Saturday, September 27, 2008


I need a pair of high heels that go with my skinny jeans. A lot of people are wearing them and they look awesome. Let's ignore the fact that I'm too young to be wearing high heels already, I'm starting to look for the perfect high heels to wear!! I don't know if I'm going to make such a bold purchase but this is a must-have, no matter if it's now or a year or two from now. :D

I want something like this:

A long skirt is something I've been contemplating to get since like forever but never really got around to buying one. See all the good and wearable ones can be found in a shop called Promod, and I don't know they're also a bold purchase for someone with my style, but again they're a must and the thing is these must-haves aren't cheap, and if I'm not sure about them then I don't want to be wasting money and really not helping the environment, :P

So it's going to be something like this:

And of course I didn't get over getting a mini-dress! But it's definitely the boldest purchase from these needs so buying will take some time to see the perfect mini-dress! I've already talked about buying one in an earlier post.

It's the end of Ramadan and all I can think about is what luxuries do I need more? :P Well, it's definitely excusable since the things I want are very fashionable (or at least they seem so to me) and I'm asking for reasonable stuff.... :D
So inshallah I'll be able to get these stuff one day, I'm in no hurry!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Awesome Ramadan Ads!

So since in Ramadan a lot of people tune in to watch tv shows, tv commercials are just the best! I mean there are tonnes of awesome ads, and even though I don't like the ads on tv, I just love them this Ramadan and I have to give them some credit so here's a post to the greatest ads:

The one that has to come first is Zain's ad about Ramadan with the little boy singing the awesome song about Ramadan.... I just loooooove this:

Then we have this Pepsi ad that has Ahmed Helmy. Everyone loooves him, he's just awesome and the ad is cracking up:

Then we have this comedy Saudi show, it's just the best! I mean even though I don't watch it, the silliness of it is wonderful. Like the actors are sooo silly that you just crack up by looking at them and in this one they're in jail and one of them goes like "You know, I've never felt more freedom in my life" because he got to shout at his uncle and the other goes like "I'm holding to the iron, I'm sad!" It's awesome as well:

And this one is from the same tv show, but in this one he wants to change his sneeze. It's just too funny, there's another one that he wants to change his laugh in, and another that he's telling people what happened in an incident and he ends up saying a poem that is rhymed in a really funny way. Gosh those two actors rule!!

Enjoy these ads! I'm going to try and enjoy watching them on tv too since after Ramadan we'll be having those lame ads...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feeling Good!

What's up fellow bloggers? Since I'm back to school, it's very hard to blog regularly because A)There's not enough time, B) There's isn't much to blog about anyways.
But since tomorrow the weekend starts I thought I'd post a bit and blabber!

So since it's Ramadan and there's tonnes of tv shows on, I'm just watching Bab El-Hara 3, the awesomest show ever in Ramadan really. I talk about it so much, because everyday there's something exciting happening and we talk about it at school, and there's this girl who is in my group who started watching it because of how much I talk about it. Well, it's pretty awesome and in Ramadan we only do two things that we don't usually do, the first thing is study and it's not the jolliest topic to be talking about so we talk about the other thing we do which is watch Bab El-Hara!! :D

Then we have these teachers of ours who are giving us tonnes of homeworks and this year when you prepare for tomorrow's lesson it's just not the same as every year. This year we have to prepare extra hard, and it's just in Ramadan and the class lasts for 30 minutes. I don't know what's gonna happen next. I mean I'm doing fine so far, but I'm just having this feeling that the study will pick up speed and I'll be in over my head, but inshallah I'll be able to handle it, because if not it'd be me freaking out!!

Oh I did my English presentation this week, about consumerism! And it wasn't my idea really, I'm not much of a person who comes up with nice ideas and topics, on the other hand my BFF Waed has that ability so she suggested it! And I'm forever grateful! So I did it, and the teacher was like smiling and nodding, you know like when someone is really happy with what you're doing and agrees... It was kind of funny but I was happy that I did well, she apparently liked it so it was good. :D

Oh and since Eid is coming soon we need to go shopping, I mean I have an outfit but I need something else. I know I know, I just had a presentation about consumerism and preaching people to buy less things they don't need but come on when it comes to looking good and buying clothes it's hard to apply. It's not like I'll be wearing it for one time, so I'll be wearing it more than once, isn't that more invironmently friendly than those people who wear something once? :P Bottom line, I need another outfit, if I found something nice I wouldn't hesitate in buying so hopefully I'll find something, and well you know hopefully we'll all buy nice stuff! :D

Anyways, I'm reading Chicken Soup for the sisters' soul! It's really nice, very touching stories and for me having 3 sisters I can definitely relate and it makes me appreciate them... :D
I don't really have anything interesting to share, but these days I'm just in a hyper, good mood! So which is why I'm blabbering even though I have nothing to say.
I guess I'll just wrap it up, I hope everyone's having a wonderful time!!!! :D :D :D

Be happy!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hey everyone, I decided I'll just blog since it's been a while and since I know that this weekend will be a busy one since I have a lot of homeworks. Yes, I'm back to school, I won't be complaining much if that's possible because it's not all so bad.
Apart from the fact that me and Huda are in different classes now, everything's going fine. Because we didn't let them get to us, our attitude is like "You can try to break us and make us fall apart but the fire's in our heart..." From Jonas Brothers' Hollywood. :D

So the first 2 weeks have been good. And since it's Ramadan and we get to go home earlier than usual it's good so that we can get used to school. So I have a presentation for next week, and I'm sure I'll be going mad to find a decent topic to talk about. I mean why does it always have to be that way? Why can't I simply choose any topic and talk about it? Well, for one I'm just picky about topics. I can't choose Global Warming which is a greaaat topic but the thing is I talked about it last year and I want something new.

Anyways we have an Environment Society of Oman! How cool is that, I was waiting for my dentist appointment and I grabbed a copy of a newspaper called The Week and I found that we have a ESO! I was quite happy to read that, and they'll be releasing a Go Green guide on the 17th of this month. I hope I can get a copy! I was looking at their website only to find that you have to be above 18 years old to become a member. That's a bugger....

Oh and another cool news is that they've built they mightiest atom-smasher! It's very amazing, they're trying to create some of the conditions when the Big Bang happened! I'm definitely looking foward to hearing more about their results, hopefully I'll understand them though :P

So what else? I'm feeling hungry already and it's 10am! But I mean why did I wake up at 8.30am when I slept at 4am yesterday? Ah, well.... I'll definitely have a nap today to make it easier to fast.

That's all from my end people,
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Friday, September 5, 2008

Noor (Final part)

Ok so Noor ended here, and to be honest it's not the best show I've ever seen, I know I was hooked at the beginning but at the end the plot got stupid, like seriously stupid and there weren't many interesting stuff happening but I watched it till the end because I've watched a lot of it and I wanted to see the ending so I'll be brief and tell you guys how it ends...

We stopped when Noor and Mohand have decided to split, they talk it through and say that it is the best for both of them. They will be getting a divorce, it's their final decision, they don't tell anyone because they know their family won't approve so they get a divorce! Before getting a divorce, Mohand calls Noor and asks her if they're making a mistake but she tells him that she's sure of her decision. So it's official, they get a divorce. The next step is to tell their families, so they decide to do it together and so they go to the house and tell their family that they got a divorce. Everyone is shocked, they thought that sooner or later Noor and Mohand were going to work out their problems but apparently not this time.

No one talks to Mohand and Noor that night, and everyone shows how disapproving they are of what they did. Then at night Noor wants to go home so Mohand takes her since it's pretty late. Mohand was very upset that their family didn't respect their wishes, so he was driving fast! Noor understood why their family didn't approve, and when she noticed Mohand's alarming speed she told him to slow down but it was too late, there was a car coming in their direction and so Mohand had to change the direction of the car so they car fell off a hill or something, and flipped twice and then there was smoke coming out of the car... Noor and Mohand tried to get out of the car but Noor's legs were stuck, so it was impossible for her to go out and they knew that the car would explode anytime, so she tells Mohand to leave her and that he should survive this for their daughter, but he tells her that he's not leaving without her and that he can't live if she wasn't by his side, and there you go he is telling her he loves her again and all that. She says that she loves him too!! Then two men come to help them and they manage to get them out of the car just before it blows up (cliche I know). So then they go to Noor's place and well, they work things out. They're back together!!!

Then they decide that they wouldn't tell their families because they'd be furious with them, so they're back together secretly. Mohand plans a celebration trip to Sri Lanka, they spend the weekend there and they get married again. The thing is, their clothes get in the wrong plane or something so they don't get them, the air lines company sends their clothes to the house. When the family see Mohand's clothes a woman's clothes they get suspicious. Mohand's nephew knew it was Noor's clothes and she tells them. So when they ask where did Noor go, they tell them that she's spending time in her old village so Mohand's grandfather calls and Noor's grandmother answers telling him she misses Noor a lot. So they figure out that Noor and Mohand are back together and they're hiding it from them so they decide to play them a bit.

When Noor and Mohand get back, their families give them a hard time. They act like they don't know that Noor and Mohand are back together. Like no one would listen to them, and they tell them that they're mad at them for getting a divorce. So one day when Noor goes to the house to take her daughter for the family to see, Mohand's grandfather on seeing her in the house says loudly: 'Call Mohand today and tell him to come to dinner, I won't have him be single, he should have a family so there's a girl I want him to meet.' When Noor hears this she freaks out. She calls Mohand and tells him that no matter what he should come to her house tonight, he agrees not knowing what the matter is. But then Noor waits for Mohand and he doesn't show up, Mohand couldn't go to her place because his faily pressed him to stay over for dinner. Noor is very scared her grandfather would do such a thing so she goes to the house. She hears Mohand's grandfather saying to him 'You can't go on like that, I'm going to have you get married, and this time you'll listen to what I say because you chose your way when you wanted the divorce.' Mohand tries to protest and says that they can't force him to do anything when Noor enters the room, Mohand doesn't see her but his grandfather does and he says 'You're going to marry this girl' and he points at Noor. When Mohand and Noor figure out what's happening they were very relieved!!

So everyone's happy that they're back together, but what they didn't know is that Noor and Mohand are already married again. So everything's works out smoothly and Noor moves back in the house.

Then, when Mohand try to see his son whom he neglected for 2 months, he finds out that Nehal moved to Izmir which is like 6 or so hours drive from Istanbul and when he goes to see him, Mohand hears his son saying Dad to another man so he wants custody of his son. This happens over a long period of time so to cut the story short, Mohand is very mean to Nehal so she escapes with the baby, they find her but then her husband makes her hide again but then she gives the baby back to Mohand knowing that she had no right to steal his baby but Mohand gives the baby to her since he should be with his mom and they decide that they'll work it out...

Then Noor is having a fashion show, everyone's so happy for her and she's nervous and waiting for Mohand. When he doesn't show up she's getting worried. Mohand was on his way but two men stopped him and they stabbed him twice!! Or maybe more, and they left him on the road. That was planned of course, one person paid them to do so. Two people find Mohand on the road so they take him to the hospital and they call Noor since she was the last person he called and they tell her about Mohand's condition. She's devastated! Everyone goes to the hospital and they find out about Mohand's condition, he's in danger because those men stabbed him on his kidneys and one of his kidneys is damaged completly and the other is at risk.

He needs a doner to get a kidney. All of his family test to see if there's a match, his mother is a match but she can't donate since she has diabetes. Noor is a match as well but she had to wait for sometime and then she donated her kidney to him.
They knew who was behind what happened to Mohand and the police caught him, then everyone is living happily. Mohand quits his job at being the CEO and he gives his job to Bana who deserves it because all he wants is to be with his family! It's kinda lame I mean what kind of an example would the kids have seeing their father jobless although it may seem a bit romantic but it's not very since he can totally afford doing that.

Anyways after 13 years everyone is happy and grown up, Noor is writing a book about her life, she's pregnant and she's very happy with Mohand. It's a typical ending really. Nothing fancy.... So yeah there you, that's the end. Thankfully it ended, now we're not stuck with it anymore. Oh and I don't like Mohand anymore, yeah I know it's a shocker but I mean yeah he looks awesome but his character in the end wasn't good.

Well, that's all folks!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I found this tag on a random blog I was checking and I liked it! So here we go:

The task:

# Pick up the nearest book.
# Open to page 123.
# Locate the fifth sentence.
# Post the next three sentences on your blog and in so doing...
# Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

"I am the mother of Colonel Aureliano Buendia" She announced. The sentries blocked her way. "I'm going in in any case," Ursula warned them.
From 100 years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marques... :D

I wasn't tagged, but I'll tag: Waed, Vic, and Ash!

Joke of the day

"English teacher: Please ask the question.

Student: What is you favourite types of barameg?

We had English and we were studying about the different types of programmes there are, so the teacher wanted someone to ask the question so one girl stood up and said the answer that is above. ^^
If you're an Arab you'd have no trouble getting the joke but if you're not, then the girl said the word barameg which means in English "programmes" so while she's supposed to ask in English she said the word barameg in her sentence.

Gosh it was sooo funny!! And God please forgive me if I'm making fun of the girl, but I'm not because that stuff happens and I just want to share this funny incident with you guys..

It's only been a week and a cracking up incident happened, let's see what the upcoming days reveal. Until then I bid you goodbye... :)