Thursday, December 6, 2007

Random conversations

I was just remembering some conversations I've had, and I thought I'd share them with you since I thought they were kind of funny. :)

First one:
R- Why don't you like to talk on the phone?
N- I just don't.
R- Then what will happen if you found a "special person"? How will you talk to him?
N- Uh, I can't believe you, you're messing with your little sister's innocent mind!

Second one:
N- I'm bored
M- Why?
N- Because I'm studying.
M- So you're bored because you're studying?
N- Yeah!
M- You shouldn't be.
N- So studying is fun?
M- Yes, it is.
N- Well, I still have a lot to study and it's down right boring.

Third one:
T- These are your project papers, don't ask me why if I cut your mark, if you haven't written your opinion about what people should do to stay healthy, then I've cut your mark. If you didn't write facts and if you haven't stated what causes high blood pressure then know I've cut your mark.
N- But teacher you didn't ask us to write these things, nor were they in the paper u had us filling.
T- Why are you protesting? You wrote everything I asked you to.
N- I don't know!
T- Those who protest when they did the right thing amaze me, I understand when you protest if you haven't done what I told you to, but when you have it's just beyond me.

I'm N. :P
That's what I remember for now. Take care everyone... :D


Ashok said...

The 'M' in the second conversation reminded me of Waed.:) lol

Unknown said...

I remember u told me about the 3rd one, it is totally hilarious! :) U've got really funny conversations, I assure u, lol*

Ashok said...
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Ashok said...

lol well atleast I wasn't far out in my guess. :P And I agree with Victoria, you have very funny conversations. :)

Anonymous said...

hey, haha ur convos are funny.
and luv the new layout btw. :)

Unknown said...

I am LOVING your new layout! :D