Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ramdan Ramadan Ramadan!

Hey hey hey, it's me reporting after the second week back to school. It's been fun. My classmates are hilarious, they teach us about 'How goats are dangerous to society'. I'm sure you're either confused or thinking I'm making this up. But believe me, I'm not. The girl who taught us, seemed to believe in what she was saying. Yeah so that is only one thing.
We've been playing a lot, laughing at what they teachers say (yeah they say a lot of unreasonable stuff, specially our English teacher, I seriously think I can do a better job that her in teaching, and no bragging)
Our science teacher is a drag as well, other teachers are less annoying. Anyways I won't get into complaining about them yet, we haven't had a lot of lessons yet.
A part from school, life has been sort of aweful. :P ok not that much, but my mouth has gotten me in trouble. I should just get it under control so that I can be at ease while talking, and not fearing to say things that can get me in trouble. Yes, talkative people get into trouble because of what they utter, they need to watch the words that they say. If anything I've said that may sounded a bit unreasonable, a bit... I don't know, a bit annoying or irritating... (unfinished sentence I know) I'll just try to think more before I say anything. :)
So what else?
Oh, yes! Tomorrow is Ramadan, may you have a blessed Ramadan. It's going to be fun I know. Ramadan is always fun, and makes you feel your blisses and remember them. Never forget the blisses you have because then, you'd be ungrateful to what you have in your life. Ahh, I'm excited.
This reminds me that I have to go drink as much water. I feel thirsty. :P I seriously do, I've been chewing this gum since forever and I just sensed it. I need to get it out of my system. Ok, I have some things to do (get rid of this gum and go drink water) so I'll bid you all farewell.
Good night.
Ramadan Kareem

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FaerieDevilish said...

Don't you just *love* conversations like that in school?
A discussion on the non-existence of colours helped me make my mind about philosophy as my main option to study in uni. :D
Ramadan Kareem!