Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Hey hey hey, guess where I was?? The UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Al-Ain)... I always love going there and this time it was super special. I haven't been there in almost a year and during that time I got to meet my friend Ruqayia online who happens to live in Dubai. I got to meet Rux last Monday, I got to meet Rux, I got to meet Rux... Nanananana.. I feel like such a kid but oh my God, I met Ruqayia... See that little "X" in the wish list, I made it and met her!

Ok I can talk about other things in the visit to Dubai just let me rejoice one last time in this blog "I MET RUX, WOOHOO"
Since it's summer there are a lot of special stuff going on, by that I mean the huge sale they have on clothes... We weren't planning to shop a lot but it is something unavoidable when you go there. We got 2 cool red bags. We got more stuff but well, I'm not going to list them now!
They had BIG book stores there and that is something I'm so sorry we don't possess. They had all the books I can't wait to read.
It is a whole new world in there, there is always something or another going on. While we went it was the festival of Summer Dubai, Dubai Summer, Dubai's Summer, whatever it's name!

Take care everyone, I missed you all...
PS1: Thanks for Lucia and Andrea for their comments while I was away.
PS2: I want to say to Mariel this: it's ok for not being in touch, I understand how hectic life can be specially when you're going to your senior year.
PS3: I can't wait to tell you Waed all the details!


Waed S. said...

I wanted to be there :(

Unknown said...

That's so cool, u got to meet your friend! I am sure it was a great experience (:

Hey, due to the earthquake in Lima I am not going to school tomorrow, yay!

Anyways, hope u answer my mail soon! Lots of love, tc!

Lu said...

It looks greeeeat Noor! I'd love to meet those places someday =] and the photos in the next post are the best, sure. I wanna go there!

Nos vemos ^^