Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Future

My ideal life to be:
Marry a prince who will evantually become a king
Become a good-will ambassador for UNICEF
Become a fashion icon

That means I need to be Queen Rania, she's beautiful, very fashionable, works for UNICEF and is married to a king! What more can I ask for?
She's got this ad for UNICEF specialy for Ramadan, I tried searching for it on YouTube but it wasn't there yet.
She's leading the life I would like to lead someday. But again we all need to find a life that suits us, and that is different from other people's life.
Has to be one in a six billion :P

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Unknown said...

Damn u Queen Rania... Lol, ok, joking! She has an incredible life and is good you set goals for your future, doesn't matter how wacky they are :) As you know, I want to have Prince Harry as my boyfriend so... LET'S LIVE IN OUR FANTASY LIFES! Woohoo!

AbdelRahman :) said...

Hi Queen Noor :), Great topic ;) isA all your wishes will come true and u'll be the prettiest smartest rockest Queen ever, i'll keep calling u "Queen" until it comes true!

Lu said...

Wooojo! That kind of life is cool xD I don't want a prince like u and Vic but that's nice anyway! :)

Waed S. said...

ya greedy enti :P but why not she's not better than u :P
If I ever get married I wanna have a guy with a massive brain and is also intereested in poetry and literature :P
and live in a lab with him ...... ahhhhhhh..... we can get rich later on and buil a scientific empire :

Waed S. said...

oh , once queen Rania said she gets most of her clothes fron ordinary shops , they are not always that fancy :P I was like : not so fancy Channel,casual Prada and shaby Louis :P
I wonder where is our budget going :P