Thursday, September 20, 2007

Voices Of Youth

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I have been inspired many times on VOY. I'm not so much active nowadays but I try to check in from time to time.
Let's talk about discussions on VOY...
The media, this is a never-ending topic. Does the media affect young people? Is it too biased? I always get drawn to these topics and say the same things over there. Yes, I do. But it's kind of cool!
The Lebanon/Palestine- Israel conflicts, I don't think they'd be discussed if our friend Yonatan wasn't there to respond to every word you say. I used to get involved in these topics a lot but it's hard to keep up and gets boring because they don't realize they're saying the same things over and over and over again.
Religion, this is probably the funnest topic to discuss, but also the place where it is most likely you'll get fights in. The hottest topic nowadays is 'Is Jesus God?' and they're going on and on about it.
And a lot of threads on how people suggest ways to help, or need help with their orgs, and so on.
There're also Stories from people from all around the world about how horrible things are.
How do wars affect people, how can we help. It's hard to list all of the things we discuss.
The really good discussion I'm having these days is about the middle-east with someone from the USA. I've managed to make her see that not all of us are living under the fear of terrorism. That is a really really fun thread.
Here's the link:
The Arabic forum is sort of boring! But VOY just rocks. Even though sometimes spam threads take time to be deleted, even though sometimes offensive threads take time to get a warning. Even though some discussions lead nowhere. I just Love VOY!
I've joined YFCI and A2I through VOY, I've grown to be a caring person there. I've learned about communism, socialism, capitalism, Hinduism, and so many other things.
It's not the same as it was a year ago but it is still rocking. I never thought I'd learn this much from VOY and gain the experience I have. I've learned how to control my anger and always be nice even when I know what it being said is complete nonsense. I've gained the most azazing friends (online and offline) ever.
Join VOY if you haven't and get your voice heard...


AbdelRahman :) said...

so happy to be the first to comment, It's really great to find such a place where alot of ppls discussing and making a world of differance!

Ashok said...

Well it is nice to know whats happening there.:)

I think the aspect about VOY that I like the most is the number of good people I can now call with a lot pride as friends which includes you as well.:) So long live VOY.:D

Unknown said...

I just love VOY :). It's amazing and, of course, frustrating at times... But it lets u meet tons of people from different cultural backgrounds, learn how to debate properly and many more things!*

I'll use this post u've made someday to teach other people about VOY, cuz it just summarizes it all in an excellent way!