Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back-To-School arrangements (part 2)

Hello again, and welcome to the 2nd part of my school arrangements. I've kept up with my sleeping timing today. I'm terribly exhausted. I've been doing some chores around the house and so I think I'm going to call the rest of the day off-chores. But well, I had to do a last thing which was helping making pizza with mom.
I managed to get our room in a good shape to welcome school days. Once my sisters are off to Muscat we'd have plenty of space in our room.
I think what is left to say is that 'Deal with it, school is coming' I can survive another year comfortably since I survived 9 years quite well.
I've finished 'The King of Torts' today, and watched the re-run of bones which for a change we managed to catch and ate a lot of grapes while watching. Which was healthy, I guess.
Anyways today we got extra white pants since the ones we first bought were too cool for school. And I really mean that. I'll probably wear the first ones out rather than for school.
That's it for today I guess, I'm still in denial! :P, well anyways I'll come around. You'll notice it next time. For now good night.


Unknown said...

School is coming, AAHHH!
How was "King of Torts" like? :) Hey, just remember that, most of the time u are like struggling for study time, give urself some time to read, like 15 minutes or so! Ok?

I've just found out that I can write at 2 am :| Lol...

And also remember to check Zen Habits, like I told u!! It's just been so rewarding for me to find that Webpage!!

PS: Today I couldn't reply to ur e-mail cuz Andrea and 2 other friends came over... Actually, they dunno that I am here :) Hehe! And thanks 4 ur comment, lots of love, habibti!

Karina said...

Nooooooor =D