Thursday, October 4, 2007

United we stand

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United for children, united against AIDS
United for peace, united against violence
United for equality, united against discrimination
United for freedom, united against oppression
United for the world we aspire to live in

What is the world I aspire to live in?
Poverty shouldn't be a big problem. Children shouldn't have to suffer, work under cruel conditions, live in conflict zones. Beggars shouldn't roam the streets because it seems as their last retreat. Global issues and crises shouldn't be treated as worthless and unexisting. Discrimination shouldn't be encouraged and unity for the betterment of tomrrow should be the concern of the people.
And much much more should be in the world I aspire to live in. The thought that has been pushing my brain cells to think is the following:
I believe strongly that nothing is perfect, and we can't attain a perfect world. Alas, problems and issues have to exist.
We are living in a world surrounded by people. Thus interatcing with them has to have it's two faces. We shalt move ahead but, indeed, we can't solve every problem. What problems can continue existing? What are our priorities? Which problems come first? Which problems have to wait? Which problems are being solved?
It is somehow uncomforting to think about this. Will there be problems that shalt remain unsolved?

Isn't that too confusing?
I am confused but I had to let that out. It is somehow borthing me. To think some problems have to exist for the sake of having our imperfect world.
Might sounds cruel and it may be false altogether. I do hope so.
Our world should be pink with hope, green with dreams, white with purity!
My small little world in this huge world consists of me and my thoughts. It is comforting to know for sure that I shalt do whatever I can to live in the world I aspire to be a part of.

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest

And that I shalt do! And I'm not the one who is so very confident with what one shalt do but with the help of Allah everything is possible.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You forgot "and the government should cease to exist" :).

I am evidently joking. I think this does reflect what many of us think about all the time... Well, a small group of us, silly little beings!

It is confusing, and I wish I had the answer, but hope replaces this confusion with goodwill, and that's what we should aim for :).

Tons of love, Noory Noor!

Ashok said...

I will have to agree with you. We need posts such as these to replenish our perspectives on current topics. Great going, Noor.:)

Well a lot of people are scared of an early death. In your case, you are a larger than life person with a really positive attitude and your fear of an early death emanates out of that. In such cases it is very healthy actually. It shows that you wish to do a lot of good work with your life.

Dhrid said...

I really loved this post it was so thoughtful. It's a great reminder of what the world should be.