Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back-To-School arrangements (part 1)

It's all sinking in at the moment. The room needs to be tidy, school things need to be prepared well, and these kinds of things. I've managed to make my bed time more suitable for school, today for an example I woke up at 9:53 am.
Yes, I'm very accurate :P The mobile said so at least. That is a good timing to wake up in. I watched Babel which had a nice plot to it. I want to watch 'Bones' for probably the last time today since it's on 12 a.m. on Tuesdays. The re-runs are in a time when we never seem to catch.
I need to blog as much nowdays. I just need to do these last things from wasting time. I think the most important thing I need to do is just accept the fact that school is coming. :( I need to sort out my feelings.
Here are some of things that need to be said before I get caught up with school.
1- I might not be able to check blogs a lot.
2- I might be late in replying to comments/mails/posts and such.
3- I might start complaining A LOT about school/teachers/homework and the like so that'd be normal.
4- I'll probably be late in welcoming new members, not that late though. Don't fire me!
5- I'll do my best to keep up with viva, and if you want to write an article about anything mail it to me please or to Waed or Ash.
6- I'll be blogging less often.
If these signs were noticed then they're a good thing. I'm actually being a good student. Which is exactly what I need to be doing.
Let's try to arrange or sort out my feelings. I shouldn't worry about school, it's only four days away. That is a scary fact indeed. It shouldn't be though. I'll have time to be online, watch tv and do what people do with their lives. It's only my 10th grade.
I'll still hate school of course unless there would be drastic measures in my school. That is for sure. Hey, it's a normal thing. Now let me go tidy up the room and I'll blog again tonight telling you how it went and the remaining updates on my back-to-school arrangments. Till then, so long everyone.


Waed S. said...

Lolz NOOr!!!!
It is only tenth grade :P and besides tenth Grade is fun ,atleast it was for me :P
I should be feeling that I have some stuff that need to be done! I have my writing test for the driving liscence but wheneve I feel like reading I go in a crucial moment of choice : Novel or Book Or Driving manual ?
Where will the scale fall this time ? surprisingly it always falls away from the manual !!!
Will be waiting to see how it went :P

'til then so long :p

Unknown said...

I hated tenth grade :) Oh well! But it's just because I was learning to fit with my classmates... That stopped lasted year. I became so focused in school that I was grumpy all day... And believe, u don't wanna be like that!
This year, the last one, I've learned who I am and to accept everybody that surrounds me :)
School is *ucking boring! Lol, but is school so hand in Oman? Here, if I weren't taking the IB, it would just be SOO easy! Try to ask if there are schools that teach the IB in Oman, cuz if there are, u are a good candidate for the next two years :D

PS: I've searched in the IB Webpage and in Oman you have the American-British Academy and the Sultan's school :D Yesh. Sooo I have to sleep a bit! I'll reply to your e-mail tomorrow, Thursday is a holidaaay! Yay!

Unknown said...

It's in Muscat!*

The other one... I dunno :| http://www.sultansschool.org/

Nairobian said...

School will be fine, as long as you don't forget everything else. I mean yeah, you're supposed to focus on school, but it shouldn't be everything. That's why I hated last year.. Have fun! make new friends (if there's new people as I'm sure you're friends with everyone else)

You'll do fine.. and if you don't, we could swap schools for a bit ;) hehe.. but you'll have to repeat 9th =] haha *hugg*

Karina said...

nooooor =) ... ... whn i talk about u i dun know how to pronounce ur name :S if it is noor like the 'o' in tour or the 'oo' in Boom or the 'o' in ball or the 'o' in women etc etc how do u say it? :$

Anonymous said...

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