Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stricly previous post related

Dear bloggers,

I believe in the last post I sounded more upset than I was, thus perhaps the term "who met his/her end with no reasonable reason" was some how irrational. I believe strongly that everything happens for a reason. Let me clarify it a little bit. I meant that these people who are dying, their lives are being taken for reasons that could've been stopped!
Or maybe for reasons that are merely hard for a person like me to comprehend which is why I said that. Nevertheless, it was doing them great injustice since their lives are a powerful reason that makes me strive to change this world.

I would like to thank Waed for putting light into that point, Victoria for providing links for Mafalda, and Jenny for being supportive and all of you for your encouragement. I do feel like Mafalda a bit... Here's a picture I found that I really looooooooooooove!

I shalt keep on writing, I will try to be more considerate next time...


Unknown said...

Mafalda is the best, Mafalda is great, Mafalda is everythiiiing* Woohoo, I'm sleepy :) When I get sleepy I say stupid things :) Yay yay! I am really glad you liked her! And in that picture she looks so cute! Hehe well byee

Lu said...

Mafalda! I love her ^^ and Quino is from Argentina, haha. I used some of the cartoons to my project to the school, some weeks ago. That was nice!

Keep reading Mafalda :) bye!