Saturday, December 1, 2007

I love you

I noticed it a lot that we, teenagers, are fascinated by the concept of love. When we have a crush we start thinking we're in love. Seriously, a lot of my female friends, lol, have told me that they were in love and they're just 14 or 15 years old. Age doesn't matter when it comes to love, I know that, but I really think they just want to believe that they're in love.
My friend's life was somehow ruined and her spirits were really affected and hurt because she loved the "wrong dude".
I really think she just wanted to be in love and finally she was in love. I may have the wrong idea about all this but from my experience I've had crushes just for the sake of having them. I don't know if anyone can relate. But I'm 15 and still I really don't think I can be in love now, or even for some years to come.

I mean seriously, if you are in love you have my respect for finding someone you can love, but let us think about it. You have a crush when you... Ok, I'm not going to explain what a crush is, I think all of us know what it means, but when you are in love. That is a totally different case. You can't wait to see that person, you think about them all the time, and before you think I'm the love expert I'll stop and you take a minute to think what does it mean to be in love really?

I don't believe in teenage love, although there might be some cases that the couple really love each other, but in most cases they just love for the sake of loving, for the sake of saying I'm in love.
What is so wrong about thinking you have a crush? It'd save you so much trouble and heartache. My advice to all of you teenagres, think clearly before saying you're in love and take your time. I think being in love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and we should enjoy it. Love should make life more beautiful not ruin your life.
I'll wrap this up with this beautiful song 'Hey there Delilah' by Plain White T's. I love it and would like you all to enjoy it...


Ashok said...
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Ashok said...

If only teenagers were as sensible as you :). You put it really well madam. Kudos to you.:)

Personally I don't think one can tell what love is or what to look out for to see if you are in love. It is just a feeling that you get I suppose. It is really impossible to effectively say what is the difference between infactuation and love.

By the way I just saw your comment on my blog. I can understand the predicament you are in right now. Unfortunately, the international community is devoid of any principles or ethics. The sole guiding factor is the promotion of national interests.

I am writing a detailed post on the invasion of Iraq. It is almost ready, just needs a final review and some editing.

I was very happy that Saddam was gone. I am also quite okay with the invasion of Iraq. But the basis on which the invasion was made and the way the invasion was carried out and the strategy behind it is what irks me the most. Anyways I hope you read that post. In the meanwhile if anything in that last post had an offending tone to it,I deeply apologise. It was not my intention to hurt anyone. Good day to you :)

Dhrid said...

Hey! as i said earlier i completely agree! i suppose it can happen occasionally tho (saying this out of guilt so i'm not completely dissing my parents haha). well anyways awesome post as alwasy keep blogging

Waed S. said...

Gurl u r mature :P
And I cudn't agree with u more on this one :P U stick with crushes and u'll be okay :p the problem with moi is that I don't say much about crushes that's y when I * If ever* say that I have one , ppl wud think it is bloody serious :P

Today wasn't as I expected it , I barely shook hands with the queen though I entered as a guest . I was seated right behind her :( but she is nice !We didn't see the king in person :( I was really excited about it .... yella I'll see them some other time :P

sorry sweety but today I can't be seen online , I have piles to do , and I better start now ./

take care.... love ya

Unknown said...

We have had this conversation before, I believe :). And you express all you want up to the point and with true sensibility.

I do believe in teenage love. Heck, most of my friend's parents were together since 13 or so, so I cannot lie and say I do not. It has become an integral part of my society, and I think it depends on our level of maturity. I know I am not ready to fall in love, I consider myself too young, whereas other people of my age are happily together.

I love you, Noor Said! Thank you for the comment on my blog, I deeply appreciate it. Lol, friendly love between us, of course :) And let's stick with Prince Crushes!!*

Anonymous said...

donot know noo3' i think u are talking about me i canot say that u are wrong i felt in love because i wanted that yes i picked the wrong dude but donot know?? at first that if agirl didnot fell in love it will be complicated and this idea surronded me for along time then i found the person wasnot great but donot know i felt in love to prove to myself that i wasnot complicated by doing that i zalmt nafsy we him and people arouned him