Friday, June 27, 2008


So now that they're in the island all by themselves, Mohand got a chance to talk to her. Which they cut out, I have no idea why. The show started with Mohand being upset with Noor. Anyways I think I get why, he probably tried to talk her into getting back to him but she refused so the man has had enough. He went and opened the door and said 'Noor if you wanna go, then go. But you should know that I would rather die than love someone else.'
So she was going out, but he stopped her and put his jacket around her and told her he loved her. Ahhh, that did it. So she hugged him and they're back together!!!

Such a relief... Now we can breathe easy, because they spent the weekend there, and then after getting back Mohand asked for Noor's permission to go see his son because Nehal was leaving for a while to go to the USA to get treatment. So Noor suggested him bringing his son to the house to spend the time while Nehal was away with them. He thanked her, but she said 'Your son is my son.' Now she's talking! Everything's back to normal, thank Goodness!

Now that Mohand and Noor are doing good, the show is focusing on other characters. Dana and Anwar's relationship is very rocky, because Dana is accusing Anwar to be having an affair with someone from work. Of course, Anwar isn't. But you can't blame Dana because the girl she's accusing is the cause of it all. She is the sister of Bana's husband, Suhair. (Bana is Dana's and Mohand's cousin). Suhair is so evil, she sprays her perfume on Anwar's jacket, and one day she got Anwar drunk and into her room, but Anwar refused to have an affair with her because he loves Dana very much. So she hurts herself, and calls her brother, Kamel. She even makes a mess out of her house to show the struggle. She tells her brother that Anwar raped her!!!

Now Kamel goes to the company and starts yelling at Anwar but Anwar denies it. You'd think Mohand would believe Anwar being his best friend but Mohand didn't know what to believe. I mean the girl hurt herself to show that she struggled with Anwar. Anyways, Kamal gets a friend of his who is a professional in dealing with such cases to press charges against Anwar. So he asks Suhair to tell him what happened. So Suhair starts telling the story, saying that he raped her in the living room, Kamal tells her that she told him that he raped her in her bedroom. So Kamal figures out that his sister is lying, because when they asked her how she got the marks on her hand she couldn't think of an answer.
Anwar and Dana are going to the hospital, because Dana wants to abort her baby, she's pregnant and since she and Anwar are getting a divorce, she didn't want her baby to have to be away from his father. But on the way, Kamal calls Anwar asking him to come to his place with Dana. They go and Kamal apologizes for not believing him and tells him that Suhair was lying.

Even though everything is cleared, but Dana doesn't want to get back together because she feels that there are too many troubles and problems to work out. Anyways, that's cleared the show turns to the whole company crisis. They're facing bankruptcy. So they have to sell their house. That's their grandfather's decision. They try telling him to give them some more time, but he is determined. So Noor tries to think of a way to help out. She sells her part of her company to her partner, and she transfers the money to the family's account. Now you gotta admit she's awesome. She sold out her work, what she's been doing for a while.

Anyways so things started to look good for the company. But Mohand since he doesn't like her partner asks her to come work for their company. Noor refuses of course, just because she sold her part in the company doesn't mean she left her job. But she's gonna try to help their company.

And Dana has an art gallery and it was a success but the problem was that she wasn't happy. Surprise surprise! It was because Anwar wasn't there. She goes to his house and tells him that she wants to try to make things work. So they're back together!

We'll end it there, because the show right now is pretty vague with what's going to happen next, what's the next crisis! But it's now just nice that the whole family is happy.

Here's a video of some clips of the show:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Back to Basics

Appreciating Nature!

Maybe it's just having watched half of Titanic, or listening to Josh Groban so much lately, but I have this feeling that I need to get back to the basics. Be grateful for the air, I know we all are, but actually feeling it. I just need to feel that now, because I've been lazying around feeling very useless and very ungrateful for the life I have.
This won't be another I-promise-my-self-from-this-day-forward-to-be-good post, I know I have enough of those moments before I go to sleep. You know when you're trying to shut your brain down so you end up thinking about a lot of meaningless things and then contemplate your day and vow to yourself to be good, and that tomorrow you'll be a nicer person and stuff. I know I've had too many of those moments.

But somehow it's different because it's not pushing myself to do it anymore, I feel like it's a must-do. I know I've done a poor job so far, but hey you can't blame a girl for trying right?

Anyways, hopefully this won't pass out as a too-goody-good attempt. :P It's just a try to be positive because being very idle in summer can lead to a very depressed mood.

The world ain't have as bad, as they paint it to be - Come Home, OneRepublic.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Mohand is still trying to get Noor back, so one day he goes to their bedroom at night and tried to talk to her, and he tells her that he wants her back but she just tells him to go away. So he leaves the room, but feeling very helpless he starts hitting the wall, as in punching it and it looks as if he's punching it really hard and yells 'What have I done?'

His grandfather hears him and so does Noor, so they both go see what is wrong with Mohand and their grandfather tells them to work things out between them because it's getting ridiculous. So they go to their bedroom, and Noor goes to get some bandage because his hand is injured from hitting the wall. So as she puts the bandage he tells her how much he loves her and that he doesn't want to get back together with Nehal and stuff. But Noor says 'Mohand, I lost all my family in one day so I know what it's like to live without your parents. Your son deserves to have both of his parents with him and that his parents are in love.' But Mohand tells her that even if she left him he wouldn't go back to Nehal.

Of course Mohand keeps trying and now that Noor got her driving license he got her a red car, and it's waiting for her in the house. But Noor and her partner are already looking for cars, she wanted a red one but the shop didn't have one, and her partner told her that green is better because it's already available. So she gets one and she goes to the house to find Mohand decorating the car, but she tells him she already got one. And she refuses Mohand's gift, saying that he can't make things up by getting her presents.

There's this upcoming party for business men. Mohand of course is going, his company is going down because of what happened with smuggling drugs. Even though their name is clear, their reputation is ruined. So he needs to go to this party with Noor to show the positive side of their family. Now, he asks her just a day before the party and she refuses because she's going with her partner. So when Bana finds out that Noor isn't going with Mohand she gets upset, because it's not just a party they're going to as a couple, they're representing the family so she calls Noor and gives her a piece of her mind. Now Noor doesn't know that the family's company is going through a crisis because obviously Mohand didn't tell her. Who can blame him? Noor doesn't give him a chance to say anything.

Anyways even though Mohand didn't tell her, Noor rises up to the occasion and goes with him. But you'd think things get better, well they don't...

Noor is going to Paris to open a shop there and extend her work with her partner. So when Mohand finds out that Noor is going to Paris he loses it, and he asks her when she was planning to tell him and stuff. But she just says that everyone is free to do what they want with their life. But he says 'What if I don't let you go?' And she says 'Mohand please don't make it any harder than it is'

Now one day Mohand brought his son to the house, and he went to Noor and told her to give his son a chance because she'll love him instantly and that she'll be a great mom for him. Noor agrees and goes to see the boy. She holds him but the boy starts crying!!! A really perfect moment, so Noor gives the boy to Mohand and leaves the room crying. Mohand hurries after her, and tells her he's sorry and that every time he's trying to make things better he just makes things worse.

One day, after getting out of the shower, Mohand forgets his ring in the bathroom. And goes to see his son and Nehal, so Nehal and her sister notice that he's not wearing his ring and Nehal's sister tells her that maybe he got a divorce and that it's Nehal's chance to get Mohand back.

One of the servents in the house, brings the ring to Noor and tells her that it was in the bathroom. Noor thinks Mohand let go of her, but she gives him the ring and tells him to play along until her grandmother is feeling better.

One day, Noor gets home and goes to check on her grandmother. But her grandmother wasn't in bed, so Noor goes looking for her and then comes to find her in her room. Noor asks her grandmother whether she's feeling better, and she is. Noor finds out that her grandmother was playing her and gets upset. She tells her grandmother that it's been awful having to live in the house with Mohand. So they decide to leave tomorrow morning. They go to dinner, and Noor tells everyone that they're leaving tomorrow. Mohand's grandfather says 'OK, we can't force you to stay but at least have this last dinner with us' So they all sit but Mohand gets up and says 'I don't want to be a part of such a dinner.'

He calls Nehal and asks her if it's ok to come by and give her a visit. Nehal and her sister get all excited thinking that maybe he came to tell her that he wants her back. So Mohand comes and tells Nehal that he needs her help because Noor is leaving him and he doesn't know what to do. He tells her how much he loves Noor, and that Noor can't understand the fact that he and Nehal are friends and nothing more, so he asks her to talk to Noor. But Nehal starts crying, who can blame the girl? She's in love with Mohand and here he is telling her he needs her help trying to get back his wife. So she refuses.

Mohand leaves and writes a letter to Noor, and slips it under her door. He waits for a reply or anything but nothing happens so he gets into her room to find no one there. Apparently Noor and Dana left to go out. They go to a restaurant to find Nehal sitting there. So Nehal called Dana and asked her to bring Noor because she wanted to talk to her. So they all sit and Dana leaves the two to work things out. Dana tells Mohand that Noor and Nehal are talking. Nehal tells Noor that Mohand told her about their separation.

So Noor thinks that since Mohand is so attached to Nehal he's telling her everything, but Nehal says he told her because he needed her help. So Nehal tells Noor the following:

'Since I came back I noticed that Mohand is very different. And when you look into his eyes you can notice how much he's in love. I can tell he loves you dearly. And even if you two split up we won't get back together. I hate to be the reason for you and Mohand's separation.'

So Noor says 'But you still love him right?'

Nehal says 'Love can take a lot of forms. And I can't have a man who loves someone else'

That was really good of Nehal and if that doesn't get Noor back I don't know what will. So Noor comes home, and reads Mohand's letter which is so romantic and he's pleading her not to leave him. But to ruin the moment, her partner calls her and tells her that they should go to Paris next week to arrange a few things. She agrees. Now Mohand knew that what Nehal said didn't work because he still didn't hear from Noor so he called his friend and asked him to bring the boat. You see their house is on the see. So Mohand goes to Noor and tries to talk her into getting back to him but fails so she tells him to leave because she wants to sleep because tomorrow she's leaving with her partner to Paris. Mohand says 'No, you're not. You're coming with me' And he lifts her up and carries her to the front door and gets her into the boat and they go to the island. Of course she tried to resist but there's no use. After getting in the house he locks the door and keeps the key with him. She just leaves him and goes to a room and locks herself in.

Next day, she wanders around the house trying to get out but Mohand gets back with food, and makes her breakfast. So she tries to convince him to take her back but he refuses. So she says 'I don't want to stay here with you.' So he just says 'Fine' and leaves her by herself in the room. All I thought was 'Go Mohand'. That's the way to go, it's like she has to go back to him.
Okay, well I don't know if his attempt will work, but very much hoping so. Now the episodes are getting more and more interesting because Mohand is taking great steps at making things better.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Well, it's dull to be lazying around all day. I thought this day would never come, since before school ended the holidays were something really sacred and no matter what we'll do, they'll be jolly.
I mean they are but they get boring. Anyways so I thought I'd get posting about nothing really and blabber a bit. So let's do that!
I think I'll venture out about how I dislike some of the things my fellow human beings do. One of them is when they chew a gum with their mouth open. I mean that is something that really gets me annoyed, and I just want to leave the room because I feel really uncomfortable.
And another thing is that when people after washing their hands and not dry them, they start spraying water at me. That's something I really dislike.

Yes, they may sound weird but we all have those things that make us uncomfortable.
Yeah, I just wanted to get that off my chest. Now, it's all about watching tv and reading. There's really nothing else interesting. So I think I'll wrap up this post with one of my favourite song Moan. The song is awesome, here's the remix because I can't find the original but it's still great.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Ok, so now that Mohand is free, he's been trying to look for Tariq. He's been staying near Tariq's hotel hoping he'd come. Now Noor notices that and is scared that Mohand might do something stupid that would cost him a lot. So she's trying to meet up with him and stuff but he's coming home late, and being distant and all. So one day she goes to the study to find him holding a gun.

So she knows that he wants to kill Tariq and one day he knew where Tariq was so he was rushing out of the house. Noor sees him going out and tries to stop him and asks him to let the police handle it but he won't have it and he gets out.

So he comes back after sometime, and finds Noor crying in their bedroom. When she sees him, she asks him what happened. He seems upset and says "I didn't do anything just for you."

Now that's a relief, he called the police instead and there you have it, the case is closed. So with Mohand's birthday coming up and Noor planning a trip, she doesn't tell him because he's obviously still upset, she has arranged the bags already and everything. But she figures since he's upset he wouldn't wanna go. So she starts unpacking but he stops her and tells her they should go.

So I was wrong with my speculations but who cares, they go for 4 days. Now Noor asks Dana and Anwar, to come with them for at least the last two days. So they go to this amazing place that's filled with snow, to skii and enjoy the snowy weather. They have a nice time, and Dana and Anwar show up and everything fine.

Dana was walking in the hotel, and she sees someone on a wheel chair, she's surprised to see how much this girl looks like Nehal. -Nehal used to be Mohand's girlfriend who died in a tragic car accident, just after telling Mohand she's pregnant- Anyways so Dana makes Anwar go see her too, maybe she was wrong.

So anwar goes to see her and he calls her name but she doesn't respond. So they think it's probably someone who looks like Nihal because she's gone. But what no one knows yet is that it is the "true" Nehal. She's alive!!!! And knows they're in the hotel now that she saw Dana and Anwar. She can't walk because of the accident and now she just wants to leave the hotel because she knew that Mohand was in the hotel and he might see her.

Dana and Anwar knew how much Mohand loved her and they didn't want old feelings to come back to him even if the girl wasn't Nihal so they decide to cut their trip. The next day they tell Mohand and Noor that they should go back because their daughter is ill. So they're all heading back. But Mohand and Noor were going to the lobby to wait for Dana and Anwar, Noor forgot her watch so she goes to get it. Nehal was sitting in the lobby too because she was leaving the hotel, so when she hears Mohand talking to Noor she just wants to leave the lobby so she accidentely takes her chair back instead of moving it forward and she hits Mohand's seat and he sees her. He's shocked and says "Nehal?" But she hurridly says "You must have me confused with someone else". And so she leaves.

Noor watches what happens and she thinks Mohand is still thinking about Nehal. Anyways they leave and go back. Now being back, Mohand is pretty shaken by what happened. Nehal goes back to Istanbul, she was living in Germany, trying to be away from Istanbul so that there's no chance she might see Mohand. But now that he saw her, she calls him up. And tells him she's still in Istanbul and that she wants to see him. He agrees, without telling Noor about it. But Noor gets suspicious. Mohand goes to see Nehal and he asks her about why she went away. Turns out that her reason was that she didn't want Mohand to have to live with someone who can't walk so she just left so that he could go on with his life. Now Mohand gets upset, and tells her it wasn't her right to decide that for him. He had spent two years crying over her. She apologizes. But he doesn't accept the apology and tells her that she's dead to him now.

Mohand decides to go on normally with his life, as if Nehal was still dead. But Anwar goes to see her. I mean she used to be his friend too. And as he was catching up, a little boy comes to Nehal calling her mom. Now this little boy is very blond and has green eyes and looks like Mohand. So Nehal called her son saying 'Mohand'. So it's Mohand's son! Now Nehal knew Anwar would tell Mohand so she makes him promise her not to tell him. But Anwar couldn't let Nehal leave again and take Mohand's son without Mohand knowing. So Nehal is leaving to the airport and Anwar tells Mohand to go say goodbye. Of course, Mohand refuses. But Anwar asks him if that's how he wants to part with Nehal, he should instead go say goodbye so that they part without feeling resentment. Now Anwar just wants Mohand to go to the airport to see his son.

Mohand goes and sees Nehal sitting alone, so without her noticing him, he just says goodbye and then turned to leave. But he heard someone say 'Mohand, sweetie come here'. He was shocked, he turned around and saw his son. He knew the little boy was his so he went over and asked Nehal if it was his. So Nehal tried to deny but it's a little too late for that. He knew it was his son. But Nehal wanted to leave because they were going to miss their flight but Mohand told her he wasn't going to let her leave with his son.

So he drove them back to their house, and well from then on everything started to fall apart. Noor felt that Nehal hadn't left and that Mohand was seeing her. Mohand kept visiting his son and no one could blame him but he could at least tell his wife about his son. But he felt bad about telling her because they were trying to have a baby and she's having problems with concieving. So he kept it hidden from her but his grandfather found out and he absolutely refused to acknowledge the boy because he wasn't married to Nehal back then. But Mohand's mother encouraged him because she wanted to see the little kid.

So Noor is afraid of losing Mohand so one day she hears him talking to Nehal and she listens to their conversation on the phone, he tells Nehal where and when they will meet today. So he leaves the house and then Noor follows him. He gets to the park and starts playing with his son. Noor arrives at the park too and she sees him playing with the boy. Mohand sees her, and she starts running away, she figures it's Mohand's son.

Mohand panics, and he follows her but he couldn't find her so he goes home waiting for her, and when she gets home she doesn't talk to him but he insists. So she asks him why he didn't tell her. And he tells her he couldn't tell her he had a baby when she couldn't have one. And he tells her that when he saw him at the airport he just couldn't let them go.

So she asks him 'why were you even at the airport?'

Now that's a good point! And she just leaves the room. He keeps waiting for her in their bedroom but he falls asleep and when he wakes up he finds her sitting at the window with her bag packed. She tells him he has to take care of his son. But Mohand tries to make her stay and stuff but she's determind. She leaves with her grandmother. He tried again when she was out of the house but he fails so he just stands out.

She was trying to get a taxi, but she went to check on her grandmother who was waiting for her to get one, and she finds her grandmother on the floor. She starts yelling and Mohand hears her because he was standing out so he rushes to help her and he carries her grandmother into the house.

Anyways her grandmother's condition is critical and the doctor advises them not to upset her. So from then on, Mohand and Noor put on the happy couple face when they are around her grandmother but Mohand is sleeping in another room. And the thing is, the grandmother is faking it!!! She's doing this on purpose to get them back together. Noor started looking for a house to live in and is considering filing for divorce but she can't leave until her granmother in well again.

So here's this funny little incident that happend. Noor and Mohand were heading to Bana's house to have dinner with Bana, Kamil, Dana, Anwar, Fajir and Kamil's sister. It was Noor and Mohand's first visit to Bana's house so they have to get them something. So they went to an antique shop and Mohand chooses something and Noor chooses something else and they both hand them to the person working in the shop. When they see what they did, Mohand says 'We'll have the lady's pick' But Noor says 'No, we'll have his pick'

But the person says 'Why don't you take them both, they really nice' So they agree. The person tells them that what Mohand chose was made by man who made it for his wife because she left him.

Now when they gave it to Bana, Mohand told them 'Actually there's a story behind this one, it was made by a man who loved his wife passionately but she left him.' He said looking at Noor because she was leaving him. So Noor said looking at him 'Why don't you tell them why she left him? It was because he kept doing bad things to make her unhappy' (That must be lost in translation because it must sound wrong)

He said 'I was just getting to that part, he loved her but she was the one to leave him.

Noor was about to say something when Bana's husband Kamil noticed the tension and said 'Charming story, now let's eat please' and saved them from a heated argument.

Well, things aren't going well, Mohand is trying to make Noor happy with him, he even brings her flowers but she just walks away. It's all just messed up. He just needs to tell her that he loves his son but he doesn't want to get back together with Nehal because Noor thinks she's getting in the way of their happiness. But she's just too stubborn! And now that she got her driving liesence, he's getting her a car but she's also trying to get one. Hopefully he'll be able to get her one before she and her partner get one for her. That partner of her is annoying, he even got her to see an apartment and told her how he left his wife because she was seeing another man and how he felt much better because it's awful to be the substitute. Mohand was going to dinner with his son and Nehal so he goes to Noor's shop to find her partner tickling her. Not a very pretty sight. So he just stands there until they saw him, and he asks to have a word with Noor. So he tells her he was going to dinner with Nehal and little Mohand because Nehal named their son after him. So she just says 'You're free to do whatever you want.' And leaves.

But Nehal's sister makes reservations for only two people because she wanted Nehal to just have a romantic dinner with Mohand so that maybe they could work things out. And she takes little Mohand out and tells Nehal they'll catch up with them later at the restaurant.

Nehal dresses really nicely and when Mohand sees her he is stunned and tells her that she looks like the old Nehal he used to know. So much for making things better. I guess we'll see how things will go, because as you can see they're pretty complicated and they are trying to stall and so now it's all about Noor pushing Mohand away. Poor him! I mean ok he did wrong but she knows how much he loves her. He just needs to make some bold move, I don't know what really but he needs to get her back.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Save Time

It's been a while now that I noticed a lot of people preaching us to save time. And to take care of how our day is spent so that we could save some time, and how new machines save us time. Save time. Save time!
I was just wondering that these days people are idle a lot, so what's the need of saving more time? To do what exactly? To just waste some more time?

I don't know if you've noticed that but being a school girl, and having to listen to a 20 minutes of the morning assembly, a lot of those programmes is wastes on "saving time" and how to do that. I don't really think their purpose is to save some time for us to relax from school, it's probably just because they want us to "study" more.

It's ridiculous but it's probably just me being too attached. But I say, don't save time, take all the time you need in doing whatever you want to do. ;)
But how should I know what you should do, do what you want! That's what you should do, it's a free world!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Now that I've spent a week of the summer break, I have to share the lovely experiences I've had. First off, I had my first shot in the vein of my arm. I know that sounds like a lame news, but I have to whine about it a bit. I really don't like hospitals, clinics, and most of all I hate seeing blood. So I paniced but well it didn't hurt a lot.

Moving on, we finally went to the movies and watched two good movies; The Happening, now it was good but we didn't really get it, and Kung Fu Panda, definitely recommend it!

On the other side, I finished reading The Runaway Jury by John Grisham. A very good book, and it was an awesome way to start my summer reading. I also finished a book about the cyclone Gonu. It was a great book by my dad's friend. I finally read a book in Arabic. And now I'm reading PS. I love you.

I also went to the dentist. Got them yellow! But the very uncool part is that my teeth are tied together, i mean the upper teeth with the lower teeth by an elastic. So I'm doomed with less talking and less eating. Now that's a bugger, because my teeth hurt. I know, poor moi.

I wanna talk fashion now. You all must have noticed that mini-dresses are so in. If you haven't then you're not very fashion-updated but it's alright. Now, every one is wearing them, and by everyone i mean those actresses and celebs. Yes, I take a peek at gossip magazines, I mean I don't buy them but when my sisters do, I can't help taking a look at them. That's not the point though. I so want to buy one, the thing is there are no parties to buy one to! Plus, even if there was, I really doubt whether I'd have the courage to go in such a bold look. But here are some of the great mini-dresses that I like:

They're awesome, aren't they? Ahh, someday I will buy myself one. That's when I have my own job and go on a shopping spree and go wild! Definitely looking forward to hat day. Until then, I'll see you guys later.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Thoughts on world news

So now that summer is here, there's more time to watch some news. Finally and get to know what's happening in the world. So here's a few of what I have heard and I'm going to blog about them because I have something to say about them.

- The Iraqi Government, after dealing with the safety of the country is now more concerned about making life better for the Iraqis. So they have been doing that. I just want to applaude them for the work they do first before I start criticizing. Anyways when it comes to education I have to say something, what they have been doing is building new schools and repairing new ones. Now there are a lot of rural villages in Iraq, so what they are doing is having the people of that certain village come together to build the new school, from the people's money and the people's efforts. So now that the people have built the school, and started having students, the government will evaluate the situation. See how many students have been coming to these schools, and if the number is big then the government will build schools in that area. Now I don't know about you, but first off the people of villages aren't the wealthiest of people. These rural places suffer greatly, even more than the cities because most of the care and money are being spent on the big places, and these are the ones left behind. Plus even if there weren't many students attending there should be schools everywhere!!

- Now more on a gossip news, but concerns world issues. The actress Sharon Stone, said after the earthquake in China that it's karma. Of course, refering to how the Chinese authorities handled the situation of Tibet. Now, I understand everyone is entitled to an opinion, but saying that is very unjust because many people have suffered because of the earthquake and not just the authorities. We have to be sympathetic. Needless to say that her statment have caused a lot of anger from the Chinese people. I think she apologized or something. This is what she said: "Well, you know, it was very interesting, because at first I am not happy about the way Chinese are treating the Tibetans because I don't think anybody should be unkind to anybody else... Then I've been concerned about how should we deal with the Olympics because they're not being nice to the Dalai Lama, who's a good friend of mine. And then all this earthquake, and all this stuff happened, I thought, is that karma? When you are not nice, the bad things happen to you. And then I got a letter from the Tibetan foundation that they wanted to go and be helpful, and that made me cry... That was a big lesson to me."

- The Turkish authorities have officially banned Hijab in universities. Turkey is a secular country by the way. However, I don't think it is very much relevent that they ban Hijab. Isn't wearing Hijab a personal choice that women make? Why take such a fundamental right? Like having the right to choose what to wear. I really think, these issues shouldn't be decided by the government but by more by the people and what they want.

So that was my post about world-news issues, I am happy to have had such a post after a really long time of total world-news-ignorance.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


So we left off when Mohand and Noor were getting married again. So the party was really nice, but it couldn't go perfect. Mohand's uncle, Tariq, is a bad man. He was running the company before Mohand's grandfather gave him the position of taking control of the company. Anyways Tariq used to smuggle drugs. And he was secretly married with a child. No one knew, and at Noor and Mohand's marriage everything was revealed. The part about him being secretly married. Anyways, their cousin Fajer, lived away from his family for sometime and he got involved with bad company. His friend got him into selling drugs without him knowing it and when he knew what it was he backed away and returned to his family. But the drug gang was after him to get back at his family, they killed his friend and put the body in his car's trunk. He saw it at night when Tariq was leaving. Now Tariq pulled some strings and the issue was solved. He did it intentionally so that he can get Fajir to do stuff for him.

Anyways, at the mean time Noor and Mohand are doing awesome, pretty happy having just got back together and Noor is starting her own firm with this annoying partner. Mohand got two tickets for Paris, they're leaving for the weekend. It's supposed to be Noor's first time away from Turkey and Mohand was determined to make Noor happy. Now Noor is about to open her new clothing line and her shop. Her work is hectic, and before they were leaving, her partner told her they needed her to stay. She tried getting out of it, but couldn't. She came home and told Mohand, they're not going because she can't leave work. Now Mohand had the whole thing planned, where to go, what to do and stuff so he was pretty upset. He left home and went to his friend. Came home really early in the morning, to find Noor just slept on the couch. She felt pretty bad about it. He lift her up and carried her to bed, but she was already awake, she apologized and told him they'll go another time. He agreed, and she suggested that they go on a tour to visit Istanbul (Turkey's capital). They go and have a great time, and the Paris incident is forgotten.

Now, Tariq is teaming up with Mohand's cousin Bana who wanted Mohand's position, she's giving him the inside on what's happening in the company without knowing that he wants to destroy the family and smuggle drugs through the company. Anyways, he pulls it off and smuggles drugs and such. Now Bana turns out to be not from the family. Her mom married her dad when she was already pregnant with her from another man. So she's not from the family. When her dad found out he wasn't her dad, he killed his wife and then killed himself. Now, no one knew this, they thought they had a car accident. But Tariq tells Bana this to turn her against her family, and now everyone knows.

Another thing is that Mohand tells Noor that he's ready to have kids. So they go to the hospital, do the tests and stuff. Then a couple of days later the hospital calls Mohand and ask him to go there. He's told that Noor can't give birth because of the miscarriage she's had and it's a long shot if they tried to have babies. Mohand is devastated. I mean he's thinking he's the reason, because he started the fight with her and he watched her fall down the stairs and he was the one opposing to having children at first. So he spends the day grumpy and not talking to her. The next day, they have a party. It's Bana's engagement party and Mohand is still upset about what he learned in the hospital. So after that he goes to his friend's house, pretty drunk so his friend calls Noor and asks her to come. She does, and finds Mohand in a pretty bad shape. He tells her to leave, but she insists on knowing what happened so he tells her that she can't have babies and that it's all his fault. She gets upset but after a while they go through it well and she tells him not to give up and starts getting treatment.

So Bana's fiance Kamil is a reporter who is looking up Mohand's company's involvement in smuggling drugs, which they aren't, Tariq is but anyways so Kamil meets up with Mohand to tell him about what he discovered. Now, being involved in such a case is dangerous and Kamil is followed. When he's sitting with Mohand, some of those mafia try to shoot kamil but the bullet hits Mohand in the leg. And he's hurt. So he stays at home, being taken care of by Noor. Now their grandfather's health is at risk because Bana found out she's not from the family, and Mohand is trying to keep his family from falling apart.

It's pretty complicated! But I mean I feel like I have to write what happens, maybe just for me to get back to it when (if) I miss the show when it ends. So let's get on with the story. Tariq, who is the evil uncle and is smuggling drugs through Mohand's family's company without their knowledge. So he wants to get out of the whole thing and make the company and the family look bad so before leaving on his flight to the US he calls the police and tells them that there's a truck at this place, which is a truck of the company's full of drugs. Then Tariq flees the country. The police finds the truck, and finds the drugs. The driver, who knows about everything, and knows that it's all Tariq's fault not Mohand's or the company's, runs away. The police arrests Mohand, the grandfather and Fajir Mohand's cousin and Anwar Mohand's brother-in-low. Because all of them are in charge of the company. Now, they're all shocked because of what happened but they go to jail, and they spend like a week there without any new evidence to bring down the real criminals. The grandfather has a stroke in prison, he's a very old man, has lived his whole life with dignity trying to hold his family together and ends up in jail. His conditions don't get any better, and still no new evidence. So now, Mohand talks to their lawyer and finds out that the only way to make it easier is if one of them confessed to the whole thing, and then the rest would go free. Bana who helpd Tariq do his plans without knowing, finds out she was helping out and the girl panics. How could she do that to a family who made her feel like she's one of them? So she's doing everything she can to make up for it.

Now, it's none of their fault but Mohand, being also the family man, and loves his family takes the risk and says it's all his fault. He wants his grandfather to live with dignity for the rest of his remaining life. Now Anwar and Fajir disagree but what can they do? So Mohand is left behind. Noor is devastated that Mohand would do that, he could face up to 20 years of jail minimun. The driver is found but while they find him, Tariq's people find him too and kill him. So there goes Mohand's chances of being freed. But they catch Tariq's men and they confess to the whole thing, and so Mohand is released.

He is reunited with Noor in a scene which lasts about 5 minutes, I mean they sometimes take it over the top a little but it's ok, the man is free! He's not free of the charges yet, but he'll be put to trail without being in jail. He goes to the hospital because his grandfather is in a coma, but then wakes up after a day or two. Mohand won't rest until he catches Tariq and gives him what he deserves. With little care to the police who are looking after him. He ruined his family, so Mohand is set to take Tariq down! I think it won't be pretty.

So yeah that's about it I guess, now they're together again, the whole family. But I mean things still don't look very promising. Mohand is trying to spend as much time away from home as he can to work on how to take Tariq down, and Noor having noticed that is trying to get his mind off that, and is planning to take him on a trip for his upcoming birthday. Something tells me they won't go! :P That's just me speculating though. You can never be sure on how these shows might turn around. And I guess I should wrap this up. So hope I didn't bore you to death by now. :D

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Me in 12 pictures!

So I found this really cool game on a blog I checked for the first time: It was pretty fun to do.
So here's what I got:

1. Noor, 2. day 63: french fries, 3. Oman - Old man of Nizwa, 4. Sunny Side Up, 5. Orlando Bloom, 6. Lindt chocolate milkshake, 7. Last day in Paris, 8. 4 New Flavoured Ice Cream Plush Toys from Chocolate Log, 9. Food for thought..., 10. 3 generations, 11. Joy of life, 12. Tree of Light

The concept:

a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd's mosaic maker. {Since there are 12 Qs I did a 3x4 likeKylee did.}

The Questions:

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. Favorite drink?
7. Dream vacation?
8. Favorite dessert?
9. What you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. One Word to describe you.
12. Your flickr name (since I don't really have a flickr account, I just used my nickname)

Try it, it's awesome!

Summer Readings

Well, it's the summer. It's been here for quite a while, you see here we have summer more than 3 months, like in other countries. Anyways, so it's pretty hot. I mean imagine yourself in the examination room, 2 ACs working, and 2 fans, and still the class is so hot. The thing that gets us by is being very much engrossed in the exam paper.
So today I think I drank like more than 2 big bottles of water, it's still 9:30 pm and I think I'll drink as much in the few hours to come.
Seriously, I've been drinking water like a maniac, but it's only water right? No harm can be done. Except that I drink a lot when I am eating, which is a bad habit by the way.
But it's very much inherited, my dad drinks lots of water too.

Ok, so I'm pretty jobless, should have been doing something useful today, but exams have been a drag and since there's only one left, today is just to lazy and goof around, which I have successfully done. Had a nap from 1 pm till 5:30pm. Woke up annoyed, not because of the fact that the day is wasted, but because I missed half of the tv program I watch at 5pm. Then I'm blogging about drinking too much water. I'm not such a hopeless case you see. It's life that's making me so.

It's all about to change since summer is coming. After Saturday, I'll be all happy and free as a birdie.
I wanna make this post a bit useful so here's what I'm planning to read this summer:

The Runaway Jury- John Grisham

The devil wears Prada - Lauren Weisberger

Playing for Pizza - John grisham

A thousand splendid suns - Khalid Hosseini

For one more day - Mitch Albom

The other Boleyn Girl - Philippa Gregory

One hundred years of solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Love at the times of cholera - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

There are a few others but that's what I think should be definitely read. Any suggestions?