Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A little place inside my head! Please after entering do not leave a foot print!

They are saying that we will be hit by a cyclone which will be indeed very big. Many measures have taken place and they even started evacuating some places! We are given two days off. Which means four days off! Since tomorrow is off, Thursday and Friday are already weekend and Saturday is also a day off! I mean will it be this long? We are not living on the coast though, which means we will not be facing grave dangers!
'This country have hardly been through such a thing, we are making all proper arrangements for people in the worst scenarios... But please people do not be alarmed'
How do they expect us not to be alarmed after such statements published? We have all the right to be alarmed, you do not tell people how big this thing is and then tyring to calm us down! I am not much afraid though, it is good for a change to have some rain but I do hope no one gets affected by this.

Such things always leave me in utter confusion! What have we done to have this happening? Or is it for some other reason which is not for us to comprehend? I do believe it can be both! Maybe we have done something to deserve such a thing!! Which leads me to my next wondering: Is this a bliss or a curse? To answer the last question would be making it only an obvious hint to answer the previous question, have we done something, it is too much for me!
I must say that certain things attract me just for the sake of them being unanswerable! Or I can say it in another way: I love things which no answer can make sense to, no sentence can ever be the respond to, no thought can be reasonable to all!
Let me make it clearer, take for an example the controversial questioning of God's existence! Now who is the one that can convince all humans that God truly exists/doesn't exist! It is such questions and wonders that I find myself very much drawn to! I like to call them 'Internal Questions'
You may not find the same feelings rush through your soul/heat/brain/or whatever part of your body that feels emotions! It is unexpressable in words! It is only felt. I do hope these questions remain unanswered till a day comes which all questions will be revealed! Till such a day comes I will be looking for more questions and if I can I will do my best to have them answered.
At last let me apologize for making this a comment-less post but I have no other option! This contains internal questions which I must not hear your answers! I must leave this to be for myself only!
These are thoughts on which I have quite a hard time thinking about them, you must not enter that zone! It is my own!

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