Thursday, August 9, 2007


These last days in this summer are just being gone to total waste. Not that I mind really. One good thing was the amount of books I managed to read!!! Yes, indeed that was my sole source of joy this summer that I know won't go away. I've taken guitar lessons which were totally fun, I've been clinging to the hope of soaring the sky in one of those planes in the destination for a new place, I've had a lot of set backs which have left me rejecting any sign for hope of leaving this place for the last time before starting school.
We have been handling Viva and we'll be responsible for publishing two new articles this Sunday. It is kinda tough to handle it but we're pulling through.
Life is standing still these days. Not much going on, it's been a while since I last blogged so it's ust to keep you "posted"

Take care


Karina said...

Oh no i hate reading X.x

Karina said...

i read a page, turn to the other and forget what i've previously read so I return to the previous page and read it again and etc etc etc same cycle :'(

Lu said...

I love reading! and I'm back because I didn't have my computer for a week! (or five days but it's a lot)=]
So I'm going to reply your mail, yey!