Friday, January 3, 2014


I hope that when you’re happy, it’s the content kind of happy that fills your heart tenderly and makes you accept things in life. The one that makes you remember the good things, and doesn’t blind you from the bad at the same time. Instead, it makes you view the bad as blessings in disguise. That even if you really can’t see any good to a situation you’re in, you still think there’ll come a time when you’ll realize why you needed to go through that.

I hope it’s the kind of happiness that makes you smile to everyone you meet, even if they’ve never smiled back. And that it makes you give, without thinking, without being selective about giving.
I hope it’s the kind of happiness that gives you space to be sad, for a day or two. But not a sadness that makes you hollow. A sadness that makes you reflect.

I hope you’re happy when you’re alone and when you’re around people. I hope you allow yourself to be, to just simply be without scrutinizing your every move and your every word. I hope you’re happy with your imperfections, and at the same time you’re happy that you’re working on them.

And most importantly, I hope you’re not on an emotional high that leaves you empty when the bustle ends. That happiness makes the hard days easier, but it’ll suck your soul dry. It’ll make you only give when you’re feeling good, it’ll make you generous only when you’ve got your way. It’ll make you say things you don’t mean, and it’ll make you do things you regret.
I live on the highs of happiness, and even though it feels wonderful, I suffer from the withdrawal. I wish more for you, I really do.