Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wrong lessons in school

The sun is the centre of the universe.
Last year when we were studying an astronomy unit in science, they said the sun was the centre of the universe. It may be the centre of the universe, and let's focus on that. Have we discovered all of the universe? No, then the case is settled.
I had a nice time standing up and explaining why it wasn't so everytime a girl or the teacher said so. Just because there are 11 or 12 or something planets that go around the son, doesn't have to mean that it is the centre of the universe.
And they also teach us that the sun the is the number one source of energy in the universe, we all know that the sun isn't the biggest star in the universe, so they just need to stop generlizing things.

Your family should help you choose your friends.
I understand that we need our family's approval in certain things and that if they didn't think our friends worthy we should give their opinion consideratin. But let's think of it this way: Do you know you'll become friends with this certain person or that you will have a nice friendship with him/her before hand? No, you don't. So that means friends just happen, I mean yes they happen because of a certain situation maybe or that you feel connected or whatever but it doesn't involve planning it. At least in most cases.
That means your friends can't really help you choose your friends, they can help you with deciding whether to keep this friendship or end it. So when they teach us that our family should help us choose our friends they make us feel that our families should dominate our lives.

That's what I had in mind to crtisize, I may get more things school teaches us that is wrong but this will do for now. :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Creativity can bloom in my room

Well, this is the out come of my creativity tonight. I was doing the Islaimic Studies project and I had scraps of paper scattered on my bed, so when I was done with the work I had in my hands, I thought I'd make something of these coloured papers, instead of throwing all of them away.
And there goes this character.
I like it
I even sticked it on my file, the one I put some of my books in to carry, because if I put them all in my backpack, my back will suffer from serious back pain.
Sorry that the picture isn't so clear, it was the best that I could do, since it's late and I'm too lazy to try and take a better one.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm sorry

I've heard and read people saying that we say 'Sorry' and we apologize just because we want to feel better about ourselves. When you don't say you're sorry, you feel that you have to, to get it off your chest.
I don't agree when they say we say it to feel good about ourselves, maybe sometimes we do, maybe in some cases it involves that, but not in most cases.
I really believe that we say 'sorry' because we didn't mean to do something or we are really sorry and want the person to know that.
It's not because we want to free ourselves from that feeling upon one's chest of guilt for not saying Sorry. Even though I believe that we don't say it to feel better about ourselves, I can't be very certain about this. I believe in humanity, and maybe we're selfish, not everything in us is bad. I hope you understand what I mean.
I'd like it if you shared your opinion with me. :) Please do, so that maybe I can get a clearer perspective.