Monday, December 17, 2007

Oprah Winfrey


One of my biggest inspirations in life has to be Oprah. The things she's done so far are incredible. I've been watching her show like two or three years ago, it's amazing.
Today's show was about Love and real life stories were shared on how couples' love thickened when they faced some trouble together.
It was really beautiful.
This show, among many others, just leave you smiling. It's really that simple, her dedication and commitment to what she does is really inspiring.
She opened a school for girls in Africa, I've heard about some problems there, but I'm sure She's got nothing to do with them. I read somewhere online that teachers were accused of harassing the students.

Anyways that's not the point, what I'm trying to say is that I highly admire her for educating us about issues that we have to be awared of. I watched a full show on how to fight Global Warming, the way they (she and her team) introduce issues to us is just really great. You understand the issue, and they give you ways how you can help out.
It definitely makes me feel that I can make a difference by whatever small thing I do, makes me feel I can achieve the impossible.
Of course, I don't mind it when she has people I like with her, like when Orlando Bloom was there and he got her stuff for her dogs, I know, how nice of him.
Also, the famous Tom-jumping-on-the-couch-scene, I got to watch that as a matter of fact but the thing is, unlike a lot of people I don't dislike Tom Cruise for that. Anyone is free to do whatever they want on Oprah! If he wants to jump on the couch because he says he's in love, he might as well do it.

Besides the celebrities, there are other people who just inspire you and she gives them a chance to pass on a message to us. People who lost loved ones, who had accidents, who changed their life, people with real experience.
These people make you think of your life. I remember a lot of times after watching her show, I've contemplated about my life.
She made me see that what matters is not giving up. And that you have to take some chances in life, you have to be GRATEFUL. It's being satisfied with yourself, I know sometimes you need to change. Maybe not sometimes. Maybe changing yourself is just something you'll continue doing till you die but what matters is the appreciation you have for life and the people around you.
I just love you Oprah, and I would like to express my sincere gratitude for having listened to you and having got to know you through my TV.
Thank you!
I hope you remain an inspiration to me, to do better and to imporove myself. And I hope you continue you your way towards a better world for all of us.



Waed S. said...

Oprah!! I may not be as huge a fan as u but some times she really amazes me with how far she have come in her life! her life alone is a gr8 inspiration and her work is fantastic! some times i feel she puts stupid shows every once in a while :P

Waed S. said...

ehhhh so none of the templates worked out ?!!!! :( :(