can be found in a shop called Promod, and I don't know they're also a bold purchase for someone with my style, but again they're a must and the thing is these must-haves aren't cheap, and if I'm not sure about them then I don't want to be wasting money and really not helping the environment, :P

So it's going to be something like this:

And of course I didn't get over getting a mini-dress! But it's definitely the boldest purchase from these needs so buying will take some time to see the perfect mini-dress! I've already talked about buying one in an earlier post.

It's the end of Ramadan and all I can think about is what luxuries do I need more? :P Well, it's definitely excusable since the things I want are very fashionable (or at least they seem so to me) and I'm asking for reasonable stuff.... :D
So inshallah I'll be able to get these stuff one day, I'm in no hurry!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Awesome Ramadan Ads!

So since in Ramadan a lot of people tune in to watch tv shows, tv commercials are just the best! I mean there are tonnes of awesome ads, and even though I don't like the ads on tv, I just love them this Ramadan and I have to give them some credit so here's a post to the greatest ads:

The one that has to come first is Zain's ad about Ramadan with the little boy singing the awesome song about Ramadan.... I just loooooove this:

Then we have this Pepsi ad that has Ahmed Helmy. Everyone loooves him, he's just awesome and the ad is cracking up:

Then we have this comedy Saudi show, it's just the best! I mean even though I don't watch it, the silliness of it is wonderful. Like the actors are sooo silly that you just crack up by looking at them and in this one they're in jail and one of them goes like "You know, I've never felt more freedom in my life" because he got to shout at his uncle and the other goes like "I'm holding to the iron, I'm sad!" It's awesome as well:

And this one is from the same tv show, but in this one he wants to change his sneeze. It's just too funny, there's another one that he wants to change his laugh in, and another that he's telling people what happened in an incident and he ends up saying a poem that is rhymed in a really funny way. Gosh those two actors rule!!

Enjoy these ads! I'm going to try and enjoy watching them on tv too since after Ramadan we'll be having those lame ads...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling Good!

What's up fellow bloggers? Since I'm back to school, it's very hard to blog regularly because A)There's not enough time, B) There's isn't much to blog about anyways.
But since tomorrow the weekend starts I thought I'd post a bit and blabber!

So since it's Ramadan and there's tonnes of tv shows on, I'm just watching Bab El-Hara 3, the awesomest show ever in Ramadan really. I talk about it so much, because everyday there's something exciting happening and we talk about it at school, and there's this girl who is in my group who started watching it because of how much I talk about it. Well, it's pretty awesome and in Ramadan we only do two things that we don't usually do, the first thing is study and it's not the jolliest topic to be talking about so we talk about the other thing we do which is watch Bab El-Hara!! :D

Then we have these teachers of ours who are giving us tonnes of homeworks and this year when you prepare for tomorrow's lesson it's just not the same as every year. This year we have to prepare extra hard, and it's just in Ramadan and the class lasts for 30 minutes. I don't know what's gonna happen next. I mean I'm doing fine so far, but I'm just having this feeling that the study will pick up speed and I'll be in over my head, but inshallah I'll be able to handle it, because if not it'd be me freaking out!!

Oh I did my English presentation this week, about consumerism! And it wasn't my idea really, I'm not much of a person who comes up with nice ideas and topics, on the other hand my BFF Waed has that ability so she suggested it! And I'm forever grateful! So I did it, and the teacher was like smiling and nodding, you know like when someone is really happy with what you're doing and agrees... It was kind of funny but I was happy that I did well, she apparently liked it so it was good. :D

Oh and since Eid is coming soon we need to go shopping, I mean I have an outfit but I need something else. I know I know, I just had a presentation about consumerism and preaching people to buy less things they don't need but come on when it comes to looking good and buying clothes it's hard to apply. It's not like I'll be wearing it for one time, so I'll be wearing it more than once, isn't that more invironmently friendly than those people who wear something once? :P Bottom line, I need another outfit, if I found something nice I wouldn't hesitate in buying so hopefully I'll find something, and well you know hopefully we'll all buy nice stuff! :D

Anyways, I'm reading Chicken Soup for the sisters' soul! It's really nice, very touching stories and for me having 3 sisters I can definitely relate and it makes me appreciate them... :D
I don't really have anything interesting to share, but these days I'm just in a hyper, good mood! So which is why I'm blabbering even though I have nothing to say.
I guess I'll just wrap it up, I hope everyone's having a wonderful time!!!! :D :D :D

Be happy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hey everyone, I decided I'll just blog since it's been a while and since I know that this weekend will be a busy one since I have a lot of homeworks. Yes, I'm back to school, I won't be complaining much if that's possible because it's not all so bad.
Apart from the fact that me and Huda are in different classes now, everything's going fine. Because we didn't let them get to us, our attitude is like "You can try to break us and make us fall apart but the fire's in our heart..." From Jonas Brothers' Hollywood. :D

So the first 2 weeks have been good. And since it's Ramadan and we get to go home earlier than usual it's good so that we can get used to school. So I have a presentation for next week, and I'm sure I'll be going mad to find a decent topic to talk about. I mean why does it always have to be that way? Why can't I simply choose any topic and talk about it? Well, for one I'm just picky about topics. I can't choose Global Warming which is a greaaat topic but the thing is I talked about it last year and I want something new.

Anyways we have an Environment Society of Oman! How cool is that, I was waiting for my dentist appointment and I grabbed a copy of a newspaper called The Week and I found that we have a ESO! I was quite happy to read that, and they'll be releasing a Go Green guide on the 17th of this month. I hope I can get a copy! I was looking at their website only to find that you have to be above 18 years old to become a member. That's a bugger....

Oh and another cool news is that they've built they mightiest atom-smasher! It's very amazing, they're trying to create some of the conditions when the Big Bang happened! I'm definitely looking foward to hearing more about their results, hopefully I'll understand them though :P

So what else? I'm feeling hungry already and it's 10am! But I mean why did I wake up at 8.30am when I slept at 4am yesterday? Ah, well.... I'll definitely have a nap today to make it easier to fast.

That's all from my end people,
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Noor (Final part)

Ok so Noor ended here, and to be honest it's not the best show I've ever seen, I know I was hooked at the beginning but at the end the plot got stupid, like seriously stupid and there weren't many interesting stuff happening but I watched it till the end because I've watched a lot of it and I wanted to see the ending so I'll be brief and tell you guys how it ends...

We stopped when Noor and Mohand have decided to split, they talk it through and say that it is the best for both of them. They will be getting a divorce, it's their final decision, they don't tell anyone because they know their family won't approve so they get a divorce! Before getting a divorce, Mohand calls Noor and asks her if they're making a mistake but she tells him that she's sure of her decision. So it's official, they get a divorce. The next step is to tell their families, so they decide to do it together and so they go to the house and tell their family that they got a divorce. Everyone is shocked, they thought that sooner or later Noor and Mohand were going to work out their problems but apparently not this time.

No one talks to Mohand and Noor that night, and everyone shows how disapproving they are of what they did. Then at night Noor wants to go home so Mohand takes her since it's pretty late. Mohand was very upset that their family didn't respect their wishes, so he was driving fast! Noor understood why their family didn't approve, and when she noticed Mohand's alarming speed she told him to slow down but it was too late, there was a car coming in their direction and so Mohand had to change the direction of the car so they car fell off a hill or something, and flipped twice and then there was smoke coming out of the car... Noor and Mohand tried to get out of the car but Noor's legs were stuck, so it was impossible for her to go out and they knew that the car would explode anytime, so she tells Mohand to leave her and that he should survive this for their daughter, but he tells her that he's not leaving without her and that he can't live if she wasn't by his side, and there you go he is telling her he loves her again and all that. She says that she loves him too!! Then two men come to help them and they manage to get them out of the car just before it blows up (cliche I know). So then they go to Noor's place and well, they work things out. They're back together!!!

Then they decide that they wouldn't tell their families because they'd be furious with them, so they're back together secretly. Mohand plans a celebration trip to Sri Lanka, they spend the weekend there and they get married again. The thing is, their clothes get in the wrong plane or something so they don't get them, the air lines company sends their clothes to the house. When the family see Mohand's clothes a woman's clothes they get suspicious. Mohand's nephew knew it was Noor's clothes and she tells them. So when they ask where did Noor go, they tell them that she's spending time in her old village so Mohand's grandfather calls and Noor's grandmother answers telling him she misses Noor a lot. So they figure out that Noor and Mohand are back together and they're hiding it from them so they decide to play them a bit.

When Noor and Mohand get back, their families give them a hard time. They act like they don't know that Noor and Mohand are back together. Like no one would listen to them, and they tell them that they're mad at them for getting a divorce. So one day when Noor goes to the house to take her daughter for the family to see, Mohand's grandfather on seeing her in the house says loudly: 'Call Mohand today and tell him to come to dinner, I won't have him be single, he should have a family so there's a girl I want him to meet.' When Noor hears this she freaks out. She calls Mohand and tells him that no matter what he should come to her house tonight, he agrees not knowing what the matter is. But then Noor waits for Mohand and he doesn't show up, Mohand couldn't go to her place because his faily pressed him to stay over for dinner. Noor is very scared her grandfather would do such a thing so she goes to the house. She hears Mohand's grandfather saying to him 'You can't go on like that, I'm going to have you get married, and this time you'll listen to what I say because you chose your way when you wanted the divorce.' Mohand tries to protest and says that they can't force him to do anything when Noor enters the room, Mohand doesn't see her but his grandfather does and he says 'You're going to marry this girl' and he points at Noor. When Mohand and Noor figure out what's happening they were very relieved!!

So everyone's happy that they're back together, but what they didn't know is that Noor and Mohand are already married again. So everything's works out smoothly and Noor moves back in the house.

Then, when Mohand try to see his son whom he neglected for 2 months, he finds out that Nehal moved to Izmir which is like 6 or so hours drive from Istanbul and when he goes to see him, Mohand hears his son saying Dad to another man so he wants custody of his son. This happens over a long period of time so to cut the story short, Mohand is very mean to Nehal so she escapes with the baby, they find her but then her husband makes her hide again but then she gives the baby back to Mohand knowing that she had no right to steal his baby but Mohand gives the baby to her since he should be with his mom and they decide that they'll work it out...

Then Noor is having a fashion show, everyone's so happy for her and she's nervous and waiting for Mohand. When he doesn't show up she's getting worried. Mohand was on his way but two men stopped him and they stabbed him twice!! Or maybe more, and they left him on the road. That was planned of course, one person paid them to do so. Two people find Mohand on the road so they take him to the hospital and they call Noor since she was the last person he called and they tell her about Mohand's condition. She's devastated! Everyone goes to the hospital and they find out about Mohand's condition, he's in danger because those men stabbed him on his kidneys and one of his kidneys is damaged completly and the other is at risk.

He needs a doner to get a kidney. All of his family test to see if there's a match, his mother is a match but she can't donate since she has diabetes. Noor is a match as well but she had to wait for sometime and then she donated her kidney to him.
They knew who was behind what happened to Mohand and the police caught him, then everyone is living happily. Mohand quits his job at being the CEO and he gives his job to Bana who deserves it because all he wants is to be with his family! It's kinda lame I mean what kind of an example would the kids have seeing their father jobless although it may seem a bit romantic but it's not very since he can totally afford doing that.

Anyways after 13 years everyone is happy and grown up, Noor is writing a book about her life, she's pregnant and she's very happy with Mohand. It's a typical ending really. Nothing fancy.... So yeah there you, that's the end. Thankfully it ended, now we're not stuck with it anymore. Oh and I don't like Mohand anymore, yeah I know it's a shocker but I mean yeah he looks awesome but his character in the end wasn't good.

Well, that's all folks!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I found this tag on a random blog I was checking and I liked it! So here we go:

The task:

# Pick up the nearest book.
# Open to page 123.
# Locate the fifth sentence.
# Post the next three sentences on your blog and in so doing...
# Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

"I am the mother of Colonel Aureliano Buendia" She announced. The sentries blocked her way. "I'm going in in any case," Ursula warned them.
From 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marques... :D

I wasn't tagged, but I'll tag: Waed, Vic, and Ash!

Joke of the day

"English teacher: Please ask the question.

Student: What is you favourite types of barameg?

We had English and we were studying about the different types of programmes there are, so the teacher wanted someone to ask the question so one girl stood up and said the answer that is above. ^^
If you're an Arab you'd have no trouble getting the joke but if you're not, then the girl said the word barameg which means in English "programmes" so while she's supposed to ask in English she said the word barameg in her sentence.

Gosh it was sooo funny!! And God please forgive me if I'm making fun of the girl, but I'm not because that stuff happens and I just want to share this funny incident with you guys..

It's only been a week and a cracking up incident happened, let's see what the upcoming days reveal. Until then I bid you goodbye... :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Books 2008

I'll be starting school tomorrow so my summer holidays have come to an end, so I thought I'd post my summer reading list which I'm very happy about. I had a To-Read-List for my summer and I read them all and I've read some more. :) So here is what I read and what I thought about it:

The Runaway Jury- John Grisham (It was a great read! I really liked it.)

The devil wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger( It was a nice book, although I think the movie was better which is a shocker since most books are better than movies but oh well...)

Playing for Pizza - John Grisham (I liked it, it was a wonderful read that left me wanting to go to Italy and taste their food so badly. )

A thousand splendid suns - Khalid Hosseini ( Probably one of the best books ever written, I just loved it!!! I recommend it highly!!! I'm a huge fan of Khaled Hosseini's books!)

For one more day - Mitch Albom ( It was really nice.)

The other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory ( I didn't like it, but I liked the fact that I was getting to know a bit of history since it was historical fiction and it was my first time reading that kind of books.)

One hundred years of solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez ( I am very happy to have read it, it is a must!!)

Love at the time of cholera - Gabriel Garcia Marquez ( I just loved it. Simply loved the love story and everything, it was amazing. )

PS I Love You – Cecelia Ahern ( It was a nice romantic novel that I enjoyed. )

Digital Fortress – Dan Brown (I am thrilled that I read it because now I've read all the books by Dan Brown and it's great!!! )

Dubliners – James Joyce ( It had some nice stories. )

Journey To The Center Of The Earth – Jules Verne ( I really liked it, it was nice getting back to classics and it was perfect for that. A must read!)

ذكريات جونو – عبد الرزاق الربيعي

The first arabic book that I read this summer and it was about Gonu, so it was a nice read

ماجدولين – ترجمة المنفلوطي – ألفونسو كار

It was the second Arabic book I read, and this was the last one I read from my Summer reading. My IA obsession led me to read it since they both shared the same name and IA's name was taken from the title of this novel, and it was such a sad love story, it was a really good classic! I liked it!! :D

So that's all that I've read, I think I'll be starting with The Choice for Nicholas Sparks since I'm in the mood for love!! Or for love stories that is... :D Hope everyone had a nice Summer. :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008


I was tagged by my friend Waed so here we go, the first one is this:

The rules are :
a) Put your iTunes/music player on Shuffle.
b) For each question, press the next button to get you answer.

Hero - Enrique Iglesias

I'm movin on - Rascal Flatts

She's no you - Jesse McCartney

Make up - Jesse McCartney

Why Don't We - Tarkan (Gosh, my songs are so very irrelevant!)

My Heart Will Go On - Celine Dion (That can be interpreted as in I'm sweet and they looooooove me so very much!!!)

Make It Work - Ne-Yo (Now, that's funny!)

Please Don't Stop The Music - Rihanna

Closer - Ne-Yo

Barta7 Ma3ak - 3amro Mostafa (Well, at least that would have DEFINITELY worked if there was someone I liked)

Kaleymooha 3any - Tamer 3ashour (Oh my God, that works! Talk about me all the time, because my life story is me talking about everything and my fav topic is moi)

Guilty - Blue (Ohhh, that's so sweet!)

Siberia - Backstreet Boys

Dayan Gonlum (I don't know the name of the singer but it's a Turkish song and it means Resist my heart, very romantic! So that's something nice!!! :D)


My Baby - Jesse McCartney (but hold on, who's my baby?)

Save The Last Dance For Me - Michael Buble (That would be nice, maybe my secret wish is to have the last dance, who know? :P)

Fever - Michael Buble (That makes no sense but the song is very cool so I guess I think of my friends to be cool)

Apologize - One Republic (lol)

Ba7bek - Janat (The song means I love you so it defo makes sense, I just love myself!!)

Hey thanks Wa3d!! I liked doing this, I'm not tagging anyone but anyone can consider themselves tagged if they felt like doing this too. :)

Friday, August 15, 2008


Me. Selfishness. Being human. Love. Family. Unity. Activism. Hope. Beauty. Nature. Global Warming. A need for a change. New things. Beginnings. Forgiveness. Compassion. Babies. Tender. Care. People. Busy. Work. Seriousness. Goofiness. Fun. Laugh. Silly. Childish. Growing up. Friends. Life. Short. Long. Purpose. Goal. Find. Lose. Meaning. Joy. Dreams. Night. Darkness. Fear. Courage. War. Poverty. Problems. Ending. Happy. Blessings. Enjoying. Traveling. Places. Things. Materialism. Modern. Technology. Progress. Moving. Cars. Pollution. Olympics. Sports. Walking. Productivity. Ramblings.

*I just had to do this, it's been on my mind a lot, finding a word and then seeing where I end up with, I just associate words that are connected... Do try it, it's fun*


What's up fellow bloggers? I'm kind of bored at the moment and I figured I'd update you on what's happening at my end of the world. Weekends aren't really awesome when you're on holidays, specially that one of the awesomest tv shows we're watching nowadays doesn't air on weekends so that's a bummer. But today wasn't so bad, because we had a girl's night out, with my sisters and it was nice to leave the house for a while.

Other than that, I've managed to finish 1000 Splendid Suns, and it's just perfect. I was left deeply moved, and it's just such a beautiful story. I do recommend it highly!!! My summer reading has been really fruitful and I'll be sure to dedicate a post for it when my summer holidays are done.

Now that I'm back from Turkey and trying to learn Turkish, I'm totally hooked to Turkish songs. They're simply the BEST!! :D

Oh and here's a random thing, even though I don't really follow sports or anything, I'm glad that the Olympics are held in Beijing because the Chinese authorities are doing their best to make the games greener and provide a good environment for the players, because athletes need a clean air so that they can perform their best. I actually heard this piece of news on the airplane and right now I checked it online because I'm bored. Here's an achievement, I checked to read some important news and actually read an article about it, all this volunteering by myself. Here is more information: Beijing Scrambles to Host 'Green Games'
I only read the first part of the article so yeah.

Right now I'm reading Journey To The Center Of The Earth by Joules Verne. And just watching a bit of tv and nothing much really. Hope everyone's spending a nice time. ;)

Monday, August 4, 2008


My two front teeth are separated. I remember clearly going to the dentist for one obvious reason; fix my teeth! I didn't ask for them to be more screwed up. Seriously, my two front teeth weren't so bad, it was just that one of them was a bit on the other, so I wanted them to be nicely standing together. Now they're separated! I have an appointment next Thursday with my dentist and I am hoping that he does something about them!

Another thing is that I'm really useless these days, like all I do is watch tv or movies or read. It's fun, but I need to be doing something, get back to posting in YFCI and looking for articles for Viva, which by the way, if you're reading and haven't already written something for Viva, do write something. ;)

And another thing, everyone is asking about school and how are our preparations. There's still a month and obviously we don't want to be thinking about that now. Still some time to be worrying about it!! :D
Well, I think I've whined enough today, but I just want to get productive again. I think I'll start doing something productive now, because like an hour ago or so I tied the room a bit, the shoes were everywhere and now there's not one to be seen! I know, a big accomplishment that requires a celebration but there's no time for that now, I'm all about being productive now! Or at least for the next hour or so!


Sunday, August 3, 2008

So I got some really shocking news from mom the other day. T was engaged (let's refer to the girl as T). I was like, mom you're kidding right? The girl is like a year or two younger than me and well she's just way too young for her to be engaged. Of course, the girl had absolutely no say in the matter since she was marrying her cousin who is probably a graduate, and her family forced her into it. So it's arranged marriage and she's way too young. Well, you know I really think her family is doing her the biggest injustice in the world, because she's going to have to leave school, worry about getting children and looking after the house when all her concerns should be doing well in school and looking for a brighter future.

I really hate when these things happen. I mean ok even if they asked the girl about her opinion, she'd be too embarrassed to say what she really thought to her family, because in some families here the girl doesn't get a say in matters, or she just saw that it's what happened to her sister so it's what's going to happen to her too. That girl used to go to my school, we used to help her with English. She's just one of those girls that you know had still a lot of years to really know what's going on out there in the world. I know I'm still really young too, and haven't seen anything of the world, but I mean come on, doing that to her, how is she ever to break free from that cycle without getting her education? Well, hopefully in a way it'll work out for her and she'll be able to at least finish her education and lead a happy life.

Oh and let's not over-look the possibility of her actually wanting to marry, but at this age she doesn't know what she wants so yeah anyways, just had to mention that!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I’ve probably missed about 18 episodes of Noor. I could watch them all on YouTube but the thing is, I don’t really have the heart for it. My sister already filled me in with everything that happened. So let’s start from where I left it off from the last post. I think it was that Mohand and Noor have gotten back together and everything was good. But Mohand was trying to warn Noor from her partner because he clearly had a thing for her. Noor wouldn’t have it because they had her showing the goodie goodie person in the show because he was a really creepy guy. One time she and Mohand had set a date to meet up in a restaurant and so he sent he an SMS saying what time they’ll meet up. Noor left the office to get something so she left her mobile there, her partner was in her office getting some papers when he heard her mobile buzz so he opened the message and because he saw that it was from Mohand he deleted it. When Noor came back he told they had to go to the fabric factory to see the fabric they want. Of course he did that on purpose because he knew Mohand will be waiting for her and because the factory was like an hour away. So Mohand keeps waiting for her, but when she doesn’t show up he calls her up and asks where she is, and she tells him that he’s waiting for her. She told him she didn’t he was waiting for her, and then he told her that he sent her a message explaining when they’ll meet up. She told him she didn’t get anything, but he told her that the phone said that the message was delivered. Anyways he told her it was ok and he hung up.
Her partner was all innocent looking asking her what happened, and when she told him he was like ‘Oh it’s ok, it has happened to me before. I’ve sent message that weren’t delivered’
Now that was just one of the stuff he pulled off, but Noor didn’t believe Mohand. Anyways Noor and her partner had a business trip, they had a fashion show in a far away city from Istanbul. Mohand was planning to go after her without telling her so he calls the hotel and tells them to change Noor’s bedroom into a king-size-bed-bedroom. The hotel was full so they call Noor’s partner since they gave him a king-size-bed-bedroom and ask him if he could agree to change it into a single-bed-bedroom. He asked them why and they told him that Noor’s husband was coming. He agrees.

So they go and Mohand was going to follow them in his car but he got a call that made him cancel his plans. One of their company’s factories caught fire and a lot of people were hurt, and about two died. It was really hard for Mohand since he was trying to get the company back on its feet. And it was no accident. Noor’s partner made someone do it so that Mohand wouldn’t come after them.
After the fashion show, Noor was packing because a helicopter was waiting for them to take them back to Istanbul but some of the people at the fashion show used it and so they have to wait for the next day. She gets a call from the reception telling her that her partner was asking for her to come to the reception. She goes, and in that time her partner gets in her room and takes her mobile and he smashes it. After that he goes and talks to her and suggest since they have a day with nothing to do, they should go and see the city. Noor agrees and she goes to grab her purse thinking that her mobile was there. So they go and she wants to call Mohand to tell him that she’ll be arriving tomorrow and not today, so she looks for her mobile but she doesn’t find it. Her partner tells her that she probably left it at the hotel but she tells him that she is sure she put it in her purse, so she thinks that she lost it in the hotel. So her partner doesn’t want to take her back so he just pretends to call the hotel and he tells her that they told him they found it. And so Noor calls Mohand from her partner’s mobile and she tells him that her mobile was lost but her partner called the hotel and they found it.

It gets late so Noor tells her partner that they should head back to the hotel, but he tells her that they will but she should see a cave-house which was so beautiful. She agrees and he takes her in. It was really beautiful and Noor was just admiring the house when she felt her partner hold her and tells her that he loves her. She asks him what is he doing and that he should back off. But he doesn’t and when she keeps resisting he ties her up. And there you go, he just kidnapped her! Mohand was worried about her so he tries calling her partner several times but he doesn’t pick up so he calls the hotel asking whether they came back yet or not, so when they tell him that they haven’t he asks about Noor’s mobile which they supposedly found. The receptionist tells him that they didn’t find any mobile. So now Mohand is worried for real.
A day before Noor went on her business trip, she went to get a pregnancy test at the hospital because she felt that she was pregnant. She tells Mohand’s sister, Dana to go get the test results because she’ll be away on her trip. The next day Dana calls her telling her she’s pregnant!!! But they decide not to tell Mohand yet because she wanted it to be special. Now it’s a few days after that. Mean while, Noor’s partner’s ex-wife wants to see her daughter so she tries to call Noor because Noor once helped her see her daughter and she thought that Noor could maybe help her again. So when Noor doesn’t answer her cell phone she calls the house, and since Noor wasn’t around Mohand got the call. She told him she was the ex wife of Noor’s partner and that she was looking for her. Mohand thought that she could probably help him knowing more about Noor’s partner so asks her to come to the house. She does and tells him that Noor’s partner doesn’t let her see her daughter and how he’s a twisted person. It was enough to get Mohand extremely worried. He decides to go to Noor. When he tells his family, Dana can’t help telling Mohand that Noor’s pregnant. Now he has more than a reason to go. So he tries to find her but after a while he manages to go to the place he had her tied in, and he sees her necklace and her dress. Meanwhile back in Istanbul they’re trying to find any information about Noor’s partner and what they can find about what he’s planning to do with her. They find out that he wanted to take her to Paris. So Mohand goes to the nearest airport and he finds them there. He and Noor’s partner are armed so they get into a fight and Mohand gets a shot and Noor’s partner takes her and they leave. Noor was very much scared and now she she saw Mohand hurt, she tries to resist but she has no energy left. So Noor’s partner has arranged for a helicopter to come get them, but since they leave the pilot find Mohand shot and takes him to the hospital. Mohand is treated at the hospital and since he wanted to thank the person who rescued him he talks to the pilot and tells him ‘It was a miracle you were there’ but the pilot tells him that he was waiting for Noor’s partner because he to told him he needed to go with his wife somewhere but Mohand tells him that he was Noor’s husband and Noor’s partner had kidnapped her. They form a plan and the pilot calls Noor’s partner. Anyways Mohand gets in the helicopter and when it lands he gets out because Noor’s partner was waiting for the helicopter. They also get in a fight and this time Mohand’s gun gets thrown away and Noor’s partner had the better position and he was going to kill him until three bullets shot him in the chest. Noor shot him!

She just couldn’t have him kill the her husband. Anyways Mohand wanted to just leave with her but she begs him to help her take her partner to a hospital because she’s going to be a murderer if she didn’t do anything. She they take him. Anyways, he’s in a very critical condition. And they put Noor under trial. They take her to prison and her partner dies. But of course they release her because it was self-defense and since he had kidnapped her.

Things after that just starting hitting rock bottom. Even though they’re happy for a while considering the fact that they’re going to have a baby and everything. But when the baby girl is born everything starts hitting rock bottom. Noor’s only concern is the baby, and whenever Mohand suggests they go out she refuses. And to top it all, Nehal, Mohand’s ex-girlfriend, can walk now and Mohand gets her working in their company. Bana, Mohand’s cousin, sees how Mohand is spending a lot of time with Nehal so she talks to Noor about it and then she moves Nehal to another branch of their company. When Mohand hears of it he loses it! He gets drunk, because he’s had it with Noor, he thought she made Bana do it. So when Noor gets home he starts yelling at her and then leaves the house and goes to Nehal’s house. Nehal tries to kiss him but he backs off telling her he loves his wife. So he spends the night sleeping in his son’s room. When he goes home he tries to apologize to Noor. She asks him whether he spent the night at Nehal’s place, he says yes. She asks what happened. He tells her that Nehal kissed him and that he doesn’t remember what happened after that because he was so drunk! Oh my Good God! They just want to make things so complicated. Now Noor thinks that he cheated on her with Nehal. Anyways Mohand gets a house for Noor and she lives there with his mom and her daughter. He tries to apologize and stuff but she doesn’t give him a chance. One time he gets the whole family to stand out side her house, and he gets two musicians to play and when she gets out on the balcony. He says ‘Will you forgive me Noor? Please, I love you and I’m so sorry’. She just says ‘I can’t forgive you Mohand’
After that Mohand decides to just let her have her way because he’s so sick of having to apologize and running after her all the time. She doesn’t believe that he would just give up on her like that, so one time she receives flowers and goes to his office saying that he should stop trying but he says ‘Madam you are mistaken. I haven’t sent you anything, and I’m not trying to get back together with you.’ She just leaves the flowers on his desk and apologizes, but he notices a card on them so he tells her about it. That was a tough one for her.
And no one believes him when he says he’s just gonna give up on her because he loves her so much but now he’s trying to show the tough side and that I-don’t-care attitude so he got back with his old mates and one time they were out in a café and Noor was taking a walk with the baby and she sees him having a good time with his friends and just stares at him. He sees her and goes to talk to her, and just says hi and stuff, he doesn’t even play with his baby or introduce her to his friends. She leaves him and then goes to Dana and tells her about how Mohand treated her, but I mean the guy has a point, introduce her and say what ‘Hey guys, this is my wife but we’re getting a divorce.’ Plus even if he suggested that she meets his friends she would definitely not agree.
And one time they had a press conference announcing that Noor is now working for their company, Mohand was asked how is it working with his wife. Now Bana told Noor to act like she and Mohand are still together to protect the company’s image. But Mohand answers saying it’s ok because he and Noor have ended their marriage and they’ll be getting a divorce. Everyone was shocked, including Noor. But he had the right to do that. Honestly I never really liked Noor, and she’s a pain, having her the perfect person and the soo very nice. I mean she made Mohand go through some really tough stuff and now she deserves it that he’s had it. And she thinks that he doesn’t care to visit his daughter because he never came to visit her but the thing is he comes when she’s not home so that he won’t bother her since he’s giving her what she wants which is a space away from him.

Now one time Noor gets a call from Mohand’s grandfather telling her that he wants to see her for dinner. And Mohand gets the same call, so when Noor goes to the restaurant and sees Mohand she thinks it’s one of his tries to talk to her but he tells her that she’s completely mistaken and that he’s doing what she wants, he’s trying to stay away from her. They start to argue when their grandfather comes and he starts telling them how they should work out their issues and that they should think about their daughter and such. And then when they start arguing he gets angry and tells them to have some time apart and then they should sit together and decide whether to end this marriage or get back together.

Sorry for making it long but imagine if I had actually seen the whole 18 episodes how long this post would be. :P Anyways, it's getting kind of stupid, why can't Nehal just tell Noor that nothing happened? But of course that would be too easy or they could just make it that Noor wouldn't believe her. Anyways we'll see how it turns out soon enough.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My trip to Turkey

Heyyy I'm back from Turkey. It was AMAZING!! The bestest trip I've been to, I mean the country rules, the people are so nice and the weather is wonderful. You can't help falling in love with Turkey. So I'll try to tell you all about my trip. We stayed in Istanbul, which used to be the capital of Turkey but it's not anymore.

First things first, when we got out of the plane we simply knew we're going to love this place because of the weather. It wasn't disturbingly hot, or humid. It was just right. It even rained twice when we were there and one time we got soaked. But we experienced walking under the rain, I know that's something very normal for some of you but here we don't get that! And then there's the people, they're just so helpful and they can go with you all the way to where ever you want to go if you're lost. I mean the language wasn't a big difficulty. Turkish people don't speak English but you'll find a lot of them who talk Arabic. And Turkish isn't so hard to learn, throughout our 18 days stay in Istanbul we've managed to learn a bit Turkish and show off when we go to buy things. It was awesome. And that leads me to another thing, which is the shopping. My good God! Shopping in Istanbul is a must, the people there are so fashionable, I mean like really! And when you go to a mall or to a place with shops, you just can't not buy. The clothes there are amazing and you can get whatever you want with really good prices. I mean when you go there, you just bargin. If they say it's in 35 TL then you say I'll buy it for 10 TL, and you'll probably get the thing with 15 TL. It's amazing. My mom got us a kettle and a tray in 50 TL when the guy told her it was 180 TL!!! I mean that was pretty amazing.

Oh and people there are very social, and since we don't look Turkish they'll come talk to us and ask where we're from and stuff. We've had a few funny incidents there so I'll share them with you. First off, me and Huda were just walking looking at the shops, so one guy was sitting near where we were walking and he thought we were lost but when we told him we weren't he was like: Are you from Jamica? We're like 'Uh, no'. So if you've seen what we look like you'll know that we don't look Jamican, but I don't know what this guy was thinking. It was really hilarious. Most of the people there thought we were from Iran which is understandable. But Jamican? And another was like 'Are you French?'. I mean that's just really funny!

And we got more than 5 people asking us whether we're Muslim. We wear Hijab, and that indicates we're Muslims. And they funny part is that those who ask whether we're Muslims turn out to be Muslims themselves! But the incident which topped it all was when we were walking in the grand bazaar, which is a huge market with about 4000 shops and really amazing, and there was this guy sitting down and he said something like 'Ahhhhhh' very loudly when we were passing by so we like turned around and looked at him confused, so there comes this other guy who is probably his friend and says to him 'What are you an animal?' and then talks to us and says 'I'm sorry, he's not normal.' So we just shake it off and go on walking until the dude who said Ahhhh says 'I love you'. And we turn around and see him looking at us and we just keep walking but we laugh all the way out of the bazaar. Poor dude, he tells us he loves us and we just laugh at him! But that was sooooo hilarious...

Oh and the coolest thing ever was (ok it wasn't the coolest thing but from the coolest stuff because there were sooo many awesome stuff it's hard to choose the best thing) the fact that now we've been to Europe. Because you see Istanbul has two parts; the Asian part and the European part. We've stayed in the European part but we visited the Asian side as well. It's just really cool. I'VE BEEN TO EUROPE! NANANANA (Ok, allow me to be childishly excited :P ).

Coming to the transportation part, if you're in Istanbul, don't ever go to places in a taxi because it's very expensive. Instead you have a lot of options, the coolest way to move around the city has to be the tram. It's on the main road and it can take you to a lot of places and it's super cheap. Then you have the buses, which are also cheap but you have to know exactly which bus to take because there are tonnes of them, but if you ask anyone, they're surely going to help. And then we have the boats, they're so great. Like you enjoy the sea and they're very comfortable and very cheap. ;) We had a blast moving around Istanbul, sometimes when we didn't know where we're going to go, we just go on a boat and let it take us somewhere new.

Now going to Turkey just for site seeing is awesome, because there are just a lot of places to see. First off I'll take about the mosques. Most of them are from the Ottman era, and they're so beautiful. We have the Blue Mosque or it's called the Sultan Ahmet mosque. It has six minartes and from the inside it's huge. It's very beautiful:

And just across it there's the Ayasofia museum which used to be a mosque but they turned it into a museum. Actually they built it for St. Sofia and so it was a church and inside it you can see pictures of Jesus and Virgin Mary on the walls, but she converted into Islam so they turned it into a mosque and so you can see writings that say Allah and Mohammed on the walls which is just so very cool. I mean having things that represent both religions. It's a really beautiful building:

There's also a lot of other mosques we've been to and they're all so beautiful. Now we've been to this place called Thermal which is in a city named Yalova. Now Thermal is just a place for tourists. It has a lot of hot springs and the hot water that comes from them is very useful for the skin, the eyes, the stomach. Like each spring is useful for something. And there are a lot of trees, and the place there is just wonderful:

Then we've been on the telefrek (or however it's spelled) in Bursa. We went by the telefrek to the top of a mountain which is more than 1200m high. So the weather was chilly but it was just beautiful. And what's really cool is that the resturants there give you your own BBQ stuff so that you can grill meat and chicken, it was yummy. Here are some pictures:

And one of the coolest places we've been to is this place called Minia Turk, which is the world's largest city with miniatures of famous buildings in Turkey and there are some from other countries. It was really so cool, like there were places we couldn't go to in Istanbul or in Turkey because they were far so we saw exact miniatures:

So the trip ruled big time, and when we were there we were very much hoping to see Yahya (from a Turkish tv show called Snwat el daya3) or Mohand from Noor. Then it got to the point of wishing to see anyone from these two shows but well it didn't happen. So that's the only regret. But we're definitely planning on going there again sometime. Oh and Turkish guys are cute!! But we didn't hook up with anyone, I mean it's a little too early for that :P Just kidding!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Having read The Other Boleyn Girl just recently, I've been thinking a lot about ambition. The book is about the Boleyn family, and what they do to get a heir for the king from one of the their daughters. Even though the king is happily married, well happily as in the queen is a very nice lady who gave him a princess but can't give him a prince. Back in the 16th century, that's all that mattered.
Anyways the family exceeds all expectations and does the unthinkable. They get two of their daughters into the king's bed, one of them who was originally married and gives him a son and a daughter, but the king can't acknowledge them. The other makes herself very enchanting and makes the king annul his marriage to the queen in order to marry her. The one who becomes the queen is Anne, she is driven by her ambition.

I am talking about this book because the story has actually happened in England in the 16th century. Queen Anne, actually existed and I don't want to spoil the book for anyone because maybe someone wants to read it. But what I want to talk about is ambition. And how far it can make a person go to achieve their goals. Queen Anne's ambition was like no other, she did everything to conceive a heir for the king, and by everything I mean everything!
There are two extremes in ambition. Some ambitious people would do anything and everything to get what they want. And some of them would take nothing but what they want, so that when they don't get what they want they wouldn't take anything less, and so their life is void and they're leading an idle life waiting and hoping for their ambition to come alive.

I know very well, that in a lot of cases ambition can be such a beautiful thing that drives people to be better people, and achieve greatness. For me, I'm not a very ambitious person, and while I used to think it's a very bad thing since I don't know what I want, these days at times I am thankful because I want to be ambitious and understand that I need to get what I want in the right ways, and not make my ambition become an obsession.

A Cinerella Story

I've probably watched 'A Cinderella Story' a dozen times. So I thought I would post some of the funny quotes in the movie. There are a lot, and since I practically know the dialouge by heart it won't be so hard.

So let's get going with this first one which I think is really funny. We have Sam, and her evil twin stepsisters. One of them is the smart one, and the other is such a goof.

The evil stepsisters arrive at the car wash where the handsome Austin works because his father own the place, and their cars are very dirty. They did it so that they could have an excuse to go see Austin.

Sam: What did you like pay someone to get your cars so dirty?

The smart twin: Like what are you? The dirt police?

The goofy twin: Yeah, like excuse me Miss. Do you know how dirty your car is?

The smart twin: You should have stopped at the dirt police.

I just love that scene!! Now here are two scenes with Sam and her evil stepmother who has her working at the diner even though she needs to study and wants to go out with her friends.

First scene:

Sam: I was wondering if I could go to the Hallween Party at school.

The evil stepmother (Fiona): Listen honey, you're not very smart, and you're not very bright. Ohh, I'm so glad we had this talk!

Sam: Uh!

Second scene:

When Fiona finds out that Sam wants to go to Prinston she says: Look Sam, people go to school to get smarter, so that they can get a job. You already have a job, so it's like skipping a step or something.

I just love that movie, it's the best movie ever!!! If you haven't seen it, then you should definitely try to watch it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Of Gossip Girl and other TV shows

Gossip Girl is a really great show. When I started watching it, I thought it's going to be one of these tv shows about high class teenagers, and their dramatic life. Actually, come to think of it, it was exactly about that. But it just goes beyond you're wildest dreams. It's nothing I'd have imagined it to be. I have to thank my friend Victoria for introducing the show!! So thank you ViC!*
I can't wait for them to release the second season of the show. It's that awesome! I mean they have the most gorgeous cast ever, the most beautiful wardrobe ever. And the plot is just simply amazing! I have no idea how do they think of brilliant ideas to keep us watching. We got to the point of watching three episodes in one day. I would highly recommend anyone to watch it.

Now that we're done watching it, and The OC is done, there's not much tv shows. So I'm just doing my best to finish The Other Boleyn Girl, which I wouldn't recommend highly to be honest. Hopefully I'll get it done soon. :D

Other than that, life is standing still. Nothing important or interesting happening here. But since I'm talking about tv shows, I might as well ponder upon one last show, The Moment of Truth. It's a show where people are asked a series of questions and the show had them under a machine that detects lying. So the show seriously spills the dirt of some people, ruin their lives and the people are happy to go on and do whatever is takes to win half a million dollar. I mean it's a huge amount of money, but I just can't believe how people are, they are willing to ruin their marriage, or anything it takes to get the money. It's unbelievable. One person answered in positive when they asked her if she thought she should be married to her ex instead of her current husband. How is her husband to make things work after knowing that?
Anyways, it's their lives to live.
Just thought I'd let that out. Hope you're having a nice time watching tv. ;)

Friday, June 27, 2008


So now that they're in the island all by themselves, Mohand got a chance to talk to her. Which they cut out, I have no idea why. The show started with Mohand being upset with Noor. Anyways I think I get why, he probably tried to talk her into getting back to him but she refused so the man has had enough. He went and opened the door and said 'Noor if you wanna go, then go. But you should know that I would rather die than love someone else.'
So she was going out, but he stopped her and put his jacket around her and told her he loved her. Ahhh, that did it. So she hugged him and they're back together!!!

Such a relief... Now we can breathe easy, because they spent the weekend there, and then after getting back Mohand asked for Noor's permission to go see his son because Nehal was leaving for a while to go to the USA to get treatment. So Noor suggested him bringing his son to the house to spend the time while Nehal was away with them. He thanked her, but she said 'Your son is my son.' Now she's talking! Everything's back to normal, thank Goodness!

Now that Mohand and Noor are doing good, the show is focusing on other characters. Dana and Anwar's relationship is very rocky, because Dana is accusing Anwar to be having an affair with someone from work. Of course, Anwar isn't. But you can't blame Dana because the girl she's accusing is the cause of it all. She is the sister of Bana's husband, Suhair. (Bana is Dana's and Mohand's cousin). Suhair is so evil, she sprays her perfume on Anwar's jacket, and one day she got Anwar drunk and into her room, but Anwar refused to have an affair with her because he loves Dana very much. So she hurts herself, and calls her brother, Kamel. She even makes a mess out of her house to show the struggle. She tells her brother that Anwar raped her!!!

Now Kamel goes to the company and starts yelling at Anwar but Anwar denies it. You'd think Mohand would believe Anwar being his best friend but Mohand didn't know what to believe. I mean the girl hurt herself to show that she struggled with Anwar. Anyways, Kamal gets a friend of his who is a professional in dealing with such cases to press charges against Anwar. So he asks Suhair to tell him what happened. So Suhair starts telling the story, saying that he raped her in the living room, Kamal tells her that she told him that he raped her in her bedroom. So Kamal figures out that his sister is lying, because when they asked her how she got the marks on her hand she couldn't think of an answer.
Anwar and Dana are going to the hospital, because Dana wants to abort her baby, she's pregnant and since she and Anwar are getting a divorce, she didn't want her baby to have to be away from his father. But on the way, Kamal calls Anwar asking him to come to his place with Dana. They go and Kamal apologizes for not believing him and tells him that Suhair was lying.

Even though everything is cleared, but Dana doesn't want to get back together because she feels that there are too many troubles and problems to work out. Anyways, that's cleared the show turns to the whole company crisis. They're facing bankruptcy. So they have to sell their house. That's their grandfather's decision. They try telling him to give them some more time, but he is determined. So Noor tries to think of a way to help out. She sells her part of her company to her partner, and she transfers the money to the family's account. Now you gotta admit she's awesome. She sold out her work, what she's been doing for a while.

Anyways so things started to look good for the company. But Mohand since he doesn't like her partner asks her to come work for their company. Noor refuses of course, just because she sold her part in the company doesn't mean she left her job. But she's gonna try to help their company.

And Dana has an art gallery and it was a success but the problem was that she wasn't happy. Surprise surprise! It was because Anwar wasn't there. She goes to his house and tells him that she wants to try to make things work. So they're back together!

We'll end it there, because the show right now is pretty vague with what's going to happen next, what's the next crisis! But it's now just nice that the whole family is happy.

Here's a video of some clips of the show:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to Basics

Appreciating Nature!

Maybe it's just having watched half of Titanic, or listening to Josh Groban so much lately, but I have this feeling that I need to get back to the basics. Be grateful for the air, I know we all are, but actually feeling it. I just need to feel that now, because I've been lazying around feeling very useless and very ungrateful for the life I have.
This won't be another I-promise-my-self-from-this-day-forward-to-be-good post, I know I have enough of those moments before I go to sleep. You know when you're trying to shut your brain down so you end up thinking about a lot of meaningless things and then contemplate your day and vow to yourself to be good, and that tomorrow you'll be a nicer person and stuff. I know I've had too many of those moments.

But somehow it's different because it's not pushing myself to do it anymore, I feel like it's a must-do. I know I've done a poor job so far, but hey you can't blame a girl for trying right?

Anyways, hopefully this won't pass out as a too-goody-good attempt. :P It's just a try to be positive because being very idle in summer can lead to a very depressed mood.

The world ain't have as bad, as they paint it to be - Come Home, OneRepublic.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Mohand is still trying to get Noor back, so one day he goes to their bedroom at night and tried to talk to her, and he tells her that he wants her back but she just tells him to go away. So he leaves the room, but feeling very helpless he starts hitting the wall, as in punching it and it looks as if he's punching it really hard and yells 'What have I done?'

His grandfather hears him and so does Noor, so they both go see what is wrong with Mohand and their grandfather tells them to work things out between them because it's getting ridiculous. So they go to their bedroom, and Noor goes to get some bandage because his hand is injured from hitting the wall. So as she puts the bandage he tells her how much he loves her and that he doesn't want to get back together with Nehal and stuff. But Noor says 'Mohand, I lost all my family in one day so I know what it's like to live without your parents. Your son deserves to have both of his parents with him and that his parents are in love.' But Mohand tells her that even if she left him he wouldn't go back to Nehal.

Of course Mohand keeps trying and now that Noor got her driving license he got her a red car, and it's waiting for her in the house. But Noor and her partner are already looking for cars, she wanted a red one but the shop didn't have one, and her partner told her that green is better because it's already available. So she gets one and she goes to the house to find Mohand decorating the car, but she tells him she already got one. And she refuses Mohand's gift, saying that he can't make things up by getting her presents.

There's this upcoming party for business men. Mohand of course is going, his company is going down because of what happened with smuggling drugs. Even though their name is clear, their reputation is ruined. So he needs to go to this party with Noor to show the positive side of their family. Now, he asks her just a day before the party and she refuses because she's going with her partner. So when Bana finds out that Noor isn't going with Mohand she gets upset, because it's not just a party they're going to as a couple, they're representing the family so she calls Noor and gives her a piece of her mind. Now Noor doesn't know that the family's company is going through a crisis because obviously Mohand didn't tell her. Who can blame him? Noor doesn't give him a chance to say anything.

Anyways even though Mohand didn't tell her, Noor rises up to the occasion and goes with him. But you'd think things get better, well they don't...

Noor is going to Paris to open a shop there and extend her work with her partner. So when Mohand finds out that Noor is going to Paris he loses it, and he asks her when she was planning to tell him and stuff. But she just says that everyone is free to do what they want with their life. But he says 'What if I don't let you go?' And she says 'Mohand please don't make it any harder than it is'

Now one day Mohand brought his son to the house, and he went to Noor and told her to give his son a chance because she'll love him instantly and that she'll be a great mom for him. Noor agrees and goes to see the boy. She holds him but the boy starts crying!!! A really perfect moment, so Noor gives the boy to Mohand and leaves the room crying. Mohand hurries after her, and tells her he's sorry and that every time he's trying to make things better he just makes things worse.

One day, after getting out of the shower, Mohand forgets his ring in the bathroom. And goes to see his son and Nehal, so Nehal and her sister notice that he's not wearing his ring and Nehal's sister tells her that maybe he got a divorce and that it's Nehal's chance to get Mohand back.

One of the servents in the house, brings the ring to Noor and tells her that it was in the bathroom. Noor thinks Mohand let go of her, but she gives him the ring and tells him to play along until her grandmother is feeling better.

One day, Noor gets home and goes to check on her grandmother. But her grandmother wasn't in bed, so Noor goes looking for her and then comes to find her in her room. Noor asks her grandmother whether she's feeling better, and she is. Noor finds out that her grandmother was playing her and gets upset. She tells her grandmother that it's been awful having to live in the house with Mohand. So they decide to leave tomorrow morning. They go to dinner, and Noor tells everyone that they're leaving tomorrow. Mohand's grandfather says 'OK, we can't force you to stay but at least have this last dinner with us' So they all sit but Mohand gets up and says 'I don't want to be a part of such a dinner.'

He calls Nehal and asks her if it's ok to come by and give her a visit. Nehal and her sister get all excited thinking that maybe he came to tell her that he wants her back. So Mohand comes and tells Nehal that he needs her help because Noor is leaving him and he doesn't know what to do. He tells her how much he loves Noor, and that Noor can't understand the fact that he and Nehal are friends and nothing more, so he asks her to talk to Noor. But Nehal starts crying, who can blame the girl? She's in love with Mohand and here he is telling her he needs her help trying to get back his wife. So she refuses.

Mohand leaves and writes a letter to Noor, and slips it under her door. He waits for a reply or anything but nothing happens so he gets into her room to find no one there. Apparently Noor and Dana left to go out. They go to a restaurant to find Nehal sitting there. So Nehal called Dana and asked her to bring Noor because she wanted to talk to her. So they all sit and Dana leaves the two to work things out. Dana tells Mohand that Noor and Nehal are talking. Nehal tells Noor that Mohand told her about their separation.

So Noor thinks that since Mohand is so attached to Nehal he's telling her everything, but Nehal says he told her because he needed her help. So Nehal tells Noor the following:

'Since I came back I noticed that Mohand is very different. And when you look into his eyes you can notice how much he's in love. I can tell he loves you dearly. And even if you two split up we won't get back together. I hate to be the reason for you and Mohand's separation.'

So Noor says 'But you still love him right?'

Nehal says 'Love can take a lot of forms. And I can't have a man who loves someone else'

That was really good of Nehal and if that doesn't get Noor back I don't know what will. So Noor comes home, and reads Mohand's letter which is so romantic and he's pleading her not to leave him. But to ruin the moment, her partner calls her and tells her that they should go to Paris next week to arrange a few things. She agrees. Now Mohand knew that what Nehal said didn't work because he still didn't hear from Noor so he called his friend and asked him to bring the boat. You see their house is on the see. So Mohand goes to Noor and tries to talk her into getting back to him but fails so she tells him to leave because she wants to sleep because tomorrow she's leaving with her partner to Paris. Mohand says 'No, you're not. You're coming with me' And he lifts her up and carries her to the front door and gets her into the boat and they go to the island. Of course she tried to resist but there's no use. After getting in the house he locks the door and keeps the key with him. She just leaves him and goes to a room and locks herself in.

Next day, she wanders around the house trying to get out but Mohand gets back with food, and makes her breakfast. So she tries to convince him to take her back but he refuses. So she says 'I don't want to stay here with you.' So he just says 'Fine' and leaves her by herself in the room. All I thought was 'Go Mohand'. That's the way to go, it's like she has to go back to him.
Okay, well I don't know if his attempt will work, but very much hoping so. Now the episodes are getting more and more interesting because Mohand is taking great steps at making things better.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well, it's dull to be lazying around all day. I thought this day would never come, since before school ended the holidays were something really sacred and no matter what we'll do, they'll be jolly.
I mean they are but they get boring. Anyways so I thought I'd get posting about nothing really and blabber a bit. So let's do that!
I think I'll venture out about how I dislike some of the things my fellow human beings do. One of them is when they chew a gum with their mouth open. I mean that is something that really gets me annoyed, and I just want to leave the room because I feel really uncomfortable.
And another thing is that when people after washing their hands and not dry them, they start spraying water at me. That's something I really dislike.

Yes, they may sound weird but we all have those things that make us uncomfortable.
Yeah, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now, it's all about watching tv and reading. There's really nothing else interesting. So I think I'll wrap up this post with one of my favourite song Moan. The song is awesome, here's the remix because I can't find the original but it's still great.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok, so now that Mohand is free, he's been trying to look for Tariq. He's been staying near Tariq's hotel hoping he'd come. Now Noor notices that and is scared that Mohand might do something stupid that would cost him a lot. So she's trying to meet up with him and stuff but he's coming home late, and being distant and all. So one day she goes to the study to find him holding a gun.

So she knows that he wants to kill Tariq and one day he knew where Tariq was so he was rushing out of the house. Noor sees him going out and tries to stop him and asks him to let the police handle it but he won't have it and he gets out.

So he comes back after sometime, and finds Noor crying in their bedroom. When she sees him, she asks him what happened. He seems upset and says "I didn't do anything just for you."

Now that's a relief, he called the police instead and there you have it, the case is closed. So with Mohand's birthday coming up and Noor planning a trip, she doesn't tell him because he's obviously still upset, she has arranged the bags already and everything. But she figures since he's upset he wouldn't wanna go. So she starts unpacking but he stops her and tells her they should go.

So I was wrong with my speculations but who cares, they go for 4 days. Now Noor asks Dana and Anwar, to come with them for at least the last two days. So they go to this amazing place that's filled with snow, to skii and enjoy the snowy weather. They have a nice time, and Dana and Anwar show up and everything fine.

Dana was walking in the hotel, and she sees someone on a wheel chair, she's surprised to see how much this girl looks like Nehal. -Nehal used to be Mohand's girlfriend who died in a tragic car accident, just after telling Mohand she's pregnant- Anyways so Dana makes Anwar go see her too, maybe she was wrong.

So anwar goes to see her and he calls her name but she doesn't respond. So they think it's probably someone who looks like Nihal because she's gone. But what no one knows yet is that it is the "true" Nehal. She's alive!!!! And knows they're in the hotel now that she saw Dana and Anwar. She can't walk because of the accident and now she just wants to leave the hotel because she knew that Mohand was in the hotel and he might see her.

Dana and Anwar knew how much Mohand loved her and they didn't want old feelings to come back to him even if the girl wasn't Nihal so they decide to cut their trip. The next day they tell Mohand and Noor that they should go back because their daughter is ill. So they're all heading back. But Mohand and Noor were going to the lobby to wait for Dana and Anwar, Noor forgot her watch so she goes to get it. Nehal was sitting in the lobby too because she was leaving the hotel, so when she hears Mohand talking to Noor she just wants to leave the lobby so she accidentely takes her chair back instead of moving it forward and she hits Mohand's seat and he sees her. He's shocked and says "Nehal?" But she hurridly says "You must have me confused with someone else". And so she leaves.

Noor watches what happens and she thinks Mohand is still thinking about Nehal. Anyways they leave and go back. Now being back, Mohand is pretty shaken by what happened. Nehal goes back to Istanbul, she was living in Germany, trying to be away from Istanbul so that there's no chance she might see Mohand. But now that he saw her, she calls him up. And tells him she's still in Istanbul and that she wants to see him. He agrees, without telling Noor about it. But Noor gets suspicious. Mohand goes to see Nehal and he asks her about why she went away. Turns out that her reason was that she didn't want Mohand to have to live with someone who can't walk so she just left so that he could go on with his life. Now Mohand gets upset, and tells her it wasn't her right to decide that for him. He had spent two years crying over her. She apologizes. But he doesn't accept the apology and tells her that she's dead to him now.

Mohand decides to go on normally with his life, as if Nehal was still dead. But Anwar goes to see her. I mean she used to be his friend too. And as he was catching up, a little boy comes to Nehal calling her mom. Now this little boy is very blond and has green eyes and looks like Mohand. So Nehal called her son saying 'Mohand'. So it's Mohand's son! Now Nehal knew Anwar would tell Mohand so she makes him promise her not to tell him. But Anwar couldn't let Nehal leave again and take Mohand's son without Mohand knowing. So Nehal is leaving to the airport and Anwar tells Mohand to go say goodbye. Of course, Mohand refuses. But Anwar asks him if that's how he wants to part with Nehal, he should instead go say goodbye so that they part without feeling resentment. Now Anwar just wants Mohand to go to the airport to see his son.

Mohand goes and sees Nehal sitting alone, so without her noticing him, he just says goodbye and then turned to leave. But he heard someone say 'Mohand, sweetie come here'. He was shocked, he turned around and saw his son. He knew the little boy was his so he went over and asked Nehal if it was his. So Nehal tried to deny but it's a little too late for that. He knew it was his son. But Nehal wanted to leave because they were going to miss their flight but Mohand told her he wasn't going to let her leave with his son.

So he drove them back to their house, and well from then on everything started to fall apart. Noor felt that Nehal hadn't left and that Mohand was seeing her. Mohand kept visiting his son and no one could blame him but he could at least tell his wife about his son. But he felt bad about telling her because they were trying to have a baby and she's having problems with concieving. So he kept it hidden from her but his grandfather found out and he absolutely refused to acknowledge the boy because he wasn't married to Nehal back then. But Mohand's mother encouraged him because she wanted to see the little kid.

So Noor is afraid of losing Mohand so one day she hears him talking to Nehal and she listens to their conversation on the phone, he tells Nehal where and when they will meet today. So he leaves the house and then Noor follows him. He gets to the park and starts playing with his son. Noor arrives at the park too and she sees him playing with the boy. Mohand sees her, and she starts running away, she figures it's Mohand's son.

Mohand panics, and he follows her but he couldn't find her so he goes home waiting for her, and when she gets home she doesn't talk to him but he insists. So she asks him why he didn't tell her. And he tells her he couldn't tell her he had a baby when she couldn't have one. And he tells her that when he saw him at the airport he just couldn't let them go.

So she asks him 'why were you even at the airport?'

Now that's a good point! And she just leaves the room. He keeps waiting for her in their bedroom but he falls asleep and when he wakes up he finds her sitting at the window with her bag packed. She tells him he has to take care of his son. But Mohand tries to make her stay and stuff but she's determind. She leaves with her grandmother. He tried again when she was out of the house but he fails so he just stands out.

She was trying to get a taxi, but she went to check on her grandmother who was waiting for her to get one, and she finds her grandmother on the floor. She starts yelling and Mohand hears her because he was standing out so he rushes to help her and he carries her grandmother into the house.

Anyways her grandmother's condition is critical and the doctor advises them not to upset her. So from then on, Mohand and Noor put on the happy couple face when they are around her grandmother but Mohand is sleeping in another room. And the thing is, the grandmother is faking it!!! She's doing this on purpose to get them back together. Noor started looking for a house to live in and is considering filing for divorce but she can't leave until her granmother in well again.

So here's this funny little incident that happend. Noor and Mohand were heading to Bana's house to have dinner with Bana, Kamil, Dana, Anwar, Fajir and Kamil's sister. It was Noor and Mohand's first visit to Bana's house so they have to get them something. So they went to an antique shop and Mohand chooses something and Noor chooses something else and they both hand them to the person working in the shop. When they see what they did, Mohand says 'We'll have the lady's pick' But Noor says 'No, we'll have his pick'

But the person says 'Why don't you take them both, they really nice' So they agree. The person tells them that what Mohand chose was made by man who made it for his wife because she left him.

Now when they gave it to Bana, Mohand told them 'Actually there's a story behind this one, it was made by a man who loved his wife passionately but she left him.' He said looking at Noor because she was leaving him. So Noor said looking at him 'Why don't you tell them why she left him? It was because he kept doing bad things to make her unhappy' (That must be lost in translation because it must sound wrong)

He said 'I was just getting to that part, he loved her but she was the one to leave him.

Noor was about to say something when Bana's husband Kamil noticed the tension and said 'Charming story, now let's eat please' and saved them from a heated argument.

Well, things aren't going well, Mohand is trying to make Noor happy with him, he even brings her flowers but she just walks away. It's all just messed up. He just needs to tell her that he loves his son but he doesn't want to get back together with Nehal because Noor thinks she's getting in the way of their happiness. But she's just too stubborn! And now that she got her driving liesence, he's getting her a car but she's also trying to get one. Hopefully he'll be able to get her one before she and her partner get one for her. That partner of her is annoying, he even got her to see an apartment and told her how he left his wife because she was seeing another man and how he felt much better because it's awful to be the substitute. Mohand was going to dinner with his son and Nehal so he goes to Noor's shop to find her partner tickling her. Not a very pretty sight. So he just stands there until they saw him, and he asks to have a word with Noor. So he tells her he was going to dinner with Nehal and little Mohand because Nehal named their son after him. So she just says 'You're free to do whatever you want.' And leaves.

But Nehal's sister makes reservations for only two people because she wanted Nehal to just have a romantic dinner with Mohand so that maybe they could work things out. And she takes little Mohand out and tells Nehal they'll catch up with them later at the restaurant.

Nehal dresses really nicely and when Mohand sees her he is stunned and tells her that she looks like the old Nehal he used to know. So much for making things better. I guess we'll see how things will go, because as you can see they're pretty complicated and they are trying to stall and so now it's all about Noor pushing Mohand away. Poor him! I mean ok he did wrong but she knows how much he loves her. He just needs to make some bold move, I don't know what really but he needs to get her back.