Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I've been hearing somethings a lot and they need to be explained, I might know the answer but I still go like 'Ok, so what does that mean?' If you have lived near me, you'd understand what I mean. If you haven't been that fortunate, then it is like this:
Some nice person who is willing to explain: See, it means this.... and this...
Me: Oohk
That same person: Do you understand?
Me: Ummm, kind of.
That nice person keeps explaining and makes it with examples.
Me: Ohk I got it, but what does that mean?
Me and my blonde moments, if the cease to exist I should be happy but I love them, they are the best excuse for my slowness!

Alright that's my best shot, hope you get it.
Anyways, what does it mean to procrastinate? I understand what it means, and I know I do it but would someone explain what is procrastinating?

There's also, Lost in translation. What in the world does that mean?? >.<

My two cents worth, I understand that it is said when someone wants to share their opinion but what does it really mean?

Those three things are what I can remember from the really many many things I don't get but I'd appreciate it immensely if someone tried to make me get them!
And I hope you wouldn't think me a very dumb person for not understanding these things, at least I am coming clean with it. :)


Unknown said...

Looool I can explain the first two :)* I'll do it on my e-mail to u, yay.

FaerieDevilish said...

Now that Vicky has explained the first two, here's my two cents worth :p:

I think it's just a way of saying "my little contribution". It is like when you need a dollar for a bag of candy for the community and everyone cooperates with cents. You give your two-cent contribution, which is little but meaningful. Now, the same, but adapted to contributions with ideas, I think. :p