Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Randomness!

I am feeling somehow high. Well not as in high on some sort of drug! But as in really happy! Why does it happen that a day can really go so badly but then be a great day. I remember being so upset one day and buying the books I was longing to get in the same day as well!! Is it how days work?! You get to have the most marvelous -I just checked the dictionary, I spelled that correctly!!!!- day while going through bad moments! I do not mind them, but I just want them to be so kind as to not let me shed a tear. I have unfinished business to do -I always want to say that line, it makes me feel like I'm some sort of this important person, which I already am but hey I just like saying it- I still have a list of things to do but I managed to cut off some of them as I did some of those tasks gracefully.

I must admit that having people travel for Summer makes me eager to leave this place. London, Peru, Malaysia, Jordan, Egypt are the destinations of my friends.
I want to go to Jordan because I feel like eating 'mansaf', falafel, a potato sandwich! YUM!! I want to eat their food so bad... Don't worry I will not go on blabbering on the places I wish I was instead of this room. I like where I am, it is somehow my comfort zone.

More randomness coming your way: We are explaining what a lip gloss is to a guy who doesn't know what it means! 'Lip gloss universal' quoting Lil Mama!
I just wonder why would anyone in their complete senses think that being skinny means being beautiful, hold on I've mentioned that earlier? I need some rest then, My brain is obviously over stressed as the clock announced the start of a brand new day. Yes, little Miss sunshine is here...And how on earth would I move from talking of lip gloss to talking of being skinny??

I would like to thank you for bearing such randomness and more over, should I say incomplete, repeated thoughts? Now that was a nice way to put it... Good Night

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Unknown said...

No worries, randomness make the day fly happily away :)! Keep being happy all your summer! It's actually cold here.. and there's a lot of humidity.. and my summer vacations are on December :( So YOU ARE A FORTUNATE GIRL! Haha really, spend your summer full of activities: travelling, maybe taking a course or two, walking all day long, dunno.. Enjoy it as much as you can!