Thursday, March 29, 2018


Wear black. Flaunt your class and inner goth. (All at once). Let sadness meet the lovely curve of your mouth. 
Switch to white, let your inner innocence blind them while you count all of your sins in your head.
Engulf in the flamboyant secret of red. Let emotions bleed and run wild while putting on the facade of a poker face.
Be royal and wear that velvety purple while really knowing that you could be as base as the world requires you to be to get ahead, but at the same time knowing very well that you won't. 
Radiate a bright yellow. The sun’s out all right, but there's always one that could use an extra reminder. Hide your inner dull. 
Let them drown in blue's serenity while you fight all those raging emotions inside of you.
And then wear all the other shades, mustard, olive green, navy blue, hot pink. 
You are not what you wear, you are not what you look like. 

Friday, March 23, 2018

A Cloud's Journey

You are a cloud floating above. You're the one that's moving past the others, faster and with more purpose. Like you have a mission. 
You started off light and innocent, fluffy white. But then the closer you got, the darker you became. You were dark, angry and falling down like you couldnt get there fast enough. 
You always make sure there's someone to watch you falling. Afterall, the thunderstorm you bring deserves some respect. 
But you're eager to fly the next day, you can't accept to be a poodle. So you go back up again. 
And the cycle continues. Your only escape is to turn into a flood. 
But life has other plans in mind for you. 
Eventually, you'd exhauste yourself. Falling. Falling. Falling. 
And one magical day, you're contained. 

P.S. I (obviously) have a thing for clouds.