Friday, December 21, 2007

A charitable event

I hope every one's enjoying their time off, whether it's because of Eid holidays, Christmas holidays.
I've been having quite a nice Eid. Although it's not that much, but it's nice. Oh and the-not-so-much-nice part is that we're studying in Eid. Yup I never thought I'd be this kind of person who studies at Eid. Argh!
It just feels I don't have enough time for preparing for my exams.
Anyways enough talk about exams, they make me nervous. So I'd like to tell you a funny incident, this year at school is filled with these funny situations.
Anyways let me introduce you to my idea of 'charity'..

Once upon a time, in a little town, girls were sitting in class waiting for the bell that announces the beginning of the holidays. In order to pass time they walked around the class and talked to each other.
A very nice girl was sitting near her friend and she grabbed her friend's maths note-book. And the conversation went as follows.

N- Dear God! Why haven't you done your homework, we have a lot of free time?
M- Oh never mind that, no one will check that homework since it's last day of school.
N- No, silly. You have to do it. Give it to me I'll do it for you.
M- There's no need.
N- Just give it to me.
M- Who am I to stop in your way if you want to do my maths homework?
So this nice girl does her friend's maths homework, after finishing the nice girl says: 'Here's my treat to you my friends, I would like to ask those who want their homework to be done to give it to me and I shall do my best to do it for you now, so hurry up'
They looked at her for a moment, and someone said 'Are you also offering to do past days homeworks?'
The nice girl replied: 'It's very clear, just today's maths homework'
Someone else said 'You should've told us before, we already did it'
And another commented saying 'What if you do it wrong?'
The nice girl laughed at this remark and they knew her to be a nice person who wouldn't offer help if she didn't meant it and said 'Well, I can't promise you 100% that it's right, but the homework is simple and we've taken such questions before so I'll do my best'
So anyways the nice girl sat down peacefully doing other people's home works voluntarily.
And they all lived happily ever after.

So I was the nice girl and well, I thought it to be a nice gesture on the final day of school. :)


Waed S. said...

I should have a word with u i private about this little charity of yours young lady!!! and I worn you missy I'll not be "nice" !!!!!

Bharat said...

erm.. baaad idea... i know it's a nice gesture and everything... but... well... i hope you're not bombarded by requests and everything...

once you show you're nice.. people just want more and more...

Unknown said...

Lol it's nice u did it, but u should've let them copy from other people :P! Anyways it's a good representation of other ways of CHARITY :)

Noor said...

thanks alot! :)
I dont really do that a lot. Just cuz it was last day of school and the teacher wudnt even chk it out! :)

Unknown said...

I was rereading your wishlist... and I remembered who wrote it: Noory Noor - A girl full of dreams and possibilities, woohoo.

Don't ask me why that popped out in my mind, but it did! Lol and it is probably a premonition as I have tons of those, u know :P!

Anonymous said...

hey, it was nice of you to do that.A li'l bit too nice though =P. But, i'll admit to doing similar things in the past :). Nd thnx 4 commenting. It's been 4ever since I've talked to you. Happy new years in advance if i dont see u online b4 then :).