Monday, July 9, 2007


You feel for the dog who got killed at it's (excuse the 'it' but I don't know know whether it was a he or a she) hair dresser.

The dog had a hair dresser and it died when it was there. It's death caused a TV show to air the story along with bizarre stories (of course numerous stories of these included celebrities).
I am sorry to hear the dog died, but it can not be compared to the death of a person I'll never meet who met his/her end with no reasonable reason.
I recall a discussion regarding what stories the media decides to give more mintues on TV... The media is only showing what they think would interest us, what would keep us haunting these news, the extravagant wedding of this actress is more "appealing" to us than seeing somebody poor. Why do we care more about knowing what's going in the glamorous world then in the real world?? We are bored of hearing the death of a dozen people in a car bomb. We want to hear the details of the large life we will never live but we would die to experince a day of it.
They would give more minutes for a dog who died than a person who couldn't find water or food enough to get them through this day... Hold on a second please, you consider that a normal death. They just died, no one killed them!
Let us take a closer look at this: They died because their government thinks it is better to keep their mouths shut on those who are robbing their money because they do not want more trouble... Their people are already facing poverty, they are in deep trouble!
They are dying because no one is helping them, they are dying because politicians are more worried over their image so they are donating to "their" charity programme, they are too much conceited in their campaign.
They are dying because you and me are enjoying our summer and we feel like we can not do a thing. That thought makes you sleep at night!
Excuse the bitterness my words express but I feel it is somehow my fault too. They are dying because someone thinks their ideas must be forced not only seen taking place, they want them implanted in people's minds.
So does that still fall into the category of dying a "normal" death? There are million of other deaths which people can not be considered as dying "a normal death" and still they are being called that!
I do feel a bit of a hypocrite, here I am not feeling the heat of the summer because my AC is working and people can not even find a piece of anything to keep the sun's light from making them more dizzy than they already are.
This is only a desperate attempt to make me feel that at least, unlike you I care more. It is not working but well, laugh it off... You are not feeling guilty, you do not care! Somehow that makes you feel better, you are living your life care-free.

PS: I do care for animals but let us face it. I do not care if I sounded cold hearted at first but I can not help feeling this way and I am anti-pleasing people today so it is what I feel... People are dying for God's sake!
This "you" in the above lines aren't for you, I know you care as much as I do or probably even more. It is for those who might not even read this ever but I had to give this a shot.


Waed S. said...

well, I do agree with u with all what u have said except for the part where u said "with no obvious reason" u know perfectly well that we die simply because our job here on earth was done for good... even if that job was only to cause a 15 year old girl to write such an alarming article.....

Unknown said...

I luuuv u noor!!! u and all your reflections towards liiiife! im so gay! :) (in the sense of happiness). do u say "i love u" often? we do in latin america.
Yes, it's true... Feeling the impotence is what makes us sleep at night. What u say makes a lot of sense and could really 'wake up' some people if we could deliver this to some medium of mass communication..
But I've to agree with "lost within". Some people die with some other reasons besides caring for others. Some die with none :)

Unknown said...

You HAVE to read "Mafalda", a series of cartoons made by the quite famous Quino, who made these cartoons about a 7 year old girl that had a lot of political and social will, always cared about the Earth.. But friends were very different! So the comparison is hilarious :) And he wrote "Mafalda" during the Vietnam war, so it has a looot of historical jokes! U'd love it. That girl inspires me. Mafalda reminds me of u!

Unknown said...

I've found this one, though there are much better ones:

Unknown said...

U'll like this one:

I'll stop harassing u with posts :) BYE!

Anonymous said...


You're absolutely right! People on some level do feel bad about what happends to others but they look away and try to run from feeling bad about it and from stopping it, to the superfacialness of glamour,they think that life of a celebrity is pure glamour no problems no sorrow just wealth.. It's sad but true.. I agree with what you said about governements and just like they say in We Believe I wonder how all these suits and ties sleep at night.. How they justify keeping a nation poor, killing thousands of people for their own comfort..
Great blog!